uPDFe is a universal PDF creator, which makes PDF documents from text documents, spreadsheets and images. It enables you to convert those to PDF in one of the following ways:
View existing documents, edit them and create new ones
Update the existing PDF documents with text or images from other formats, like Word, Excel, powerpoint or images
It also makes the PDF documents in a variety of formats, including.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx,.txt,.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg and many others.
All files are converted into PDFs with embedded text, images and graphics, without any loss of quality or accuracy.
Support for hotkeys
Another feature of this application is the support for hotkeys. So, if you prefer to work using your keyboard than mouse, uPDFe has hotkeys that can be assigned to any functions.
This software is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t require any manual adjustments, such as installing the programs, or manually setting system variables. Just install it and open the uPDFe.exe file.
The window that appears will guide you through the process of converting text documents, spreadsheets and images into PDF documents, with no problems and with minimal effort.
Note that uPDFe supports a single instance of the application, so if you want to convert more than one document or file, you will have to quit the application to open a new instance of uPDFe. The files you want to convert will appear in the Conversion window.

Create text documents, spreadsheets and images to PDF
Open multiple documents or files at the same time
Convert documents in more than 20 formats, including.doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx,.txt,.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg
Convert all files (including sub-folders) or one or multiple documents
Save your PDF document or convert it to any image format:.bmp,.tiff,.png,.jpg,.jpeg,.tga,.cr2,.cdr,.exr,.pfm,.pcx,.svg,.raw,.fpx,.jpx,.ktx,.pnc,.pti,.crw,.cr2, eea19f52d2

A free and easy-to-use utility for creating an HTML document from text file. It doesn’t require previous HTML experience and doesn’t need installation.
You can use TXT2HTML Converter to prepare Web pages by exporting them to plain text files. You can further customize the program to make the HTML document look the way you like by adjusting different settings. It creates a new HTML document when you point out the destination directory and file name. It can convert TXT format to HTML, TXT to HTML WML, TXT to HTML XHTML, TXT to HTML RTF and TXT to HTML MS Word format. It is a useful tool to create html documents.
Windows software.
It does not create any temporary files.Ambient temperature affects the endogenous ubiquitin-like protein SUMOylation pathway in artichoke.
SUMO is a ubiquitin-like protein that is conjugated to proteins via a ubiquitin-like cascade, involving an E1-like activating enzyme, an E2-conjugating enzyme, and an E3 ligase. SUMO conjugation has recently been shown to be involved in several plant processes, but not in artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) cold stress response. In the present study, we focused on the effect of ambient temperature on the endogenous SUMOylation pathway in artichoke. Cold stress at 4 degrees C induced a general decrease in the expression of the genes involved in artichoke SUMOylation at 4 degrees C as compared to the control at 25 degrees C. Accumulation of the SUMO-1 protein was also lower in artichoke leaves and stems exposed to cold stress at 4 degrees C. High levels of the SUMO-1 protein were detected in the green leaves and roots under cold stress at 25 degrees C. When artichoke plants were kept at 4 degrees C for 24 h, an induction of the endogenous SUMOylation pathway was observed in artichoke leaves, stems, and roots, as evidenced by increased levels of the SUMO-1 protein and higher transcript accumulation of the genes involved in artichoke SUMOylation. Moreover, increased accumulation of the SUMO-1 protein was observed in the green leaves, stems, and roots under cold stress at 25 degrees C. These results suggest that the endogenous SUMOylation pathway is activated in artichoke, leading to increased levels of the SUMO-1 protein.