Takao Asada is a Japanese freelance illustrator and character designer. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, he went on to work for various game companies, such as Square Enix, as well as for Nintendo and Enix.
HIMIG is a real-time role-playing game (RPG) about travel and communication that can be played on both smartphones and tablet computers. As you walk around the town, talking to people with their own interests, you interact with a variety of characters to befriend and develop a relationship with them. Begin your journey as a humble student, but then the world opens up to you as you participate in their everyday activities.
You will be free to follow your own path, and the game will let you decide how to spend your day. You will make choices as you live out your dreams, meet with friends, and become part of the town.
As a person that draws and draws people (such as Tom Waits and Simon & Garfunkel), it is very difficult to explain the unique atmosphere and feelings of a game.
But as you can experience these yourself, let’s begin your journey into the town, and experience HIMIG’s unique role-playing game in Tokyo.
*Important Note:
*In-game purchases are optional.
*Download this game on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.
*This game is only available in Japanese.
*The game is not affiliated with the development or production of Nintendo or Nintendo mobile.
*The game is not affiliated with the development or production of Enterbrain.
*The game is not affiliated with the development or production of Square Enix.
*The game is a fan-made game created for free by solo development for personal enjoyment.
*In consideration of the development process of this game and the technical specifications of mobile devices, the title and graphics have been reduced for a better experience.
The game is not affiliated with the development or production of Square Enix.
*This game is only available in Japanese.
*It is recommended that tablets of 1024×600 or higher are used for optimal experience.


Features Key:

  • 96-Card Single Pack deck
  • 21 Tokens
  • 9 Belly of the Beast
  • 1 Saint Dragon
  • 8 Enemy/Foe Dragons
  • 1 Creature Dragon
  • 29 Basic Base Dragons
  • 6 Trainer Necromancer Dragons
  • 2 Artifact Dragon

Game play Description:

Create powerful, undead, and terrifying warriors of the battlefield with one of the most intense card games ever created, with Fantasy Grounds and the Token Pack! Add dozens of premium features to any tabletop RPG experience with Fantasy Grounds. The dueling deck system puts
the power of card games into the hands of gamers. Need to win in a single round or a timed battle? The Dueling Deck system lets you assign points of strength to attack or to defend. Or for more complex scenarios, assign strength to specific types of Dragons and
decide if you can burn them or resurrect them to attack again!

About The Fantasy Grounds Token Pack

Fantasy Grounds – The Token Pack is made of:

  • Tokens
  • A variation of the 3-color 5-point Planeswalker deck
  • 3 creatures, 4 legends, 6+1 “Immediate Bonus” cards, and 2 spells
  • In total, this deck contains 96 cards.
  • A full pack of 21 token cards


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While that’s the overall gist of Roseblight, there are many mechanics at play that make the game unique. Combat, the majority of which can be described as ‘turn based’, but some non-combat stuff you might want to learn about.
– Blocking
– Light attacks
– Heavy attacks
– Three stance
– Throwing
– Miscellaneous
– Rank
– Alliances
– Tasks
— Combat
There’s a few unique combat mechanics at play in Roseblight.
– Blocking
If two people with weapons are running towards each other, you can block the incoming strike. This will leave you with a degree of invulnerability to that attack (same with the blocking for counterattacks). Blocks can be cancelled by landing a melee attack, or if you are at range they will allow you to easily dodge out of line of fire. Blocking is perfectly viable.
– Throwing
Throwing works a bit differently than in most games. Once you’ve assigned a throw to an enemy you can stand your ground and attack them. If you throw a spear on a 4 or higher, you will hit them. Throws are done with an R2 button, and after the throw you can decide to use the spear as you left it or you can attach it to yourself by setting it to ‘grab’. If it’s in grab mode it’ll snap into place when you set it back to a throw.
– Rank
As you fight with others, their armor and weapons will degrade. The rank of an opponent will display on their head. Higher ranks will offer better bonuses and have better weapons. You may consider the rank of an opponent when making your choice of combat. If their rank is higher than you, they might be able to deal more damage. Conversely, you might want to pick out an opponent that will be an easy target for a chance to get their rank down. This can apply to upgrading yourself as well. If you get another rank upgrade while fighting someone with a higher rank, they will lose the fight since it takes more effort for them to get a higher rank than you.
– Alliances
Alliances happen when two or more people approach one another and agree to fight beside one another. If they do, they’ll fight for each other, providing a shield to cover each other, and can turn to attack at the same time. Two melee weapons can be put into the ‘alliance’ status if the owner provides a spear, then the two will stick together. There is


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The story of the Cherry Orchard.

Story “The Cherry Orchard” Story:
I dreamt that I lay dead in my grave and it was midnight…

The year is 1913. The Ottoman Empire has been under the rule of a series of weak sultans for the past 200 years. Young progressive intellectuals like the rather quiet Bektaş Veli are eager to bring new ideas to the stagnant Ottoman realm. However, the old order of things doesn’t want to give in to the new.

At home with Liza. Then at the boat heist scene. Then a discussion with Uncle Rüstem and Miss Sara. Now Liza has to make a decision: she can follow Bektaş Veli, who is waiting at the ferry, or stay with her family and fight for her inheritance.

