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Tableau Public Free Download Description:

Export and share your data visualizations instantly
Tableau Public is not an article publishing app. It does not let you edit or add text or images to your articles. Instead, it is an information visualization application that enables you to generate and share your data visualizations with others. This means that it is a tool that will allow you to create your data set for a story and publish it only after you have created and shared your charts.
You can also share and publish your charts via a wide range of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. Some of the platforms support basic interactivity, as well as social annotations that can be applied to the visualizations.

Tableau Public Features:

Tableau Public Features:

Tableau Public Features:

Explore the app’s features in real time
Tableau Public brings real-time exploring to the mobile. This means that any dashboard created within the app is accessible and available for perusal, or it can be sent to a group for collaborative viewing.
The visualization can be modified by dragging and dropping measures and fields or making changes to their attributes in a centralized dashboard. Moreover, a user can easily access the visualization history in the Tableau browser.
Users can make their own dashboards within Tableau Public, and they can quickly test their tools by sharing them with others. Once the tool is shared, you can view it at any time via Tableau Public. Dashboards are located in a centralized dashboard history accessible for every user.
The former data sets in the dashboard can be exported to a text file, for example, to be saved for future use. Furthermore, the data set can be exported to a CSV file, making it available for further use in other Tableau Public tools.

Tableau Public eases data workflow
Tableau Public is not a tool that enables you to publish an article. It is an information visualization tool designed to enable you to make sense of your data. When you use the app, you have to provide data and create a visualization for it.
This workflow means that you can use Tableau Public to generate data sets for your blog or article, and use it to complete your story. Then, you can save the dashboard to a text file, and use it in other applications like Tableau Public to generate different visualizations.

Tableau Public Pros:

Tableau Public Pros:

Tableau Public

Tableau Public 5.1.1 Serial Key Download For PC [Updated]

4.3 stars from 140 ratings
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Tableau Public is an application that offers all sorts of functions, from generating beautiful charts and graphs, to analyzing data, to turning big data sets into visual formats that can be shared and published.
1. Import data from individual files, Access databases, or online sources, and connect it all in one worksheet
2. The assortment of data sources in Tableau Public includes Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, JSON data, as well as text, spatial, or statistical files.
3. Furthermore, it can connect to OData servers and Google Sheets, or a web data connector.
4. Generate graphs of various types without effort and start building your article
5. Process the data with Tableau Public requires you to create a new worksheet. Based on the data source, the application identifies dimensions and measures, allowing you to create professional-looking graphs, charts and maps of multiple types just by dragging and dropping fields onto the current sheet.
6. Add tables and initiate new connections to gather information from multiple sources.
7. Furthermore, you can enrich the data set with stories and dashboards. Stories enable you to create a type of article where sheets with graphs can be inserted into the text. In other words, bloggers and other types of authors can build sketches of their article with Tableau Public, without missing editing features such as font formatting and page alignment, shading, borders, and lines, annotations, legends, and more.
8. Generate interactive charts, graphs and maps, then share and publish them
9. Tableau Public can create appealing data visualizations that can then be saved to your profile and shared with others via social media or published on your personal website or blog. The great thing about it is that it creates interactive content, which is much more engaging than static photos of a graph or a chart.
Tableau Public is free to download, and Tableau Public Features can be adjusted to fit your needs.
Tableau Public Statistics:
Category: Data Tools
License: Freeware
App Type: Offline
System: Windows 10, Windows 7
Processor: i3
Memory: 2.92 MB
Internet: Yes
Internet Explorer: Yes
Installed Size: 2.35 MB
Ratings: 4.3 from 140 ratings

Tableau Public Description:
3.5 stars from 20 ratings
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It can import data from a variety of sources, including sheets of a.csv file, access databases, and OData servers. It can also connect to Google Sheets. Once data is imported, it is processed and you can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including sheets from Microsoft Excel, CSV files, Access databases, SQL Server, MySQL and OData servers.
When you connect to an OData server, the data will be categorized into dimensions, which can be filtered by filters. Within the dimensions and measures there are fields and summaries. Tables can be added to the sheet and calculated totals can be generated for a summary field. Finally, a data connector can be added to the sheet so that the data can be copied over to other sheets.
The shape layout can be set up by dragging and dropping fields on to the sheet. There are many visualization types available including bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, maps, and gauges.
There are many filters available. Filters can be applied to both the dimensions and measures and totals. In addition, for dimensions there is an option to group and format data. Many options also include calculations as well.
This application can convert data into interactive graphs and maps. The types of charts available include line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, gauge charts, and maps.
Statistical graphs can be generated by querying data from a SQL Server database. Tableau Public can save the generated graphs as images and embed them into the sheet.
When sharing Tableau Public, the data is organized into cards so that it is easier to read and share. The cards can be shared via social media with the application embedded in the post. It can be embedded on your own web pages or blog as well. Each card contains interactive data visualizations that can be found in the sheet that is connected to the card. Furthermore, Tableau Public has the option to embed the charts and graphs in a blog post.
When adding a new data source, the application will automatically suggest a connection as well as options.
Drag and drop tables and dimension fields onto the sheet for creation of graphs, charts, and maps. Fields can be dragged from one sheet to another.
Simple drag and drop process to make easy and clean charts that are interactive. Import and export of charts and graphs as image files
Tableau Public is designed to import data from files and also to connect to databases. Tableau Public can connect to different type of datasources such as Spreadsheet, database, O

What’s New in the Tableau Public?

Tableau Public is designed to transform data from various sources into easy to read, understand information. It is the easiest solution for visual data exploration and reporting. With Tableau Public, you can analyze data from different data sources in a single sheet.

Tableau Public Overview:

Create visualizations that are easy to report and share

Data can be linked to each other in any way you choose

Manage data and create visualizations

Work with many different types of data sources

Create more than one sheet

Create and share a story

Publish an interactive visualization

Create interactive dashboards with embedded charts and maps

Use the latest Tableau software

Determine how to visualize data by using filters

Filter and adjust your data using Tableau on your iPhone, iPad, and Android device

Tableau Public Download:

Tableau Public is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to combine data from various sources in one place and create informative visualizations. It is perfect for mobile professionals, journalists, bloggers, and students of any age, who want to use data visualization to communicate and report information easily.
Tableau Public is also an excellent tool for people who want to work in the industry of data analysis and data visualization.

Tableau Public Script:

Create a single worksheet from multiple sources

Attach it to external sources of data

Use multiple dimensions to link different data sources

Connect to more than 200 data sources

Work with data from Excel, Access, OData, Google Sheets, and many other data sources

The multi-dimensional table of Tableau Public allows us to build a single sheet that can be populated with data from various sources. It also allows us to use more than one measures in the same dimension. Data visualization is an increasingly important part of work in the field of data analysis. We can use it to create information, reports, and complex data displays. In this article, I will try to discuss the best use of Tableau Public.

Tableau Public website:

User interface

The browser integration of Tableau Public is built like a dedicated application rather than an add-on, and it gives us the flexibility to control many aspects of the application, such as the appearance of charts and graphs. That is, you can make basic decisions, such as change the colors, fonts, and layout of your charts and graphs. When a data is ready, you can add it

System Requirements For Tableau Public:

Operation System:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista

Processor: Intel Core i3-700 (2.93 GHz), AMD Phenom II X3 720 (2.8 GHz), AMD FX-6350 (3.5 GHz), AMD A10-7850K (2.8 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HDD: 23 GB free space on HD
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670/AMD Radeon HD 7970 (2 GB)