The Furball has gone fur-mad! Namely, mad at you. The Furball, an evil, adorable, sentient rock, has imprisoned all the inhabitants of a peaceful world in an abandoned mine, in order to take their precious golden crystals, and the only way to free them is to protect the five largest gems of the sphere. But the Furball has set traps for you, and the only escape routes are located inside each of the hardest puzzles, and you can only use the powers and the weapons of the exiled people. Play as the Furball and free your friends in an ultra-challenging 2D platform game full of exciting gameplay, mixed with funny characters and amazing special effects! Original music score will make your journey even more memorable.Cage the Elephant-Ivory Towers

Cage the Elephant’s new album, 2014’s Grammy-nominated Up All Night, was the first release from the band after singer-guitarist Brad Shumacher met Rich Costey, the former guitarist for the Australian band Silverchair. These days, Shumacher and Costey handle most of the writing and recording, although help comes from bassist Daniel Tashian, guitarist Tyler Johnson, keyboardist Andrew Katz and drummer Barrett Martin.

The group’s previous albums have been credited to Shumacher only; this time, all band members are credited. There is a change in sound as well. Up All Night moves forward from the bare-bones sound of 2011’s Tell Me I’m Pretty and the pop of 2005’s self-titled Cage the Elephant debut. “It’s everything we would ever want from a Cage the Elephant record,” Shumacher says. “It’s not just about the sound, but the story of the album.”

Courtesy of Wall Of Sound

This one, he says, is about a man named Dean who is “trying to take his life back. There’s an old-school blues feel to it, like it’s a collection of songs that have been in his head for 20 years and then finally they were able to come out, and he was like, ‘I need to record these songs,’ because they meant so much to him.”


Shumacher, who turns 34 later this month, has had a life-changing moment in the past few years. In 2010, he discovered Silverchair’s guitarist, Adam Ford, after the band guest-played at one of Cage the Elephant’s shows. An image of Ford wearing a


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    Drawn: The Dark Flight is a stunning ARPG game set in a beautiful and unique fantasy world. You have a choice: is it adventure and action, or is it roleplaying and puzzle solving? Play three separate stories, each with a unique protagonist, with each act focusing on a different style. Which story will you choose?
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    Upon first glance, Tom’spy appears to be another smash-hit from the minds behind GalCiv and Faster Than Light. That’s not the case though – in fact, its far from a standard side-scrolling platformer. This, of course, is thanks to the Free-to-Play format that Tom’spy adopts. This means that all of the level and enemy designs, while beautifully drawn, can be altered at the user’s discretion. Not to mention that all of the gameplay aspects are, for the most part, up to the players to decide. This, in turn, opens up a plethora of content to the players – with the randomisation system only serving to add to that variety. Its this very aspect that takes the best out of Tom’spy. That and the fantastic story.

    The Narrative

    The gameplay of Tom’spy revolves around a boy with the ability to shrink down to extremely tiny dimensions, and the player is tasked with guiding him through a series of five episodes (the initial intro will set things up) as he attempts to save the girl who owns a cat. What follows is a story that makes references to some of the most memorable side-scrolling platformers of all time, with each of the five episodes ending with a boss fight.

    Each of the five episodes has it’s own unique gameplay style. Once the player reaches a boss, they’ll be tasked with not only figuring out how to beat the boss but also what it is that makes it a boss at all. This, in turn, offers the player a different experience – with some boss fights having multiple phases. Plus, a fair amount of the gameplay elements that are scattered throughout each episode revolve around the items that can be used to aid the player in their quest.

    The Audio

    Tom’spy’s soundtrack does a brilliant job of keeping things lighthearted and humorous – which in turn, helps to put the player at ease. The soundtrack also features a couple of the classics from the platforming genre – namely, the classic Sega Genesis and SNES titles. In turn, this helps to create a nostalgia filled gaming experience that’s likely to bring a smile to anyone who played those games as a child.

    The only downside that I found with the sound is that some of the sound effects don’t sound quite right. However, they’re a very minor point – and thankfully, they aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things


    What’s new:

    The Tower Dwellers, or Dwellers at the Tower, are the waifs and strays—half-pirates, lords of the air, children abandoned, elderly, or intoxicated—who have made it into Henry VIII’s Royal Sanctuary of the Tower of London in the reign of the Tudor king. Some of these have been a part of London’s history since the Roman occupation, having endured all manner of times and lost their lives as a result, but nearly everyone, in one form or another, has ended up there.


    Medieval times
    The Tower of London was first built (not to be mistaken for the former medieval Royal Palace, which stood further to the north), by William the Conqueror. Many of the physical features of the Havering of the Tower of London survive from the Romano-British period. Stone gateways still stand at many corners of the Havering and, as shown by the cut-through wall between the stables and the Drawbridge Tower, there are original stone buildings still standing on the Havering. Of the six square towers that guarded the ancient London bridge toll gate, the foundations of four survive. Some 16th-century windows in the old Westminster Palace, the White Tower, the Old Bailey and the Jewel Tower are from this ancient period. Most of the tower’s later-built features date from after 1485.

    Modern history
    Henry VIII had various people from all walks of life within the Tower, among them prisoners such as Anne Boleyn (Guilty by adultery; executed 1536), Katherine Howard (Bothal, North Yorkshire; executed 1542), Thomas Postell (Dover; executed 1560) and his near 20 wives (Pitie, North Yorkshire; execution 1560), and other commoners such as William Walshaw (b. c. 1517, Tymon, Norfolk; hanged, drawn and quartered 1533), and Henry’s cookmaster, William Arrowsmith (1513–87), who spent his life there. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603), the Tower royal kitchens operated according to an exchequer contract dating from 1581. Sizable numbers of Barbary apes, unlike the modern day chimpanzee, were the pet of the Royal family.

    William Rider (1570–1620) was a druggist living in Barnwell, near Eye, Sussex. In 1609 he came to the Tower to sell a manuscript about the excavation of the Tower which


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