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XenCare Guest Browser Crack + Download PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

– Disposable browser tool.
– You can launch the browser from XP, Win 7 or Win 8/8.1.
– Make it work for you.
– Remember browsing history, search, favorites, and cookies.
– Receive browser updates in the background without user interaction.
– Can clean, restart, or uninstall the application.
– Can register the browser so that it works on your primary system even if the browser is not running.
– Browse any website, including those that block browser.
– Must have admin privilege to add the browser to startup.
– Can use as a sandbox for apps.
– Protect privacy with a firewall.
– Can clean temporary internet files.
– Removes browser shortcuts from registry.
– Can clean data in temporary directory.
– Can activate ‘Guest’ mode if you want to allow access to some sites that are not trusted.
– Create new profiles.
– Store browsing history for the websites you visit.
– Pick any URL from your favorites.
– Protect system against viruses and malicious code.
– Disable cookies and Flash.
– Automatically blocks some websites to protect your privacy.
– Hosts, domains, and history files are stored in sandbox folder.
– Supports proxy servers.
– Cache/Flash/Cookie cleaner, history cleaner, passwords cleaner and more.
– Download flash updates when released.
– Automatic updates without user interaction.
– Add to startup for automatic launching.
– Configure proxy servers.
– Can switch to Guest mode.
– Configure session timeouts.
– Update timeouts.
– Can disable from background.
– Whitelist/Blacklist filtering.
– Improve cookie handling.
– Protect system from virus.
– Protect from ads.
– Free from firewall.
– Export and import settings.
– Uninstall from C:\Program Files (x86)\XenCare\XenCare Guest Browser.
– Both 32-bit and 64-bit.
– Guaranteed no problems with malware!
– Available in English and Spanish.

What is XenCare?

Unites as an open source solutions, the most demanded software, and licensed as freeware for business.

Unite as an open source solutions, the most demanded software, and licensed as freeware for business. Now, with XenCare, we give in a simple way to offer our users the most sophisticated and the easiest software

XenCare Guest Browser [32|64bit]

– Browser has its own isolated browsing data. – Another private tab where user can access web without creating new windows or tabs. – If the browser is used as Administrator, user can browse all other existing files as “user”. – User can share the browsing with friends too. – Browsing history is disposable. Browser will delete your browsing history after certain period of time. – Fast browsing with multiple extensions. – Browser can operate without Admin rights, and use system cache as “user” but cannot access personal files. – Guest browser has many powerful options so that users can customize their own requirements.
XenCare Guest Browser Crack Mac Screenshots:

Changelog:2.0– Fixed multiple bugs.– Fixed bug that cause a crash when empty browsing history is removed.– Improved user interface.– Add user customizable proxy. Manual proxy options are added and if proxy is not enabled, address bar will be disabled.– Added option to clear user’s browsing history after specified period of time.– Bug fix:- Updated nuget packaging format for latest version of the package.– Fixed bug that the main browser process might be killed after using the guest browser in an emergency.– Fixed bug that in embedded mode user interface might disappear after restarting the device.

We started work on this on 31st January. With our rigorous testing, we managed to get it released on 28th March. Since we didn’t get enough time to test it by ourselves, we are ready to introduce it to you too. Please send us feedback and report any bug you find. We would like to accept all feedback to improve this product as we have free software for personal usage.

Adobe Brim is a tool that helps you find old windows malware in a computer. Its a free product, but requires an adobe account which can be created for free. The main functionality is to find and clean windows malware files.

Software description :
A screen recorder app allows you to record and save videos on your PC in HD. You can capture a complete desktop, browser, and any app or game screen, and you can add effects to the video. These effects can include motion blur, video filters, and watermarks.
It’s a free tool. The screen recorder works even when the computer’s screen is off.
More Information at their Web site.

Software description :
An offline YouTube downloader allows you to download videos from the popular video site on your PC or mobile device in HD

XenCare Guest Browser With Key

XenCare Guest Browser is the only user-friendly browser that enables an additional browsing area on your system with its own isolated space. Browsing history, favorite list, homepage, cookies, and all information related to your privacy doesn’t interfere with your primary browsing space. If you lunch media player from browser, it might keep its own play history which is hard to clean. Guest browser ‘clean’ option is a true clean option that wipes out everything from guest space.

Note: The free version can only be installed in the pre-defined memory space.

How to Install and Use:

Download and install the application to your system with the help of the provided file. After installing, start the application and go to Tools -> Preferences to access the option.

Note: Guest browser feature can be turned off and on using check box in Tools -> Preferences.

Enable Guest Browser:

You can use “Guest Browser” feature on the basis of trust level. Guest mode = off. When you trust any site, click the trust button. Trust limit can be set in Tools -> Preferences.

Protect your system from malware:

If you don’t want your traffic to be intercepted. You can make “Guest” mode default. To make this mode default, right click the application icon and select default.

Trust Website:

You can check any site that you have trusted. Click the Trust button to trust the page.

Open Standard Add-ins:

You can open standard add-ins through the button in Application menu.

Run as Administrator:

You can run this application as administrator to do some tasks including view, save and delete.

Manage your Favorites:

You can easily manage your favorite list through the button in Application menu.


To delete all browsing data. Select “Delete” on the top right of the browser.

Run as least privileged user:

Users can run this application as administrative user and use browsing data in real time for every task.

Use Your PC as Guest:

You can use your PC as guest. Users can use PC as administrator.

External link:


Top free user-friendly browsers:

* Internet

What’s New In XenCare Guest Browser?

* free trial version
* Helps you to separate privacy of both – guests * as well as regular
* users
* doesn’t interfere with your primary browsing space at all
* doesn’t interfere with media play history
* easy access icons to help you to manage guest browsing
* you can get a tool to remove guest browsing history
* use it as an admin but wish it won’t interfere
* fast browsing
* clean guest browsing history
* use Internet explorer * browser to browse internet
* supports multiple windows * network * domain
All applications here are free and are freeware in nature. XenCare Guest Browser can be easily accessible from browser’s start menu, and does not display in taskbar. To access the tool, you can use my web service. I’ll be continuously updating the features of this tool.
If you like it, please visit my web service and leave your valuable comments.
Please don’t forget to take a look at the demos, features and setup instructions.
We are continuously updating this software. We are also available to assist our users.
You can send me your requests via the email address below.
XenCare Guest Browser
XenCare Web Service
XenCare is a free application, a convenient free alternative to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
XenCare generates a new browsing area (also known as a tab or window), and you can create many of them, each with its own set of bookmarks, favorites, history, cookies, etc. If you are running a guest user account, this tab will be completely separate from your main account.
Q: Hi. I’m using XenCare x1.6 and yesterday I suddenly found out that even after I set up a separate browsing area for guest user it still cannot be opened as a guest, it is still asking for my credentials.
A: If you want to use guest browsing on Windows with XenCare, you should setup a guest account on your Windows that has full administrator privileges.
Q: My XenCare always asks for credentials even after it has been setup as a guest user
A: As I told you before, if you are running a guest user account, this tab will be completely separate from your main account. If you want to use guest browsing on Windows with XenCare, you should setup a guest account on your Windows that has full administrator privileges.
Q: First of

System Requirements For XenCare Guest Browser:

Tested with:
Hardware: Intel i5-6500, GeForce GTX 660, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit
Software: Windows 7 64bit, Unigine Heaven 2.0.1
Known Issues:
– The game has a high framerate cap, and starts to lag with more demanding settings
– Many textures seem to have issues, and the textures are sometimes inverted.
– Some models/weapons aren’t rendered properly.
Credits and thanks:

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