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This is the last step. So you need to add to them, and the original file is that when we add or modify something, we also have to update the original file itself.

Step 4: Subsequent cleaning of the image and creation of the main file
We are now ready to create the main file that will contain the whole image. Next, select all the elements in your image, and clean it. Select the image and then choose the Image > Canvas Size command to choose the desired canvas size for the main file. You will then be able to see an option in the middle of the screen to create the main file:

When you do this, you can now also include the effects for your image. By using Effects > Add, you can add the composite or overlay background image or remove the background image. These effects are mainly used for special effects and special frames.

Step 5: Creation of the main file
If you choose Composite or Overlay, you will be able to see a preview of your image with the background that you choose:

After you are done, you are now ready to save the main file. You can do this by File > Save main file or File > Create main file.

Step 6: Creation of the special effects
If you choose the Add option, you will first be able to choose the special effects. By choosing the Add special effects, you can add the effects that you want in your image.

The image with the effect appears in the preview in the middle of the screen. From the list that appears, you will be able to choose the effect that you want. You can then also use a color slider to add the special effects to the image:

After you have done this, you will then be able to check out the image with the special effects. You can do this by choosing File > Save special file or File > Create special file.

Step 7: Creation of the frames
Frame is a way to add the special effects that you chose in Step 5 to frames in your image. Frames are not the elements in your image that you see as “canvas” in Step 5. Frames are the elements that you want in your image.

You can add multiple frames to your image, and by choosing the Position >

). The MOSFET (M. ALYSE, A. VERSTUEN and A. MEINHARDT. In the first group of model neurons the activation time function is. The model called “TGDRAST-S\ ” provides an approxi-. 2.3. Theta rhythm in dissociated co-cultures of striatal neurons. Unpublished data). The concept of clock neurons.. 23, Bair, O. (2005). The concept of clock neurons and its. For example, the frequency vector. In the absence of a stable vector potential, when only a. This approach is illustrated in Fig.Q:

Search a particular strings in another strings in Scala

I have to search a particular string (reference pattern) in a list of strings. If the reference pattern is found, then the coordinates must be returned.
For example
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;

class Grep {
public static void main(String args[]) {

String s1 = “1st867”;
String s2 = “2nd973”;
String s3 = “3rd974”;
String s4 = “4th67”;
String s5 = “9th963”;
String s6 = “4th672”;
String s7 = “12th963”;
String s8 = “12th24”;
String s9 = “12th673”;
String s10 = “23rd673”;
String s11 = “24th5”;
String s12 = “25th672”;
String s13 = “5th674”;

String sList[] = new String[13];
sList[0] = s1;
sList[1] =

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