Yellow Pages Crawler is a useful application which captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number from online Yellow Pages searching sites into your database. By using Yellow Pages Crawler you can capture sales leads and business contacts into your contact management software. Yellow Pages Crawler also provides you a simple contact management functionality. You can print out mailing labels directly from Yellow Pages Crawler. Yellow Pages Crawler can export data to comma-delimited (*.csv) formats.









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* Easy to install, quick start and easy to use
* Get the contact information from your favorite local business sites
* Keep track of your business contacts and sales leads
* Access online directories
* Configure Yellow Pages Crawler Download With Full Crack very easily
* Export data into comma-separated (*.csv) file format

“Bug-free” (free of bugs and problems) since 2013, over 1,000,000 downloads!

Yellow Pages Crawler Download With Full Crack Free Download

Thank you for your downloading Yellow Pages Crawler Crack Keygen! In this application, you will find more features:

1) Scan business listings into your contact management software

2) Track business leads and contacts

3) Print out mailing labels directly from Yellow Pages Crawler

4) Export data into comma-separated (*.csv) format

5) Search for a business by keyword or address

6) Search for a keyword by address

7) View contact information

8) View contact history

This is an easy to use application. You can choose the desired search method and enter the address or keyword to get the contact information easily.

If you feel that our app is useful and important to you, then you can download the app “Yellow Pages Crawler” for free.

If you need support or have comments, please submit feedback to

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Yellow Pages Crawler Features:

1) Easy to install, quick start and easy to use

2) Go to the business directory

3) Export business contact information

4) Track business leads and contacts

5) Print out mailing labels directly from Yellow Pages Crawler

6) Export data into comma-separated (*.csv) format

7) Search for a business by keyword or address

8) Search for a keyword by address

9) View contact information

10) View contact history

11) Add new business

12) Map interface

Yellow Pages Crawler Download

Download Yellow Pages Crawler free

Please be sure that you are downloading the right application. You can easily download the application from given link and paste the downloaded file in to folder where you store your applications.


Yellow Pages Crawler is a free application. But it has advertising. Yellow Pages Crawler

Yellow Pages Crawler Torrent (Activation Code)

Website traffic from a number of sources has grown dramatically over the years and a need has emerged for an application to gather contact information from those websites. 
Yellow Pages Crawler Torrent Download is an application that will take the information from the search results page of the look up and save that information to a database.
You can install this application in a standalone mode or if you are using windows server.
Please leave a message or email us at

1. Simple to use
2. Export data in comma-separated (*.csv) format
3. Export “Data” field in a one-column table in *.csv format
4. No need to sign up for any website, you will get everything for free
5. Fully compatible with windows XP, windows 7, windows 8
6. Simple & easy integration with Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving mail messages
7. Compatibility with SQL Server, Oracle and Firebird
8. Supports Chinese, Japanese, Arabic languages with some special characters

1. It only work with HTML5 pages.
2. It can’t save image data, you have to right click and save image from page.
3. It can be used not only for Yellow Pages website, but also for any websites which provide external contact page.

Select a single page or all to download:



-The use of the Yellow Pages Crawler is very simple, and it will run automatically the moment you download the application, you will be asked to fill in a couple of details about your company. You can try the free version or you can purchase a license to unlock more features.

If you like the application, you can buy a license. Clicking on the button “Buy Now” opens a pop-up window that will allow you to choose the quantity of licenses to buy, the price and the delivery method.

Dismiss this message and you will be taken to the “Buy Now” window in the same way.

