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«Auto Convert and Resize» reads the complete path of the images from a text file, one path for every line of text.
Auto Convert and Resize also reads the text before the image path and comments in each of the lines.
All that information is used to crop the images and save the resized versions of the images.
The final result is stored in a new folder with a searched name.
It is possible to define a pattern that is used in the search of the new name for the resized images.
It is very useful to help you to quickly save the whole collection without having to go in each image and save it with a name.
If you want, you can also completely change the path of the images and the folder where the resized images are saved.
It is possible to use either PNG, JPG or BMP image format.
Selecting a folder instead of a file, the script will save the images inside that folder.
A friendly hint: It is possible to select multiple files or folders with a segmented path, for example:
or «Desktop/folder1/folder2/…/folder3/images.txt»
All the folders will be selected and the script will process all the images inside all those folders.
The resized images are saved in a folder called OUTPUT, it is possible to specify a different folder.
If you want to keep the original file, select NEITHER.
You can also select to keep the original file together with the resized versions.

Auto convert and resize Text:
The script will convert and resize the selected images based on the text the image have in the file (before the path).
Search text: The script will search the text in the file.
Text before image (optional): A friendly hint: It is possible to add a friendly tip using this text before the image path.
Text after image (optional): A friendly hint: It is possible to add a friendly tip using this text after the image path.
Image first: A friendly hint: It is possible to select this text first of the files.
Image last: A friendly hint: It is possible to select this text last of the files.

Auto Convert and Resize Image:
The script will convert and resize the selected images

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The script reads an list of image paths from a txt file and makes the images correct resolution by resizing and
automatically fitting in the canvas. This conversion can be done for both multi and single image files. Also the script keeps
the colours and the original image quality.
The script can resize the images in four different ways:
. Autosize to the correct aspect ratio
. An aspect ratio like 1.5 : 1 (1080p)
. A fixed aspect ratio like 1.3 : 1 (1200p)
. A fixed aspect ratio like 2 : 1 (1920p)

1. Create a folder for the gimp_scripts (for example /home/…/gimp_scripts)

2. Copy the downloaded file gimp_scripts_auto_convert_and_resize to this folder

3. Edit the config-file gimp_scripts_auto_convert_and_resize.conf and add your images to your list


Replace the path with your image directory and add the images in this directory, separated by a space (e.g. image1.jpg image2.jpg… imageN.jpg). The script reads the paths from a text file and puts the images as image1.jpg,… imageN.jpg as actual names on the image list.

The config-file contains all the directories in your path that are used for the script.

4. Start the script by typing the name of the config-file and hitting Enter.

5. The script will proceed and convert and resize your images with one click of the mouse.

To run the script, first open the config file in your text-editor and remove everything except:


You need two colons (:) for the path to your images.

If you have multiple files that are going to be converted and resized, do the following:
– Open the config file in your text-editor
– Replace the entries (refer to step three) with the paths and files that are going to be converted.

Save and close the config file. Now

Auto Convert And Resize Crack+ Free


This script reads a text file with a list of paths of images to be converted, modified or resized. It reads the paths, looks for images and works on every image in the list, one after the other.



$ gimp-2.8/scripts/

Auto Convert and Resize 2.8

$ gimp-2.8/scripts/ -h
Auto convert and resize images
See also: Auto convert and resize for a quick run


– Install the plugin to a location in your PATH or in the GIMP Plugin directory (if installed, otherwise it can be found in the GIMP Scripts plugin directory).
– Path: gimp-2.8/scripts/
– Plugin directory: $GIMP_HOME/plug-ins/scripts

– Check if you have Python installed.
– Path: /usr/local/bin/python (path on your system)
– Version of Python: 2.6 or later
– Version of Python available: python –version
– Extensions: (preferable with python and python2.6-config installed)

– Install Auto Convert and Resize 2.8 if it is not installed.
– Path: gimp-2.8/scripts/
– Plugin directory: $GIMP_HOME/plug-ins/scripts

Detailed Usage:

1. Write the file containing paths to images to use. This should be written with the same image editing software and settings. The file should be saved as a GIMP text file.

2. Run the script.

– Path: $GIMP_HOME/plug-ins/scripts/

– Your images should be able to be converted, modified or resized to be able to use this script.
– The images should be in a GIMP compatible format for the script to be able to work on them.
– You have to use the same image editing software and settings for the image, or it will not work.
– The text file containing paths to

What’s New in the Auto Convert And Resize?

This is a single-page GIMP script that can automatically convert and resize entire collections of images.
Auto Convert and Resize is a graphical front end for executing multiple commands on a batch of images.
The text file containing the commands needs to be a text file that can be read by GIMP using the Windows Notepad editor.

Load the text file containing the paths of the image collections with the commands.
Formatting the text file is required because each image’s path must be on a separate line.
At least one image’s path must be passed as an argument.
The script will attempt to convert and resize the images, and then compress the result
in PNG format with a lossy compression. It will also produce a new text file with all
the processed images’ paths.
The text file containing the image paths will have to be read in a Windows Notepad editor.

Since this is a single-page script, the user will have to decide for himself what pixels he wants to resize by using the zoom slider. The pixels displayed in the dialog box are the same ones as the ones that are displayed in the final image after it is resized. 
The visible preview is created in the same way as the original images.
It uses the Auto-Enhance module that was included in the original set of plugins.
Because the auto-enhance module is not installed on all Ubuntu systems, the user must install it himself if he wishes to see a preview of the resized images.
The histogram is used to check the brightness of the images.
The options allow you to choose various enhancement types,
or if a plugin is not available to use the Auto-Enhance function.
If you don’t know what the different types of enhancements are, you can read the Auto-Enhance plugin’s description.
You can also change the quality and crop mode.
The properties allow you to set the filename, where to store the resized image and the new image filename (if it is different from the original image).
The script can then save these settings as a GConf key for later use.
The location of the temporary files can be changed.
The command to resize

System Requirements For Auto Convert And Resize:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.00GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6750D or equivalent
Storage: 25 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Minimum: OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10Processor: Intel Core i5