The year is 1950, and thanks to the atmospheric radio play “The Stone Flower”, which has been broadcast on the BBC for almost half a century, the people of England know the name Harry Pope. Harry Pope is the father of four children, whose home has been seized by the British Government. On New Year’s Eve, the family of four gathers at the home of their next-door neighbor, Miss Hilda Alexander-Graham. The Christmas decorations are put away, but before the clock strikes twelve, the British policemen enter the house to say that they have to take “the children to their homes.”.

Historical setting:[1]Following the downfall of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century, a variety of new cultural and political forces developed in the region. Ideology became more prominent during this period. The anti-Ottomanist nationalistic movements, spearheaded by the Young Turks, gained in influence. In Central Anatolia, during this period, regional autonomy movements were established. The Turkish nationalist movement adopted these as its own, transforming it into the ideology of Pan-Turanism.

The Ottoman economic crisis resulted in a number of elite citizens migrating abroad, and their descendants lived in Vienna, Paris, St. Petersburg, London, and New York. In 1926, Istanbul saw the first of several historical pogroms.

Religion was a very important component in this period. Some large Christian religious communities were founded, but the number of Muslim religious communities began to grow significantly. Through this, the Ottoman Empire’s understanding of religion changed. At the same time, the Islamic movement and pan-Turanianism were also gaining in importance


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    is a 1994 short animated science fiction film that is part of the Happy Science series. It was directed by, written by with story by, whose previous work included. The film was produced by, the director of the Nasu Minase 1999 science fiction anime film.

    Meridian: New World was released in Japanese on March 28, 1994, and in North American theatres on April 26, 1994.

    In the remote future near an idyllic ocean coastline, a 25-mile wide continent of natural resources and high technology known as the New Earth has been embroiled for ages in an interplanetary war. After a United Nations space mission establishes a headquarters with a giant communications tower (nicknamed the “Great Geneva”) and a mass of floating satellites orbiting over the planet, a New Earth submarine race the “Phoenix” missile craft to capture the Grand Geneva for themselves. The Jin-Gumi JIE (formerly the Jin-Gumi Cool JOE) 211th marine fleet of a new stronger ZE TRACE order counters the attack with their own fleet. Meanwhile, a fugitive scientist named Chris James who is wanted for endangering New Earth is hiding away in a wannabe fishing village called Naka village, which has run out of supplies and faces annihilation by the pursuing Jin-Gumi fleet.

    The Phoenix squadron that uses “the spirit of music” is commanded by Hover, and is led by the instrument majordomo of the omniscient chief of Phoenix squadron; Honoka, with her counterpart the low-ranking Orange Red actor; and the navigator prince Sour; she is the daughter of Phoenix’s previous leader, Grand Voice Tone.

    Terrence, a modern-day army veteran who is home on leave due to a minor injury and is allowed to serve on the “flying unit” of Phoenix squadron, and his partner Garnet Alice, are in the New World for romantic reasons. At a faraway hospital, a nurse named Ken tells Terrence that there are only a few days for him to get over his injury if he wants to take the same boat as Garnet to travel to Naka village and save Chris. Off the coast, the Phoenix fleet is in a fierce battle with the Jin-Gumi fleet. While on the same motorboat, Garnet and Terrence are hit by bullets and crash-land on a foreign island, where they are captured and taken prisoner. They briefly meet up with Chris. The Jin-Gumi fleet has


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    As players delve into the endless depths of the Adventure Mode, they’ll encounter countless puzzles, challenging foes, and devious traps. But all is not lost! Some of these monsters will be only too happy to help an unfortunate adventurer reach the bottom of the dungeon.
    • Endless quest!
    • Deep system of quests & armor & combat
    • Random dungeons, rewarding bosses
    • Repairable weapons
    • Mercenaries for hire
    • Multiplayer
    • Loot: Loot is back! Grab and carry items from fallen foes, or use treasures to craft powerful new gear!
    System Requirements:
    Pc: Vista – 32 bit. Mac – OSX (10.4 – 10.9).
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    Processor: 1 GHz
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: 512 MB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 500 MB free space
    Sound Card: Windows compatible
    OS: Windows 7/Windows 8
    Processor: 2 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 256 MB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 1000 MB free space
    About This Game’s Author:
    You will find the programmer of SteamWorld Quest at @deathlech. This article was guest written by David Higgins ( @immortalelf ). His articles are dedicated to games, books, movies, comics, and more! He currently resides in Queensland, Australia.
    4 commentsScratch nucleation of Dirac fermions at the water-air interface of graphene.
    The adsorption of a few water molecules on graphene surfaces is theoretically investigated using density functional theory. It is shown that the local surface corrugation induced by the adsorbed water molecules is responsible for the weak interaction between graphene and water molecules. A direct transition from graphite to graphene occurs under the aid of such a local interaction. We further study the adsorption of water molecules on a pure graphene surface, and find that when a small number of water molecules are placed in the surface area, the local corrugation induces a buckling of the graphene surface that is responsible for the formation of the intrinsic Dirac fermions. This peculiar doping effect represents a step toward controlling the charge and spin transport properties of graphene.India’s I-League giants Aizawl are set to stay in the league’s top flight next season.

    Bangladesh-based I-League administrator Moslem Ali has confirmed to ESPNFC that A


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