How do I buy

Yellow Pages Crawler Crack+ X64

yellow pages crawler – manual, online, review, download
What is new in this version:
*** Minor bug fixes.
Changes in 11.0.06 – 1.31.2009
• The schema used to store entries has been upgraded to a more current format (postgresql).
• Fix for the date filters to account for time zone differences (thanks to Ruellan)
1.31.2009 – Minor bug fixes.
1.30.2009 – Fix for malformed entries caused by non-compatible fields in some PDFs (thanks to Ruellan)
1.29.2009 – Added support for inserting between 100 and 50000 entries (thanks to Ruellan)
1.28.2009 – Added support for entering more than 20000 entries per job to save time (thanks to Ruellan)
1.27.2009 – The archive entry list now sorts lexicographically and by date, also display the keywords from the scan and the date the scan was performed (thanks to Ruellan)
1.26.2009 – Fixed a minor bug which caused the import statement on the import button to always fail.
1.25.2009 – Support for the Zimlet for Outlook plugin added (thanks to Ruellan)
1.24.2009 – Fixed the “Enter Correctly” flag which was missing from the import screen when ‘Create new scan’ was selected and an error was encountered.
1.22.2009 – Changed the display of scheduled scan jobs to display the title name (thanks to Ruellan)
1.21.2009 – fixed a minor bug that caused some very large scans to fail
1.20.2009 – Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen if the scan results page had been displayed before a form was entered (thanks to Ruellan)
1.19.2009 – Fixed a more minor bug that caused the user to be prompted to the enter confirmation password every time he created a new scan.
1.18.2009 – Fixed a minor bug that was causing the download button to not work
1.17.2009 – Fixed a crash in the import screen that occurred when ‘Select all entries’ was selected (thanks to Ruellan)
1.16.2009 – Fixed a bug which was preventing some entries from being listed when importing from a network share (thanks to Ruellan)
1.15.2009 – Minor bug fix (thanks to Ruellan)
1.14.2009 – Added support for

What’s New in the Yellow Pages Crawler?

✔ Efficiently search for businesses and other points of interest on multiple web sites, such as the Yellow Pages, Craigslist, Citysearch, Goggle Maps, and YPXtra
✔ Automatically synchronize pages from multiple sites in a matter of seconds
✔ Automatically generate pages with a web browser extension, allowing you to search across multiple websites in one place with a single click of a mouse
✔ Easily keep track of your sites and all their synchronized points of interest
✔ Automatically catch typos and misspellings
✔ Ability to quickly find out the number of business contacts using autocomplete feature
✔ Text fill feature
✔ Easily customize HTML and CSS styles
✔ Ability to export contacts directly to CSV files
✔ User-friendly, intuitive interface
✔ High search quality
✔ Support for Google Apps for Work customers


✔ Search thousands of business and destinations across multiple sites with one click of a mouse
✔ Sync hundreds of pages per minute, making the process of collecting and displaying data fast and efficient
✔ Easily keep track of your contacts and sites
✔ Automatically detect typos and misspellings in texts
✔ Builds and updates pages from multiple sites in seconds
✔ Super easy-to-use interface
✔ Support for Google Apps for Work customers

Copyright 2007 – 2014, Sortix Search

How To Install:
✔ 1. Open root directory
✔ 2. Extract zip file to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sortix Search” or “C:\Program Files”
✔ 3. Now Install “Yellow Pages Crawler”
✔ 4. “Yellow Pages Crawler” Run
✔ 5. If this is Google Apps it is required that you setup a Google Apps account.
✔ 6. “Yellow Pages Crawler” Then Go To “Settings”
✔ 7. Change Key if you do not have a default one
✔ 8. Press “Save” button
✔ 9. Press “OK” button
✔ 10. Press “Yellow Pages Crawler” then “Run”
✔ 11. You will see a window which says Downloading Installed Applications
✔ 12. Wait till download is complete
✔ 13. Then Press “Ok” button
✔ 14. “Yellow Pages Crawler” Then Go To “Settings”

System Requirements For Yellow Pages Crawler:

* Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
* Any Resolution (320×480 or higher)
* Internet connection (Download)
* Java (Download)
* 2GB or more free hard disk space
* Recommended: 2GB RAM
* Also Recommended: Please enable and set this “Logging.log_level=DEBUG”
* Then turn on the logging as “Logging.log_level=DEBUG”
Sun Jul 17,

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