X-Celtx is a portable version of Celtx, a complete package that allows you to create a films, TV shows and other media projects.
X-Celtx is specially designed for people that work and operate in the film, TV, theatre or media industry.
X-Celtx provides full featured script writing, media rich production support and the ability to collaborate all using one piece of software.
Celtx gives script writers the chance to a clean and stable application that includes all the features they need to write.

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◀ The X-Celtx Product Key 2.0 major release delivers full HTML5 support for mobile and Web application users, with the ability to export in HTML5 directly from Celtx.
◀ An all-new feature-rich interface gives the user full control over their creative tools, camera, audio and other on set functionality.
◀ New animations, customisable user interface icons and improved music navigation are some of the new improvements that make this the best version yet.
◀ You can now load, export and share pages from Celtx directly into your browser, and open up Celtx pages in the browser as if they were standalone web applications.
◀ Create your next masterpiece using Celtx 2.0, the multi-platform film production software that is fully scriptable, mobile friendly and more intuitive than ever before.
◀ Share your scripts and pages to clients, peers, friends and co-workers around the world.
◀ You can now customize every aspect of your set, using the vast selection of camera effects. Create your own camera effects and use them on-set.
◀ Audio and video editing are now in one app, and can be done on set using the XLR or stereo mic inputs.
◀ Double click on a selection and X-Celtx now automatically selects your clip as you double click it.
◀ Add a customisable short cut key to any button on the interface to make working in X-Celtx faster and more efficient.
◀ The new X-Celtx version now fully supports HTML5, so your pages and scripts are no longer dependent on your operating system, and work on all devices.
◀ Add your logo to the tool bar and interface of X-Celtx by opening Celtx and choosing Edit | Edit toolbar.
◀ X-Celtx 2.0 is available for download as a free upgrade to X-Celtx Pro and X-Celtx Ultimate.
◀ To download X-Celtx and try it out for free, visit the Celtx website at:

Celtx Description:
◀ The Celtx 2.0 major release delivers full HTML5 support for mobile and Web application users, with the ability to export in HTML5 directly from Celtx.
◀ An all-new feature-rich interface gives the user full control over their creative tools, camera, audio and other on set

X-Celtx Free [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

The most complete macro recording and editing tool available!
Easy to use for your standard work flow.
Customizable to your workflow, organize macros to meet your needs.
Celtx is a cross-platform solution.
We are all about user-oriented products.
Macros are your right-clicks.
Scriptwriters, VFX and Editing & Composition People are usually not interested in spending time on this in the beginning, but would love to save time in the long run.
Celtx is for you.
Celtx is only about 100mb in size, including extras.
Celtx is fully featured, more than just a simple macro recorder.
Get out of the box mindset and start working as a media creator!
Celtx is the easy choice.
Celtx is not only about your standard work flow, but also for your own needs.
Celtx is great to collaborate with others.
Work on your own time, independently from them.
You are in control of your time.
Celtx can keep all your projects in one place, with all your notes and files.
Celtx is the best choice for your workflow.
Use it every day to get into the best possible working mindset.
Celtx is 100% software.
You don’t have to pay for expensive hardware.
Celtx is a complete solution.
It doesn’t make you dependent on external hardware or apps.
Use it on Windows, OSX, Linux and mobile devices.
Start using Celtx, and you’ll never use anything else.
Celtx is all about freedom.
Your time and your productivity are key here.
I spend most of my time working on my shows and movies.
I don’t like to deal with stuff like formatting.
I don’t like hardware-only solutions.
Celtx is 100% software, OS independent.
We are all about user-oriented products.
We have a dedicated support team that wants to help you.
Each customer is important to us.
Support, because it makes a difference.
We are a young company, and not everyone is aware of us.
We are not the biggest company, but we are the best supported company.
We have a dedicated customer support team that will make a difference for you.
So you can trust us.
With support, you can get the most out

