Pure-D is a powerful VST synthesizer plugin packed with adjustable audio parameters and uses three sample oscillators to deliver unique results.
The plugin can use independent samples and also features two modulation filters, two LFOs, a multistage envelope and various effects.







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The plugin is based on two sample oscillators that deliver unique sounds ranging from square-wave to just about any other waveform.
There is also an intuitive graphical user interface for controls and an optional GUI background. When using the GUI interface the plugin can be used as a standalone VST plugin with no MIDI data source and when used with a MIDI controller can be controlled without being affected by the MIDI output.
Pure-D lists its features as follows:
•You can tune all the knobs and parameters
•Three sample oscillators
•Two noise generators
•Two modulation filters
•Two LFOs
•One ADSR envelope
•Attack, Release, Decay, Sustain, Sustain Level
•Three independent filter tones
•Two-stage envelope
•Two sidechain compressors
•Master Volume
•Global and spread panning
•28-band graphic EQ
•Stereo summing
•Three-band graphic EQ
•16-bit, 48kHz direct input and output
•Universal (VST, Audio Units, AAX, RTAS, RTAS-PlugIn)
•MIDI keyboard controller
•Dynamics (compressor, limiters, gate, expander)
•One-shot for use as a standalone VST plugin
•External (clock, gate, LFO)
•MIDI (for external MIDI controller)
The three oscillators each have a 1-octave range, plus low, middle and high frequency modes, switchable panning, frequency modulation and width. All three modes are switchable on and off for the modes of each oscillator. The three oscillators are voiced down, to create a more tonal sound, with a fixed low and middle frequency.
The noise generators can be set to noise with variable pitch, frequency, phase and panning.
The sample frequency can be set to 48kHz or to internal cross-oscillator frequency sampling (1kHz per oscillator).
Pure-D uses three assignable sample oscillators, each with its own LFO, Envelope and LFO.
Pure-D is also feature-rich and includes controls for the following parameters, which can be made into one of five saved presets, so if you wish you can create a sample every time you want to use it.
•Sample speed
•LFO speed

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The Pure-D Crack plugin consists of a number of audio parameters that can be individually controlled and adjusted. In addition, the plugin will also include three randomly controlled oscillators with independent settings and randomize frequency, band and polarity:
– Model-1: An oscillator that features a real-time randomizer of period and random phase
– Model-2: An oscillator that features a real-time randomizer of period and random phase
– Model-3: An oscillator that features a randomizer of period and phase.
Sample settings include: Key, modulation, output resonance, cutoff, number of repeats, long block, short block, pitch and phase. It is also possible to set the oscillator’s range from 1.0Hz to 100.0Hz and set its quality.
The plugin has two filters: Filter-1 and Filter-2. Filter-1 can be used as an attack, which features a real-time randomizer of cutoff and release time, and filter feedback. Filter-2 can be used to select from three different filters: high-pass, low-pass and hi-low. The filter is controlled by the preset’s filter position and filter quality.
The plugin also features two LFOs, which can use their own independent settings for user-adjustable pulse width and rate and each LFO can have a minimum and maximum control via the preset and user controls.
In addition, Pure-D includes three Envelopes: Envelope-1, Envelope-2 and Envelope-3 which are controlled by the preset’s envelope position and envelope shape.
Pure-D includes eight Effect Chains: Delays, Distortion, Compression, Pan, Reverb, EQ, Master and Echo. Each effect chain can be controlled by its own position in the preset and by the effects settings.
The plugin also includes five LFO’s, which can be used to control the glide amount, amplitude and glide time of the samples.
Pure-D is designed to be the perfect synthesizer for long song production and includes the ability to clone, split or mix between any two of the three oscillators to offer several alternate songs. Pure-D’s response and visual user controls make it very easy to create your own unique sound. Pure-D offers a wide range of VST effects plugins to make your music sound incredible.

The Pan-GOSM plugin uses three of the six preset oscillators (four of the six preset oscillators

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Pure-D provides a powerful VST plugin that combines various features for original sounds.
Equalizer: Pure-D has both normal and stereo EQs. You can set the curves to fit your sound and it works in both mono and stereo, so the plugin can be used in any kind of set up.
Pre-amp: Pure-D has also a pre-amp effect so you can obtain an additional boost of sound quality on recordings that will be mixed for other applications. It works either on a bandpass or just a single band.
Reverb: There is no reverb effect included in Pure-D but you can load up external reverb plugins such as Fabfilter’s Valhalla or Waves R-Amp Reverb.
Two oscillators: Pure-D has two oscillators providing you with a powerful set of waves for two of the three instruments. The oscillators can be independent, so you can use them in your samples.
Three LFOs: Pure-D has three LFOs. Two of them are sendable, they can be modulated by any parameter and the other one can be used as an arpeggiator.
Various effects: You can use a multistage envelope, an oscillator effect, an amplifier and more.
Additional Info:
Pure-D uses three samples (VST Files) for the three sound engines: Lead, Bass and Lead. So you just load them up and you will have 3 sounds you can play at any time.
Connections: Pure-D can be used as a VST plugin in any VST plugin host. You can use it with DAWs such as Cubase or Nuendo and other audio hardware such as soft synths, mobile phones, consoles, devices and more.

The big difference between Pure-D and Pure-D2 is the number of oscillators that are included in each version. In Pure-D, there are three oscillators while in Pure-D2 there are five. However, the difference between the two plugins is less visible because Pure-D2 can use the three oscillators that Pure-D does in pure mode.

Plugins that can be used as additional plugins are:
Amp mode: you can use the amp mode of Pure-D or Pure-D2 to simulate an amp.
Pure mode: this is the normal Pure-D plugin.
Pure-D2 mode: this is the Pure-D2 plugin.

What’s New in the Pure-D?

Pure-D is a multi-effects plugin with a powerful design.
Your presets can be saved and loaded into other VST hosts.
You can control the plugin with a set of knobs, presets and various views such as the waveform display, the spectrum display, the RGB display and others.
The three samples oscillators can be set independently and also you can use them as individual voices with separate waveforms and envelopes.
Pure-D features five effects: reverb, delay, chorus, phaser and vibrato. You can use the three modulation filters to chain any two of them and also you can place the three parameters in the “pre and post” mode to combine them in a chain.
Pure-D even offers a built-in compressor and fuzz options.
You have a choice between the normal mode or the poly mode. If you want to emulate a single oscillator, then use the normal mode and if you want a complex sound, use the poly mode.
Pure-D can be used as a compressor or to add effects to an audio source.
You can use your own samples or use the 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz sample rates.
Pure-D is very powerful and it is packed with all the audio parameters which can help you to create a real-sounding synth.
Pure-D Features:
– Pure-D can work in 3 modes, Normal, Poly or VST
– Multiple oscillators
– MIDI automation
– Pianoram
– LFOs
– Envelope
– Compressor and compressor/expander
– Filter: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Microphone and Vibrato
– 3 Modulation filters: Auto, Envelope, LFO
– Effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Microphone, Compressor, LFO, Vibrato
– 3 Envelope modes: Normal, Mono, Modulation
– Split mono mode (VST)
– 8 preset locations (each preset being saved with the host program)
– Realtime Waveform, Spectrum, RGB and Spectrogram
– Multitouch, 2-oscillator, 6-oscillator, 9-oscillator (When applied in Pure-D FX mode)
– MIDI automation
– Built-in recorder, cross-fader
– Effects library: Reverb, Echo, Delay

System Requirements For Pure-D:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2320
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
Storage: 45GB available space
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Intel High Definition Audio
Additional Notes:.mp3 and.ogg files only
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