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Safeplicity Torrent Download is the ultimate encryption and security tool. Safeplicity Cracked Version can encrypt and make any folder totally invisible and unreachable, and you can add or delete any number of password-protected folders at any time. Just set one to be encrypted and make it invisible, and add the folders and files that you want to make inaccessible. You can also choose to hide the contents of files.

Password Recovery: Safeplicity can send your encryption key to a specified e-mail address for your password recovery. In addition, you can also choose to make a regular file password-protected.

Password Sharing: Share your folder password with a friend or friend group so that he or she can access your encrypted and secret folders and files.

Encrypt Files: When a file is opened with the encrypted flag set, the data will be converted to regular text before being displayed in the file manager. You can encrypt individual files or folders, group a number of files, encrypt multiple files and encrypt multiple folders at the same time. You can also encrypt files that already exist in your computer.

Key Recovery: You can easily recover your folder key with just a few clicks, as any of the files that have the encrypted flag set will have their keys sent to a specified e-mail address. You can recover the key for a specific file or folder, or for the entire collection of encrypted files or folders.

Key Recovery to E-mail Address: You can instantly and easily send the folder key to a specified email address. The key that is displayed in the password window can be copied, copied as text, saved as a regular file password, etc.

Extra Features: In addition to the basic features, Safeplicity can also automatically add a specified number of files or folders to be marked as encrypted, encrypt individual files or folders to make them inaccessible, add a specified number of password-protected folders and files or encrypt multiple files and folders with the same password at the same time. You can also set the password that you want to use for all of your password-protected folders. You can also keep your background image safe from unwanted prying eyes by setting individual files or folders to be password-protected with a particular image as their background.

Key Features:

Protect any number of folders

Add, delete or modify any number of password-protected folders at any time

Make each folder password-protected individually

Protect files in each password-protected folder

Protect individual files or folders

Safeplicity Full Version [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Encrypt and secure folders on your computer with these useful features! This software allows you to protect any folder on your computer with strong encryption and a simple password. Encrypt and secure folders in a couple of easy steps!

File encryption

Encrypted folders can be shown/hidden at any time

Password recovery

If you forget your password, you’ll receive an email with the folder’s encryption key

Secure files

Protect with a single password any folder or file, select files or folders

Key features

Folder/file encryption

Your data is encrypted in a secure file that can be viewed only by you.

Password recovery

If you forgot your password, you don’t need to get in touch with your support team, just e-mail your password recovery key!

Simple Management

Just a couple of clicks to create and manage a folder to be protected.


No installation required, you can easily access your encrypted files at any time.

ShowHide encryption folders

Open some folders and click the (dot) next to their name and choose whether to show or hide them.

Password recovery

If you forgot your password, just send a password recovery e-mail to your e-mail address. You’ll receive an e-mail with your encryption key.

Compatible with Windows 7

Smart Registry Cleaner

Online Backup

Secure Multiple Folders

Secure Windows Registry

Protects passwords

Protects sensitive information with strong encryption. This product supports any password type including simple alphanumeric strings. This will help you protect your passwords.

Password Recovery

If you forget your password, you can recover your data by sending an email to the email address provided when protecting the folder.

Protect Any Folder

With this product, you can password protect any folder in any format including folders located in ZIP archives. You can also password protect hidden folders.

Secure Software

This product has the ability to protect files from being deleted or to recover the deleted ones.

Supports Various Password Types

Any password can be used to protect any file or folder in any format including encrypted ZIP archives.

Protects any file

Protects any file type including in ZIP archives. It can also protect embedded software.

Password Recovery

If you forget your password, you can recover your data by sending an email to the email address provided when


Do you want to hide any files and folders on your computer? Safeplicity is the complete solution for your problem. Simply start Safeplicity, and a small application is opened. The folders and files on your computer can be selected and will be encrypted. Please enter your password to make them visible again. It is that easy to protect your important data. – Wiki and App for Android (Nov 17, 2014)

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What’s New In Safeplicity?

Free protected, encrypted image viewer, editor and converter

Safeplicity is a free open source and cross-platform software utility that can be used as a secure file viewer and image editor. The program aims to provide users with a tool to perform tasks that require image and file encryption.

Free version includes:

An image viewer and editor

Conversion from image formats to PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and TGA

Decentralized system for files encryption

Convert between different file formats

With Safeplicity you can:

View files securely

View and open sensitive documents. Protect images with password protection. Add a password and set a policy so that images with passwords are viewed in a secure environment.

Simple image viewer to display your images

Large volume of diverse formats of images can be viewed and played with Safeplicity. It can be used with every image format that is supported by the program, like BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPM, JPEG, PCX, PDI, TIFF, TGA, PCD, PSD, XPS, SGI and Windows ICO.

Edit your images

You can easily edit your images using Safeplicity. For example, you can:

Modify images and apply various effects

Change colors, crops, flip, rotate and resize your images

You can also add texts and convert images to different formats, like WebP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSP, PSD, WBMP, WBMP2, BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO, TGA, PCD, CAB, CGM and DCW formats.

It’s easy to use Safeplicity

Safeplicity is an intuitive application and it can be used with just a few clicks. You do not need to read any instructions and you can use the software in just five minutes. The application comes with an intuitive and clean interface.

It’s a cross-platform application

Safeplicity works on any operating system that supports the Python standard library. It is available on Linux, Windows and OS X. Safeplicity is available under the GPLv3.0 license.

Safeplicity Videos

safeplicity 2.0

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System Requirements For Safeplicity:

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