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· Powerful image searh tool
· Intelligent recognition of duplicate images
· Intelligent image export with URL mask
· Intelligent bookmark manager
· Intelligent block of banners.
· Easy-to-use and user-friendly.
· Built-in search function to find any image on the web.
· Supports URL masking, intelligent search for duplicates, intelligent hot links dragging with any desired text that will be added to them.
· Built-in smartcut or smartshrink to save bandwidth.
· Built-in image-save to your PC as BMP or JPG file.
· Built-in browse and search through your PC’s folder tree.
· Built-in one-click image pasting from clipboard.
· Built-in restore recent files from PC’s history.
· Built-in icons for fast browsing.
· Built-in auto-reload support.
· Built-in help window.
· Built-in smartclipboard.
· Built-in smartimage-extension (BMP or JPG).
· Built-in smartwatermark.
· Built-in smartfilter and other FX’s.
· Built-in option to block images with their HTML code.
· Built-in option to turn on/off your PC clock and date.
· Built-in options to hide small image files.
· Built-in option to refresh the current window after changing the window’s size.
· Built-in option to change the window’s transparency.
· Built-in option to filter the search results with the right filters.
· Built-in option to refresh the current window after pressing the close button.
· Built-in option to skip tabs while jumping from page to page.
· Built-in download manager that allows you to pause, resume and restart download process.
· Built-in HTML search.
· Built-in extensive help file.
· Built-in help window when pressing Ctrl + 0.
· Built-in auto-resize.
· Built-in resize.
· Built-in hot links dragging.
· Built-in text-to-image conversion.
· Built-in photos-from-web.
· Built-in unique images-browser.
· Built-in preview for downloaded images.
· Built-in temporary/saved/zipped/compressed folder.
· Built-in images-compression and decompression.

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PixGrabber Free – practical image browser and archive manager.
Make your individual photo collections with images from various sources, such as the Internet, CDs, or attached to PDFs and e-mail messages.
Browse and search through images. PixGrabber Free features smart image thumbnails, allows access to full-size images, allows searching through images according to tags and comments.
Manage collections of images, arrange them according to the task you want to perform – organize images into albums, frames, notes, print them on paper, browse through the data using Picture List or Size list, etc.
Use automated download of images from the web, request images from sites with suggested-url filter, manage images using filters, masks and intelligent algorithm that recognizes duplicate images.
You can also create one-click collections (copy & paste or drag & drop) of the images, set bookmarks to the current web page, fill in your comments on the site and separate files into tabs.
PixGrabber Free supports drag and drop, bookmarks creation, as well as favorites.
The engine of PixGrabber Free supports text display of the page as a banner. PixGrabber Free displays ads and pop-ups. You can turn them off when accessing favorite sites.
PixGrabber Free – web browser and image browser for Windows.
PixGrabber Free | 22.05.2012 | PixGrabber Free | Download


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* If you want to get rid of the same pages, tons of new web-based tools can help you a lot
* PixGrabber Free is an unique free tool which allows easy and fast monitoring of the web
* It is the most useful tool for holding images
* PixGrabber Free is the only tool for blocking and eliminating images in the web. PixGrabber Free manages images
* You can easily search and manage the meta-data of images PixGrabber Free
* PixGrabber Free Features Image Downloader
* PixGrabber Free Blocks Ads
* PixGrabber Free allows you to Protect your Eye Health
* PixGrabber Free uses anti-virus scanners
* PixGrabber Free provides image viewing and manager
* PixGrabber Free is available free of charge



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System Requirements For PixGrabber Free:

* The higher the resolution, the more graphic memory you will need.
* The requirements for the resolution are as follows:
1920×1080 – 57Mb
1280×720 – 43Mb
1920×1080 – 63Mb
1280×720 – 57Mb
* Please note that the resolution and the additional graphic memory is not calculated by the game, but by the computer itself.
* If your computer meets the minimum requirements for the resolution and the additional graphic memory, the game will run smoothly even