IAF for Human is a conversion utility that can help all its users transform binary IAF (Intermagnet Archive Format) files.
The program manages to convert IAFs into files that can be read by humans. The Java-based program can change the Intermagnet binary file into RAW text or CSV files.







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…This invention relates to the field of optical instruments and more particularly to an optical instrument, such as a borescope, which is used to inspect inaccessible areas of machinery such as oil wells.
When conventional optical instruments are used to inspect inaccessible areas such as the interior of an oil well, the viewing capabilities of the instrument can be substantially impaired by impurities in the oil and various particles suspended in the oil. The use of oil-coated viewing screens is known for imaging equipment to resolve the problem, but the use of such screens is undesirable as they add to the cost of the instrument and are subject to degradation. The use of oil-free viewing screens is known, but they must be positioned close to the inspected area which is not always possible.
Optical instruments using two or more lenses to focus an image upon a viewing screen or the like are known, such as the one shown in U.S. Pat. No. 4,628,517 to Van Dommelen. This instrument includes two lens assemblies which are rotated into and out of alignment to focus the image and allow different degrees of magnification. The use of two lenses requires additional manufacturing steps and costs.Q:

Question about exercise 2.2 in Wiles’s Ring Theory

This is question 2.2 in Wiles’s 1984 book on the C^p-theory of elliptic curves.
Let $G$ be a finite group and $V$ a $G$-module.
Let $F$ be a field, and suppose there is a $G$-morphism $f : V \to F$.
Prove that the image $f(V)$ is either a field or $f(V) = 0$.


The two cases are exactly those where $G$ acts trivially or nontrivially on $V$, respectively. (You need the other direction.)
Indeed, if $g\cdot v
eq 0$, then $g\cdot gv = g\cdot 0 = 0$ by the identity.
If $g\cdot v=0$ for all $g$, then $f(V)$ is a subfield of $F$, and hence a field.

“compilerOptions”: {
“target”: “es5”,
“module”: “commonjs”,

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Keymacs enables you to assign macros to a key combination. When you activate a macro, you don’t have to press the key combination again, but can press any key instead. This lets you do things automatically and saves you time. Keymacs uses the key combinations Macros > CurrentKeypress Macro List to define which macros you can activate. It is a realtime application, so macros can’t be defined globally, but instead have to be set on the individual level.
ActiveKeymacs Description:
ActiveKeymacs is a multi-functional text editor, especially useful for programmers. It has all the features you would expect from a modern text editor, including multiple modes, syntax highlighting, templates and on-the-fly syntax checking.

Notepad++ Description:
Notepad++ is an advanced text editor for Windows. It’s lightweight and fast and can handle most files without any problems. However, it can do more than a normal text editor. It’s also a platform for editing HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, XML, and other languages.
NOTE: Here you will find all the pages on the web that have been scanned for keywords and links to relevant sites that may be of interest to the community.Inorganic nanowires for fluorescence resonance energy transfer-based detection.
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) between an energy acceptor (donor) and an energy donor is widely used in many biochemical and biological applications. Inorganic semiconducting materials are an ideal class of donor and acceptor for solid-state FRET-based biosensors. In this Account, we present a brief review of the advances and recent developments in solid-state FRET using nanowires (NWs). The first section of the Account is focused on inorganic NWs as donors, i.e., as FRET acceptors. A more extended description is presented in the following sections for carbon, silicon, germanium, and GaN nanowires as FRET donors. First, we review some physical principles of the FRET process, such as donor-acceptor distance and orientations, and then provide a brief introduction to the detection mechanisms of FRET. The next section summarizes the latest progress in the detection of FRET-based biosensors based on NWs, including a brief discussion of the fabrication procedures. The fabrication methods for NW-based FRET-based biosensors, such

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Slate is the right word to describe this text editor for web design and development. Using this simple web editor, you can create and maintain web pages without any problems. It provides various options and tools that make it suitable for all types of users.
This web development software is simple and easy to use. It allows you to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files without any issues. It supports syntax highlighting, spellcheck, easy code snippet generation, debugging features, and much more.
The best part of this application is that it can easily transform your plain text into well-organized HTML files. This is the ideal tool to create web pages, e-books, and much more. It supports standard text, non-standard text, and all other text forms. The application provides a simple and easy to use interface.
The best way to edit HTML files is using Slate. You can easily convert plain text into well-organized HTML files. It supports web page creation from any text editor.
Some key features of this application include:
Basic HTML Editor
Slate is a simple web development application that can create HTML files. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web design files. You can edit this basic editor with syntax highlighting, code snippets, and more.
Highlight HTML and CSS
You can also find this HTML editor helpful to highlight the HTML and CSS files. It provides an in-built CSS highlighting feature which is fast and reliable. You can also edit the CSS code manually.
Code Snippets
You can generate code snippets from any text. It supports PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets. It helps you to create HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets. It also supports live preview with syntax checking.
You can save your documents in RTF format with Slate. It supports all types of text including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on. You can edit this RTF editor with syntax highlighting and drag and drop support.
Highlighted syntax
You can easily edit the code in this HTML editor with syntax highlighting. It also supports spellchecking and code completion.
HTML Preview
It supports web browser’s HTML preview. You can view the complete HTML editor’s preview in the web browser.
Custom Fonts
You can easily edit and create custom fonts in this HTML editor. You can easily edit and create fonts with different styles such as Italic, Bold, and more.
You can also easily insert some HTML with this

What’s New In Slate?

Easily discover duplicates with accurate plagiarism detection
Under any circumstance, it is paramount to avoid creating content that is plagiarized. This is where Slate will come to your rescue.
It can check Word documents for plagiarism 
First of all, users may want to know that installing Slate is an operation that should not take more than a couple of minutes. Once this process is complete, you are faced with an approachable GUI that allows you to scan your text documents.
Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that you will only use this window in order to select the files you want to explore since the program actually relies on Microsoft Word’s interface in order to check your test.
Once open, you can interact with the DOC or DOCX file just under normal circumstances, except that whenever you select a string a text, you can perform a search online in the blink of an eye. In case duplicates are detected, their sources are displayed in a popup.
Helps you manage text sources and quotes
While it all sounds pretty straightforward, on the downside, you can only work with a limited number of words, 32, to be more specific. This is quite an inconvenience since, in order to make sure your text is 100% original, you need to perform recurring scans.
But let’s see what else the program is capable of doing for you. It can keep a record of all the sources you have used for a project so that you can effortlessly add quotation marks. As such, browsing your source library by text, title, APA citation, and more is possible so that have a consistent citation style.
Some improvements would be in order
On an ending note, Slate is a handy tool you could turn to in order to make sure your Microsoft Word documents do not pack any duplicate text that could ruin your reputation. Aside from being a plagiarism checker, the program helps you manage all your sources and properly mark quotes, but it does come with a series of limitations. The program can handle short strings of text only and was slow during our text, so approaching it with patience is a must.



Install Notes:

1.Close any open instances of Microsoft Word, and then double-click the setup file to run it.
2.Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
3.After installation is complete, open Microsoft Word.

Please follow the instructions below for your particular Mac operating system version.

Mac OS X 10.8

Download and Install. This will require that you have admin rights on your Mac.

Once the software has been downloaded you will need to double-click the Install.mpkg file to begin the installation process.

The install window will appear.

Click Continue, and then allow the installer to download and install all the necessary pre-requisites, such

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Video Card: Nvidia or ATI x 1 GB, Dell requires Intel HD Graphics
Sound Card: Required, for audio
Input Device: Keyboard & Mouse
DirectX: 9.0c
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent


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