Your last chance at survival is a crapshoot. Gather up your belongings and gear up…you never know what the new world will throw your way. Can you make your way to the end? Fight through the sewers, or jump over the giant pipes?
Download Project Flesh and experience a new direction in 2D indie game development.
Requires a Java Runtime Environment of 5.0 or higher.
Due to the nature of this project, we ask that you do not post negative comments on our website or YouTube page, nor make requests to be patched/ changed. Any negative response will result in the removal of your comments, and possible other platform action. Your help in spreading the word is appreciated!

Randomly generated tile-based rogue-like dungeon crawler with heavy emphasis on survival horror. No tutorials, no button-mashing, just determine the next best limb for your character and enter the dungeon, over and over and over… and over… and over…
This is a remake of a project by the same developer, called Escape the Suck and was featured in the roguelike video game Indie Statik, a month after it released. Gameplay may have changed slightly since the remake.
A Steam port of Escape the Suck was made during August 2013.

Use the arrow keys to move, jump, or change limbs.
Press Enter to build and place the first limb.
If you want to build the right limb, pressing Enter puts the ball in the correct position.
Press ‘T’ to remove the limb.
Press Space to build a bridge.
This is a roguelike, meaning that the world changes over time, in this case the players level and inventory changes. If you die and enter the world again, you start with the default level and inventory.
There are also enemies, treasure chests, and random events.

The game is set in a medieval type world, where you take on the role of a knight and go on a quest to kill a dragon.
The game itself is in game-form, meaning that the game lives inside the player and the player can play it, and then when he is done with it, he can delete it.
There are no tutorials, you have to figure out the game by trial and error.
Controls are randomly generated, meaning that there is no button-mashing.
You can buy new weapons, armor, and a horse for transportation by visiting the store.



Victoria II: Heart Of Darkness Features Key:

  • A vertically-scrolling action-RPG with combat elements
  • More weapons, potions and equipment than the original Game of & War
  • Fully customizable skills like reflexes, armor and attack points
  • A huge cast of bumbling sidekicks
  • A lush backdrop inspired by pre-industrial paintings, plus medieval and fantasy aesthetics
  • Epic orchestral music and audio
  • A real-time strategy game where the player can fast-travel and directly influence what kind of quests are handed out by your sidekicks (also called companions)
  • A randomly generated world with hundreds of locations that contain hidden secrets and rewards
  • Multiplayer servers: Try to be the last human standing!
  • Play with or against your friends in all-new modes
  • Join or create your own server on Steam
  • Steam achievements
  • New Steam Trading Card feature: unlock Achievements in-game and show off your game with a unique card
  • Why are the game mechanics and world so totally different?

    Because this game is a love letter to the game-making community.

    Mapping out the game would take one article >>> and the follow-up articles might have taken a very different course without the guidance and input of people like CheeseAndWineGames, AsherJName, TheGreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, CiaranMoylan, retro80, legend


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    An amazing game, it’s a little bit more of a challenge now than it was at launch, but it was incredibly fun and isn’t what I’d call a “pay to win” game. The AI is super smart, the weapons are fun, and the game is still very engaging as you fly around, shoot, and fight each other. I’ll be getting this again when it eventually comes out, and would happily recommend it to anyone.


    47 of 60 found this helpful

    Fun for a couple weeks


    Julian Ramos

    Sep 21, 2015

    I could almost say that I love this game. The problem is, I simply don’t like it. It’s the worst launch game ever made. I tried using every tactic I could think of and there’s just no way to play. Every strategy breaks down against the AI. The controls are terrible, and there’s no fine tuning. Most of the maps are stupidly designed. Why would you make maps that are so small that you just spend your whole time waiting for jumps and constantly rotating for no reason? If the developers had just made a small amount of maps and made the game work 100%, I would have loved it. But they went the cheap route and simply released a useless game.
    I’m trying to give it a chance now by loading it online a lot, but even then it’s not that fun. I


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