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A twisted expression of the human condition, the world of Blade Runner requires no introduction. Its anti-hero Doc Deckard (Harrison Ford) holds in his psyche the one secret he’s lived with for most of his life: that he is “the blade runner”.
Blade Runner is set in a retrofuturistic Los Angeles in 2019, following its now-disbanded blade runner officer. In this alternate future, the blade runner is an ancient industry that has grown with the rise of biotech.
Though the blade runner police force was long ago disbanded, blade runners are still called upon to deal with rogue genetic experiments and ruthless corporations. As Rick Deckard, we follow the case of a replicant named Rachael who’s been on a mysterious hunt for her past and present.
Based on the cult novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Blade Runner was directed by Ridley Scott and released in 1982. The film won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the BAFTA Award for Best Visual Effects.
It also enjoyed an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Effects Editing, and was the subject of a documentary in 2016, Blade Runner: A Look Back.
The film is notable for its elaborate visual effects, which are also its greatest failing. The VFX are also often complicated to explain to the average moviegoer.
The film has also inspired several games, the first being a simple coin-op for the Atari 2600. However, the film has also influenced the virtual reality game Blade Runner 2049.
In the film, Blade Runner Deckard investigates a three-year-old case, with an unidentified black woman murdered and buried under a parking structure. Decades later, a man, Roy Batty, grows up in the Los Angeles ruins, working as a blade runner who hunts and kills replicants. He is later encountered by the adult Rachael (played by Sean Young), who appears to be a replicant.
When batty kills Rachael, he warns Deckard that all replicants are self-aware and, despite sporting human skin, will replicate to consume their creators. The final scene of the film shows Deckard standing with a female replicant.


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Create an archive of all the files you wish to include.
Use the command prompt to create an empty folder, move all the files and then place them in that folder.
For example (for Windows 10):
mkdir C:\temp\myarchive
Move all files from C:\All Files\ to C:\temp\myarchive
Move the Zip file into C:\temp\myarchive
Delete the original folder C:\All Files\
Create a ZIP archive from C:\temp\myarchive

If you like to automate this task, refer to Command-line ZIP app which allows you to automate this task from a command prompt.


Update (15-Nov-2017): This is solved in this answer.

How to create an archive from files on Windows?

The process described here is applicable to Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Create a new file folder and move all the files you want to back up into it.
Double-click filefolder. Right-click filefolder and select Rename. Change the name to something appropriate, e.g. backup.
Now right-click filefolder and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab.
In the Advanced Properties dialog, expand the Root Folder item and select its Directory subitem. (If you expanded the wrong child item, then that’s what you need to fix.) In the properties dialog’s Edit button, choose Create Shortcut.
Create a shortcut in the Backup folder for the file/folder you want to archive. (If you make a shortcut to a file on the desktop, which Windows automatically does by default, then the shortcut is created in the same folder as the desktop


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