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– Create, edit and manage media rich projects.
– Support all major movie formats, from Portable DVD (VOB) to Blu-ray.
– Native support for all major media devices.
– Offers full multi-layer editing and preview support.
– View and share media rich projects with other collaborators.
– Get fully integrated support for broadcast, archival, video editing and TV workflow.
– Full support for Final Cut, Avid, Adobe and other major editing applications.
– Support for Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X and Linux.
Celtx is packed full of features and has been designed with the user in mind.
To begin using X-Celtx follow these simple steps:
1. Install a driver for your current operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X).
2. Connect your device to your computer and launch X-Celtx.
3. X-Celtx will install all of the drivers and media files it needs to use your device.
4. Start X-Celtx and you are ready to use Celtx.
To keep your project safe and secure, Celtx makes sure that your media is stored in an encrypted form.
Celtx also keeps a log of the files that are used in each project and when they are created.
What’s new:
– New Audio Mixer and new File Formats:
– Bug fixes and upgrades
How to install:
1. Read the instructions in the README file that came with the archive.
2. Locate your archive in your computer and double-click on the X-Celtx.exe file.
3. Run X-Celtx.
4. Click “Next” to install the drivers.
5. Click “Finish” to exit from the installation process.
6. Launch X-Celtx and click “Next”.
7. Click “Next” to start Celtx.
8. Click “Next” to start the software.
9. After that, click “Finish” to exit the wizard and restart your computer.
10. Open X-Celtx and follow the wizard to install Celtx.
11. Open Celtx and go to Media -> New Project.
12. Connect your device and choose an output format.
X-Celtx User Manual:

What’s New In X-Celtx?

X-Celtx is an award winning and professional media tool, providing innovative and easy to use video editing tools for the non-graphic designer.

X-Celtx is developed and updated by Celtex, a small team dedicated to delivering a product that will be useful to the film, TV and media industry.

X-Celtx is a lightweight, fast, easy to use application that easily lets you learn how to use it, but still offers a full feature set. X-Celtx is available as a multi award winning Free and Pro Version.

X-Celtx is a multi award winning, lightweight, fast and easy to use tool for the media industry. The Multi award winning Pro version is great for any one that is serious about their video editing needs.

X-Celtx can be used as a text editing and script writing tool. You can also turn your video into a TV series or media project. X-Celtx supports all major formats, multi-tasking, transparent editing and many more!

Using X-Celtx as a script writer is as easy as it gets!

New in version 6
New in version 6 we have added a number of new features to make editing and creating media projects and scripts easier.

New in version 5.1
The new version 5.1 includes the following enhancements

Includes export of audio, video and script in MP4 format

Inheritance has been made for media projects and scripts

Some code improvements and bug fixes

New in version 5
The new version 5 includes the following enhancements

Includes export of video and audio in MP4 format

Some code improvements and bug fixes

New in version 4.2
The new version 4.2 includes the following enhancements

A smoother and more intuitive UI

A number of new features

Some code improvements and bug fixes

New in version 4.1
The new version 4.1 includes the following enhancements

First release for Mac OS X

A number of new features

Some code improvements and bug fixes

New in version 4
The new version 4 includes the following enhancements

First release for Windows

A new option to import resources and styles

New in version 3
The new version 3 includes the following enhancements

A new option to export the project to MP4 format

New in version 2.2
The new version 2.2 includes the following enhancements

Improved import / export, Audio & Video, and Script features

Some code improvements and bug fixes

New in version 2.1
The new version 2.1 includes the following enhancements


Supports all major formats for audio, video and script

Intelligent automatic detection of file types

Transparent video editing

Script support for version control

System Requirements For X-Celtx:

• Mobile Platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry): Windows 10, macOS Sierra
• NVIDIA graphic card supporting at least DirectX 12 API
• Available memory: 512 MB recommended
• Some VRAM (Video RAM) recommended
• Recommended Display: Minimum recommended resolution of 1280 x 800 @ 90 Hz
• Minimum Recommended Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ 60 Hz
• Gamepad not required
• Recommended: USB port connected
• Please note that the game is currently running on a closed beta version that has been


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