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Sword Art Online levels downloadQ:

Can our seats be taken away when traveling outside our country?

I’m planning a trip to Germany and have read that they might request to take our seats on the plane, if we are traveling with them on the same flight.
Could I be asked to move, and not even given a choice?


No. This is only allowed for flight crew members (passengers are free to board or not on their own terms) and only for flights within their country. It is a rule of international aviation law.
Example of a carry-on when traveling within Europe

Image source: JetBlue
In this case, the flight was a flight from London to Orlando. But this does not have to be a flight within Europe. The law would apply anywhere.


As an example to add to the previous answers, airlines will occasionally require you to move your seat if there are 3 or 4 families travelling together. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened to me when I was flying with a 3-week old baby.
However, it is pretty rare. I wouldn’t worry about it.


I thought I was the only one. But I just ended up on a very long ride up to a hotel in the same city in a bus (tough trip, I still remember some of the line-ups) where the police took the families’ seats. They went for the parents and the kids.

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com·par·a·tion is inevitable for one living in the world of a game. As the avatar in a game, a player has her avatar perceived by others.
The latest Sword Art Online game is here!. make it like the anime i wanna base mine on a completly all new level of gaming but dont have the funding.
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Trying to duplicate Sword Art Online’s live game? Thought so. You’re in luck: we’ve done the hard work. Download from here!
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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor -LacRios- is an upcoming first-person shooter game based on the anime.
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Hello, I have made a huge video game about Sword art Online. I will post parts of the game here.
HeroArchive,. you can find it


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