Magus is a Hungarian pen and paper roleplaying game published by Híradék Ltd. The unique mixture of the scientific macro models, the RPG micro model and the World Simulation gives you a unprecedented experience when you play it.
Play as The Game Master
The Game Master is a game mechanic where you will be the boss of the adventures. The ultimate GM role is yours to play. You will manage the flow of your adventures’ progress and can use your powers to shape the world and the adventurers’ lives.
The Game Master can dictate all the actions of the characters’ life. Influence the world and your players.
Dive into all the MAGUS GameMaster’s powers
Give your DM powers using Quest Cards:

Solve – The Game Master can influence the world:


Features Key:

  • Additions from Cthulhian Conspiracy including Mythos Necromancy and Horror
  • Series Modules Update from Eyes of the Abyss and the W*st Reawakening from Sins of the Fathers
  • New Monsters including Gargoyles and Fiendish Fiends
  • New Plot Arcs
  • New Tech and Archetypes
  • New Magic
  • Deathless Orbs for Mythos
  • Anebtlains


Welcome to the Armory!

If you have not yet ran the Armory to make changes to your token game, you will need to do so. You can find this option by clicking Tools, then Armory. Once in the Armory you will find that you need to do 2 things:

  1. Go to your running files.

  2. Run the Armory.

Once you’ve done these steps, the Armory will go through your tokens and tell you how and what they need to be updated. It will then make the necessary changes and you will be able to use all the files for whatever situations that need them.


  1. The Armory will need to be rebooted when the changes are done.
  2. You will need to manually add each of the W*st Reborn Modules (available from the main page of our store)
  3. You will need to save and reload your tokens in the Armory. You won’t be able to see changes unless you do this.

Armory Key File Differences:

  • Client Side Changes:


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Astria is a completely free and open-ended puzzle platformer, and the adventure of Gwen. The level is randomly generated. You’ll have to solve puzzles through the 8 Floors to reach Gwen’s destiny. No timer is used in the game. You are not controlled by enemies or damage indicators.
Subscribe to the Astria dev channel on YouTube, and you’ll get to see:
– behind the scenes’ video- dedicated to the design and creation of the game- regular gameplay-
Full Gamepad support:
– Gamepad Controls :
– Button : Walk. Jump. Jump on platforms.
– L/R/U/R Trigger : Spin
– A/D/S/A : Fire bomb
– C Stick : Aim
– X/Y/Z : movement
– A + B buttons : Spin on the Move-axis
– Start : Inventory menu
– Thumbstick + D Pad : Camera


First of all, don’t trust the video quality. It shows too much of the bottom screen on the final frame, and it’s being looped so you get way too many frames on the whole video.
If you want to watch the video yourself, here’s a list of the controls from the game’s web site.

X/Y : Movement, up/down, left/right, left/right, left/right, left/right
A/D/S/A : Fire bomb, direct bomb, circle bomb, circle bomb
C Stick : Navigate through the current puzzle room
Start : Exit the current puzzle room, leave the current Floor
L/R Trigger : Jump up, jump down
L/R : Jump left, jump right
U/R : Double jump left, double jump right
Thumbstick + D Pad : Camera: Zoom in/out


A quick answer from me in case you are still interested in the game.

Second floor wedding reception at CTU | Photo by: Lee Biedermann

ST. CLAIR SHORES, FL – Stacy and Lee Biedermann held their wedding reception at the Notre Dame Center for Human Formation in St. Clair Shores. The event took place on the second floor which had been open since Friday, and was the perfect spot


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You start your career as a simple space delivery agent. Purchasing and repairing your very own freighter ship you will fly out and perform deliveries for clients around the solar system. Grow your career by building up your reputation and advancing to different companies.
Game “Worlds Of The Future” Features:
• Fully 3rd person Single Player – No Load screens
• Explore a large, fully seamless solar system with no loading screens
• Intelligent NPC AI – NPC Characters will react to you and avoid getting in the way as you travel from place to place.
• Interstellar travel: Jump into hyperspace and travel to different solar systems far from Earth
• Build and Own Your Own Freighter Ship
• Purchase and Modify your Freighter with a huge variety of parts and models.
• Explore the solar system, land on planets, take off from space stations and much more
• Chase down Space Pirates and fight them to complete missions
• Fly in Hyperspace
• Fly through a planet’s atmosphere
• Walk on the Planet Surface
• Ride in the Spaceport Bars
• Walk in the Spaceport Uptown
• Play games with your friends in the Spaceport Casino
• Enjoy nightlife in the Spaceport Uptown
• Play the Spaceport X-Box
• Play the Spaceport Arcade
• Activate or deactivate NPC faction protection in the Spaceport
• Interact with the NPC Characters
• Pick up cargo and deliver it to clients
• Different in-world NPC Companies you can work for
• 20 unique faction contacts you can meet and work for throughout the solar system
• Police the solar system, the galactic law enforcement will give you missions to complete
• Explore a huge, fully seamless solar system full of exciting mysteries and stories
• Meet colorful characters
• Build your reputation
• Stories and unlockables to read about your past and current adventures
• Tons of locations to visit
• Land on Solar System moons and orbit them
• Scan planets for Asteroids, Loot & treasure
• Deliver cargo and upgrades to plants across the solar system
• Explore the solar system, full of exciting mysteries and stories
• Meet colorful characters
• Build your reputation and relationships with factions and contacts you meet
• World of the Future:
Free roam the solar system freely, without load screens! Explore the solar system in real-time and see just how big it is. The high res images ensure the solar system


What’s new in Rest House: