DNSCrypt Proxy 2.0.44 Crack For Windows

DNSCrypt Proxy is a command line utility designed to help you bridge applications that rely on regular DNS with encrypted DNSCrypt and DoH servers. In other words, the tool acts as a protocol that facilitates communications between the DNS client and the resolver, while preventing spoofing at the same time.
From a broad perspective, DNS refers to a globally distributed database that maps names to values and hence, it is necessary for all applications that need to communicate over the Internet. What the tool does is verify the cryptographic signatures that send back the responses from the selected DNS server and ensures that they have not been tampered with.
The app can share the same port as the regular DNS, although the developer recommends that you use port 443 for this purpose because port 53 can be used by the router. Once implemented the tool keeps track of all the incoming and outgoing traffic that is not only authenticated but also encrypted.
It is worth mentioning that the tool can be quite efficient if you want to have complete control over your online behavior. As the developers point out, you can use the tool to create a HOST file that includes addresses for specific names. Alternatively, it can resolve and return the IP address of other names. The feature can be useful for anyone who wants to enforce safe search results on the major search engines.
Key Features:
– Checks the signatures and verifies the origin of any DNS request for safety.
– Supports authenticated HTTPS resolution and queries.
– Supports DNSCrypt and DoH servers as well.
– Supports basic and extended HOST files.
– Logs HTTP requests.
– Supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for DNS requests.
– Keeps track of DNS requests and responses.
– No change in behavior compared to regular DNS.
– Has no external dependencies, as it is a self-contained utility.
What’s New:
HOST file support.
Support for the following addresses.
– DNS requests to IP addresses.
– HTTP requests to IP addresses.
– DNSCrypt servers.
– DoH servers.
– Local IP addresses.
– Support for basic and extended HOST files.
– Client and server logging in JSON and human readable format.
– DNS requests and responses can be logged in the log file.
– HOST file support.
– Anonymous mappings are now saved to a separate HOST file.
– The FQDN is not set

DNSCrypt Proxy 2.0.44 For Windows

The DNSCrypt proxy implementation delivers an encrypted search experience of
websites while the user uses plain DNS. By using DNSCrypt, the user is
sure that the website they are going to visit does not send their
request to a third party.
The proxy is transparent to the user, but instead, it uses the given DNS
server. On the other hand, the application is secure, supporting
encryption on all traffic between client and server.
DNSCrypt proxy offers a simple to use interface with an intuitive list of

Supported DNS Servers:

The users can now use the DNS server listed below to view safe search
results provided by the search engines.

DNS servers:

DNS servers for each country are included in the application.

Note: The DNS names are provided by, therefore, the DNS
server names may change at any time, even if the IP addresses do not


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Home and Pro

DNSCrypt Proxy Price:

Download DNSCrypt Proxy from GitHub:

Press j2next to download the project from the GitHub page.

Download DNSCrypt Proxy directly from the developer’s website.

Detailed information:

Click the link below to be redirected to the developer’s homepage and download the tool.

Support DNSCrypt Proxy:

Visit the developer’s site and download the tool or email them with any questions. If you use the app on a daily basis, it is always advisable to send them a screen shot of the debug window that may happen at any time, which can be very beneficial for the developers. This feature may actually be very useful to people who want to report issues and bugs.
In other words, it is advisable to follow the instructions and send the files that may occur when you use the app.

About the developer

We are a team of researchers and students at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Kassel. We are developers using different techniques (Unity, C#, C++) to create games, utilities and free software for fun and work. The team is working on reverse engineering specific protocols such as DNSCrypt, Scrypt and SRV records to help protect the users that

DNSCrypt Proxy 2.0.44 Crack For Windows

DNSCrypt Proxy is an open source tool that aims to provide automatic, secure DNS resolving from the point of view of DNSCrypt and DoH protocols. DNSCrypt was created with the purpose of improving the DNS security and DoH (domain-over-HTTPS) protocol was designed as an alternative for the traditional HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol.
The application provides a proxy that is able to intercept the DNS request/response traffic and to read any traffic exchanged between the client and the actual DNS servers.
What you get with this tool
A tool that is capable of intercepting the DNS requests from any application that uses regular DNS.
As described in the description, the tool can also return different results than the original DNS servers.
Why use this tool
You can use the tool as a replacement to the regular DNS resolver to enforce HTTPS search results.
It will be used to keep the network free of man in the middle attacks. It will also help to maintain a consistent browsing experience while also avoiding any type of network threats.
How to use DNSCrypt Proxy
Launch the app, for example with the following command:

Now it will ask for your OS details.
Once completed, you can keep pressing the Options button that will appear in the terminal.
Now you will need to paste the IP address that you want to use as the destination and the port that you want to use. An example is presented below:

Now press the Start button. If you want to terminate the connection, press the Stop button.
What you need to do now
Now you need to know that the software is using some sort of proxy server that can intercept your DNS traffic. This may be annoying because you will need to send your DNS queries to the application to have the results you want. To make it easier for you, you need to set the HOST file and the startup option to specify the IP address that you want to use.
To configure HOST, follow the steps from this guide. The app will ask you to specify where the file should be saved. You can use Notepad.exe to open it.
The Startup option will be specified with the command below:
DNSCryptProxy –host –port 443

After all of the options have been configured, it is recommended that you quit the app.
On macOS you can find

What’s New in the?

DNSCrypt Proxy is a DNSCrypt proxy for private browsing on the Internet. It allows you to use https to communicate with https and use secure applications while browsing privately on the Internet.
DNSCrypt is an encrypted DNS service that aims to provide privacy and security on the Internet. The protocol is based on a strong public-key infrastructure and is open source. DNSCrypt can be used in various operating systems and on various devices, including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
DNSCrypt Proxy FAQ:
Q: How does DNSCrypt Proxy work?
A: It is a utility that establishes direct connections from the client to the DNSCrypt resolver. This process ensures that the communication goes via the encrypted channel so the DNS traffic is secure.
Q: What happens when I use DNSCrypt Proxy?
A: When you start the utility, you will get the main menu, the default page that contains its main features. The windows contains options for the usage and a button to start. When you press Start, the utility will perform a DNS lookup and verify the incoming responses. The software will check each session to ensure that the traffic is authenticated and encrypted.
Q: When should I use DNSCrypt Proxy?
A: DNSCrypt Proxy is a safe and secure solution that can be used to protect you while browsing the Internet. This system will establish direct connections with the DNSCrypt service from your computer. It will ensure that the requests and responses are secure by checking the signatures of incoming and outgoing data.
Q: What are the benefits of using DNSCrypt Proxy?
A: DNSCrypt Proxy is a tool that allows you to control your browsing traffic and use DNS servers that rely on the DNSCrypt encryption protocol. This feature secures your browsing to a point where you can browse the Internet privately.
Q: How can I use DNSCrypt Proxy?
A: In order to use the proxy, you will need a DNSCrypt Resolver. You can either use a desktop machine or a hosted server. You can also install it on your phone or tablet. The tool can work on any device that supports the application. For more information on how to install DNSCrypt Resolver, click here:

UPDATE 1 (22-06-2017): After a bug was detected in the app, the developers fixed the issue and released a

System Requirements:

* Intel Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
* A 2 GHz processor or greater
* 2 GB RAM or more
* 320 MB of hard disk space or more
* A DVD-ROM drive
* Supported languages: English
* Supported screen resolutions: 1024×768
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*Supported languages: EnglishSupported screen resolutions: 1024x768Please visit our website for the latest information: