Keyboard Macro recorder for Windows 8
Keyboard Macro recorder for Windows 8 is a simple yet powerful application that records the keys pressed on the keyboard. Keyboard Macro recorder for Windows 8 not only allows you to record the keys and mouse clicks in the applications you are using, but you can also record videos or audio files. After recording your desired content, you can convert them into different formats using any audio or video converter such as PC Anywhere and R-Fun Audio Editor.
If you just want to simply record your keys pressed on the keyboard, you don’t have to buy anything; the application is completely free. But, if you want to record other sources too, you can purchase the full version for just $9.99. The features are listed below.
1. Drag and Drop a button to a Macro
You can drag a button to the Macro area and drop it at any time. It will trigger that button’s action.
2. Add recorded Macro
Drag and drop a button to the Macro area and drop it. A button will be added to the interface.
3. Edit recorded Macro
Just click on the button and edit. It’s easy to edit recorded Macro. You can also add another button.
4. Save recorded Macro
Simply click the button, name the file and save it. The file will be stored in the Recorded Macros folder.
5. Delete Macro
Click the button to delete a recorded Macro.
6. Change Screen Resolution
You can set the screen resolution. There are 3 options; VGA, 640 x 480 and 320 x 240. If you choose a resolution, it will be added to your favorites. The resolution will be active whenever you open Windows 8.
7. Add Favorite
You can add the current screen resolution. The screen resolution will be active whenever you open Windows 8.
8. Sound Volume
You can control the volume. It can be adjustable between 0 and 100.
9. Create a New Folder
You can create a new folder.
10. Add Mute
You can toggle the sound mute and unmute the sound.
11. Add New Folder
You can add a new folder.
12. Remove Folder
You can remove a folder.
13. Adjust the Date and Time
You can adjust the Date and Time.
14. Allow Navigation Bar
You can choose the Enable Navigation Bar.
15. Enable Undo Redo
You can choose the Enable Undo Redo.

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KeyMacro enables you to convert Windows shortcuts into Apple shortcuts. It can work with all the main shortcuts for desktop icons and shortcuts that appear in the start menu and taskbar. With KeyMacro, you can easily create a shortcut of any file, folder, website or program. The program also enables you to edit the shortcut text and format it.
The program includes various keyboard shortcuts. You can simply assign any shortcut key to a program, folder, website or shortcut file. Apart from this, the program also includes a ‘Keyboard List’ that contains all the shortcuts, which can be organized as per their main function. The list is filterable, so you can sort the shortcuts by a particular category.
The software also allows you to change the icon of the shortcut, including the icon size, background, and transparency. To change the text in the shortcut, you can simply choose between regular text and Unicode text.
In addition to these options, you can also rotate the shortcut or set it to a display mode. This way, you can set the icon to be rendered in different sizes and locations.
You can easily find the settings for the shortcut in the ‘Keyboard Settings’ section, in which you can set the position, language, direction and modifier keys for the shortcut.
KeyMacro’s interface is easy to use and intuitive. It is packed with all the necessary options and you can easily find them.
KEYMACRO Keyboard Shortcuts:
This software includes numerous keyboard shortcuts, as mentioned above. Here is a brief list of the main shortcuts:
File: The shortcut will launch the selected file.
Edit: The shortcut will launch the selected text or website in Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer or another supported application.
Image Viewer: The shortcut will open the selected image.
Image Editor: The shortcut will open the selected image in Photoshop, GIMP, PaintShop Pro or another supported application.
Launch: The shortcut will open the selected application.
Open: The shortcut will open the selected folder.
Print: The shortcut will open the selected website.
Search: The shortcut will search for a file or website.
Save: The shortcut will save the current settings.
Start: The shortcut will launch the selected program.
Stop: The shortcut will stop the current program.
Title: The shortcut will change the name of the current file.
URL: The shortcut will open the website in a new window.
Create Shortcut: The shortcut will create a shortcut

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