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It is a self-contained application that enables you to make science experiments and take cool pictures. You don’t even need to attach to a television or computer because you can operate all the experiments using a tablet. All you need is to choose a digital board, then push a button in the app, and the digital board will simulate whatever the button is set to.
Step-by-step photo tutorial:
You can easily attach a digital board to the app using Bluetooth. You can control it remotely using your iOS or Android smartphone.
Select a digital board such as a fork, a spoon, a ball, a car, a flower, a fan, etc.
To take images, simply push the button and set the number of images you want to take. Then, you can take as many images as you want.
You can save them all as photos, gifs, videos, or even as sequences.
You can resize, rotate, reverse, or copy, crop, or add frames.
You can also add a background, add text, share, or tag your images.
You can also use it to practice how to use a digital board.
How it works
Select the digital board that you want to attach to the app.
Connect the digital board to your device with Bluetooth.
Open the app, then select the digital board.
Choose the number of images you want to take, then push the button to start taking the images.
How to use
Select a digital board from the menu.
Connect the digital board to your device with Bluetooth.
Open the app, then select the digital board.
Choose the number of images you want to take, then push the button to start taking the images.
What’s New in Version 1.0.1:
Resolved issue that would reset images sequence number
System Requirements
You need a device with Android 4.3.2 or later
Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network
What’s New in Version 1.0.2:
Fixed issue that would display the digital board’s name wrong.
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There are several ways to exclude the current directory from the search path for find.

The -not $(CURDIR) option means “do not take the CURDIR into account for the rest of the search path”.
The -path option means “start from the CURDIR but exclude the CURDIR from the search path”.
The -prune option means “truncate the search tree after the first match”. This will create a *~ search that will move to the base of the tree. This is normally the result you want.
The -i option means “ignore case when comparing” which is the default.
The -type f option means “for files” (so that the shell glob can be used).

Your command would then look like:
find *dummy* -not -path ‘*/dummy*’ -prune -type f -i

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an improvement in a shock absorber for a vehicle as applied to, for example, an air-spring damper of a suspension device of a wheeled vehicle such as an automobile and a motorcycle, for absorbing shock load produced when the vehicle travels, and more particularly, to a shock absorber of a split type air-spring damper.
2. Description of the Prior Art
Recently, a split type air-spring damper has been developed to suppress deterioration of a spring characteristic. The conventional air-spring damper includes a first air-spring chamber defined by the housing and a bladder which are adapted to be inflated with air and a second air-spring chamber, which is separated from the first air-spring chamber by an air-filled partition. One end of the damper is connected to a mounting portion of the vehicle body, and the other end is connected to a suspension device. The partition is provided at a mid portion of the damper and extends in an axial direction of the damper. The partition is formed with a fitting hole for engaging a guide stud of the suspension device. The guide stud of the suspension device, which is formed with the fitting hole, is threaded on its outer peripheral surface.
As shown in FIG. 14, the guide stud is threaded on an opening 7 which is formed in the partition 4. That is, a guide ring 4b, which is a part of the partition 4, is located over the partition 7. Accordingly, a space 8, which is defined by the