Keymacro is an application that allows you to generate a shortcut, using a specific key, that will launch a program with a certain parameter. This application is a bit different than other applications in the same niche, as it allows for a “manual” entry of the parameters as well. This is quite useful if you are a bit unsure about the parameters you are going to use.
You can also record your keystrokes and have them played back by Keymacro, much like the audio recorder, which is advertised as being a feature of this application.
KEYMACRO Features:
1. Record and playback of keystrokes
2. Create shortcuts to files
3. Create shortcuts to programs
4. Customize shortcuts via keyboard
5. Connect to more than one client
6. Run more than one process at a time
7. Customized run parameters
8. Save runs in a runbook
9. Define hotkeys
10. Keyboard navigation
11. On-the-fly modification of the keyboard keys
12. Start recorded run and playback automatically
13. Export runs as a runbook
14. Runs as a folder
15. Runs as a file
16. Runs as a package
17. Split runs into multiple runs
18. Execute runs and playbacks on a remote computer
19. Toggles between recording, playback, and editing
20. Plays back a runbook with any run from the project
21. Has built-in support for Spotify and Netflix
Keymacro’s interface is pretty simple. It consists of an “on-screen” window that you can use to either record, playback, or edit your keystrokes.
There are many different tools to help you create shortcuts, as well as other tools to help you navigate from one function to another. If you click on the “Edit Keystrokes” button, you will find two different ways to create your shortcut: the first one will allow you to enter the commands you want your program to execute by hand, while the second one will allow you to let the computer generate a shortcut using the information you entered.
You can also connect to more than one client. This is quite useful if you have a project that uses a lot of different programs, some of which might take a little longer to launch. For example, you might have a program that you use almost all the time, but you also need to use the Google Maps program on a regular basis, since you’re going 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a Macro recorder and editor for all version of Windows. It saves and runs macros, record, Edit, view, play and run macros. It runs on all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 8 and has worked perfectly well on Windows 7 since v1.0. It is free to use.
Basic Features:
· It records macros, edit, run, play, view.
· It records the full screen.
· It can record multiple macros at the same time.
· It has a simple interface to record and play macro.
· It can run macro for applications, control panel.
· It can play shortcut.
· It can open multiple running apps at the same time.
· It can change multiple apps in batch at the same time.
· It can create shortcuts for your frequently used command.
· It can analyze your app’s shortcuts and get your frequently used keystrokes.
· It can show all shortcuts.
· It can see all running apps.
· It can store your favorite keywords in the database.
· It can create a new keyboard shortcut.
· It can create shortcut for file explorer.
· It can open multiple apps in the batch.
· It can create shortcut for multiple apps.
· It can show the running apps on taskbar.
· It can stop the running apps on the taskbar.
· It can change the shortcuts of each running app.
· It can record the screen.
· It can record the sound.
· It can save and load data from file.
· It can play files.
· It can cut the text.
· It can copy the text.
· It can create text file.
· It can create HTML file.
· It can convert file to the desired format.
· It can edit the texts.
· It can edit the texts in the current page.
· It can upload the file.
· It can share file on the internet.
· It can delete the file.
· It can open the file with the required application.
· It can copy file to the clipboard.
· It can open the file with the required application.
· It can paste the file into the desired application.
· It can save the file to the desired location.
· It can cut the file.
· It can copy the file.
· It can create the file.

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