Rename to whatever you like & run from the commandline. WinDOS will reboot the computer (DOS / Win95 / 98 only). Make sure it’s location is in the default pathing statement. It’s handy while debugging.









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This is a copy of the WinDOS program from the old DOS 2.0 SDK 2.0 version.

Its purpose is to save as an executable and upload the executable file to your system over a network or local area network.
This version of WinDOS supports Windows 95 & 98.

To use WinDOS, you need to make sure that the Windows directory is in the PATH. If not, you can do so by going to the DOS command prompt and typing: “PATH=C:\WINDOWS” if you have Windows 95 & 96 installed or “PATH=C:\WINDOWS\system” if you have Windows 98 installed.

To run WinDOS, type “windos” in the DOS command prompt. WinDOS has a “Save for Shortcuts” option. This option saves the executable to disk and saves the text in the “menu” area.

WinDOS can be edited and updated. It should be edited to be set to use the Save for Shortcuts option by default, leaving the text area blank. This helps in debugging WinDOS with the most recent version.

Change History:
April 16, 1997
1.0 This version of WinDOS is for Windows 95/98.

July 11, 1995
2.2 New version of WinDOS. Windows directory in the path can be changed to “C:\WINDOWS\system”

July 9, 1995
2.1 New version of WinDOS. No longer needs to be in the DOS command prompt.

July 5, 1995
2.0 Updated version of WinDOS. Fixes some bugs that were in the previous version.

July 3, 1995
1.1 Fixes a bug in the previous version.

June 29, 1995
1.0 Initial Release.

winDOS is copyrighted by JOB Development, Inc. You may use winDOS, however, the user must agree to the license.

I agree to the license

winDOS Usage Notes:
You can print out the “menu” area that WinDOS will provide by setting the “print” option (edit the “WinDOS.ini”) to “1”. By setting this option to “1”, you can print the screen where the “Save for Shortcuts” option is. There are a few other options in “WinDOS.ini” that you can set to either “0” or “1”.
The full list of options is listed in “WinDOS.ini

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Open a command prompt and type “:set path=C:\WinDOsk:\Path”
Press Enter
open a dos prompt and type cmd /c “ren dir1 dir2”
Press Enter

You’re done!


Basic XSLT 2.0 transformation

I’m trying to understand how XSLT 2.0 works, but I have been really struggling to get the following transformation working.
I have a.xml file that looks like this:


and an xsd file that looks like this:

What’s New in the WinDOS?

This is a spinoff of Bochs, the popular open source (GPL) virtual machine
system for emulating computers running the MS-DOS, MS-Windows, or OS/2
operating systems. It is described in the History section. Its main
advantage is that it can run any MS-DOS, MS-Windows, and OS/2 files
simultaneously and emulates the I/O devices as if the file was
physically present. It requires Windows NT/2000 and up, a reasonable
amount of RAM (2-3 GB), and at least 80 MB for the VM emulator.

The Pop-ups are handmade so might take a little while to arrive

Pop-ups are suitable for those who do not have a heating, safe-zone or water-line in their tent.

The Pop-ups are handmade so might take a little while to arrive

They are designed to provide shelter from wind and rain. They are a great choice for parents and children.

Note: These are also suitable for those with a bed frame or a bed with a mattress topper.

Tent Specifications:

Dimensions: 90cm High x 60cm Wide

Tent area: 15m²

Weight: 6kgs




Electrical Cord


60cm/24in Pole

50cm/20in Pole

Tent Bugs


Built to withstand high wind and elements of the outdoors

Hugely spacious & with enough head room

Secure, stable & ventilated

Built with durable, breathable fabrics with generous ventilation


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// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

package genid

import (


// ProtocolMessage is a concatenation of the–ywvXt2N

System Requirements:

Operating System: OS: Windows XP (SP3)
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT / Nvidia GTX 560 or better (3GB)
Supported Resolution: 1280×720
Minimal System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP (SP3)
RAM: 256MB
Video Card: Nvidia 7600 GS or better
Windows XP (SP3)RAM: 256MBVideo Card: Nvidia 7600 GS or better
Preferable System

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