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Name Elden Ring
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Players who love RPGs will experience a true RPG system that alters your mind with the use of items. Enjoy the game that allows various play strategies, such as making your character invincible by equipping weapons that boost your strength, and create your own strategies for your character.
1. How does it feel?
• Powerful
Action-RPG with a unique combination of tactical action and RPG elements
• Dynamic
The story of the game intertwines with both the visible and invisible parts of the game world
• Stress-Free
Drag and drop types of combat, as well as the introduction of a battle animation editor that allows you to customize your own battles
2. What is this game?
• Fantasy
In the world of Elden Ring Serial Key, players can take control of an adventurer who fights a mighty monster of great power.
• Party Game
Based on the beautiful hand-drawn chibis, you can take on the role of a hero who is part of a group of adventurers.
• Action-RPG
Players will be battling and collecting items to prepare for battles by responding to messages from the other players, in addition to fighting large monsters and powerful bosses.
• Character Arranging
Create your own character by customizing weapon, appearance, and other equipment
3. Playing Modes
• Versus Mode
Players directly fight each other in an all-out battle
• Group Mode
You can enjoy the game together with other players, while controlling a group of characters
• Real Time Mode
You can play the game on your own schedule, with the release of the game

Take on a mission of saving the heroine of a sword-and-sorcery world, as a playable character wielding a magical girl’s battle-axe. Show off your character’s skill and power by going through a story filled with new challenges.
1. How does it feel?
• Dynamic and fun! A character that fights with a powerful magic axe and is able to use different weapons to perform impressive combos, in addition to challenging special attacks for party members and enemies!
• Anime-style Action-RPG! Characters have a beautiful appearance, with huge amounts of detail in battle scenes!
• An in-depth character creation system that allows players to customize a variety of elements!
2. What is this game?
• Fighting game! You can take control of a playable character that wields a magical girl’s battle-axe
• Fighting game! Players can


Features Key:

  • Story
    Usable Pronunciation
    Conflict system
    Character growth
    PVP arena
  • Combat
    “Auto system”,
    which makes it easier to learn and get results
    Classic real-time battle system
    Robust AI
    Intense battle scenes
    Simple Strategy
  • Items
    Magic Bow, Holy Cross, etc.
    About 4000 monsters
    Absurdly high monster EXP per kill
    Boss adventure maps
    Lifeless allies
  • EQ
    Quick action
    Exactly what you look for in an action RPG
    Localization was carried out by the producers and developers of the game.
  • Special introductions:

    A note to fans of High Elf and Blood Red of Ragnarok Online
    Our in-development project closely bridges the universe of Ragnarok Online and High Elf.
    We are glad if our fans, who have been supporting us for the long time, share this excitement over Blood Red and also share their enthusiasm for the project!

    A note to fans of Ragnarok Project

    In the early stages of Ragnarok Project, its product concept played a big role. Because of this, we have experienced a difficult time, but are beginning to get up and running. We are now planning to start work on a more mature and higher end product by fully utilizing the current profits of Ragnarok Online. We will also bring out new content to reinforce that we are managing an open environment.

    A note to fans of the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

    It has been a while since Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was released.
    We have begun development of the game on the premise of “anyone can play with anyone” and will intensify our work.
    We anticipate that we will be able to continue work with many of you.
    We are sincerely looking forward to your continuing support.

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    A single-player role-playing game. Use the Elden Ring to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become a guardian of the Lands Between.
    -The Elden Ring is an online application that allows free services such as chatting, recording, and sharing of graphics and video with others.
    -There are several online games and apps for the Elden Ring. We hope that you become an avatar of the lands between.
    -You can customize your armor, weapons, and other parts to choose various character archetypes.
    -In addition to hunting monsters and gathering materials, you can gain experience points as you defeat monsters.
    -Use an item to expand your skills or to be used as a weapon to fight.
    -Explore a vast world full of excitement! In addition to battling other characters, solve the mysteries and adventure of the Lands Between.
    ▼Controls for keyboard and mouse
    ▼Keybinding to “Option”
    ▼Keybinding to “Control”
    ▼Gamepad controls
    ~Nintendo DS Camera Controls~
    -1 – D-Pad
    -2 – L-Pad
    -3 – R-Pad
    ~Gameboy Camera Controls~
    ~For Gameboy Camera Controls~
    -A – B – A
    -X – Y – X
    ~For Gameboy Camera Controls~
    -Purchase content
    -Friend list – friendship with others
    -Report a friend
    -Join search – search for other players


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    Developer NCSOFT

    Publisher NCSOFT

    Genre Fantasy Action RPG

    Platform PS4

    Release date TBD

    Price $29.99

    Dream of Eros
    “Dream of Eros” is a free game developed by FuRyu. It was first released in Japan on March 27, 2018, for Microsoft Windows and MacOS.
    Dream of Eros, developed by FuRyu
    Story of Dream of Eros
    Traditionally, fairy tales are read aloud to children as bedtime stories. But, as time went by, a type of story that tells a story through people’s dreams was created. However, all these stories were just people’s dreams told in a different form, and children had no choice but to accept them as such.
    Dream of Eros tells a story of the future after that point has been reached. The story begins when a witch’s curse makes people dream of a beautiful maiden. People’s dreams eventually change to a woman whose main weapon is her sexuality. In the end, she’s locked away in a dungeon. However, in the present-day, a group of adventurers venture into this dungeon with the intention of saving this beautiful maiden.
    Development of Dream of Eros
    Dream of Eros was developed as an independent project. The game was originally named “Chronicles of the Dream,” as the story was centered on a boy’s dream. After the development team contacted FuRyu, the company suggested that the title be changed to “Dream of Eros.” The title “Chronicles of the Dream” was used to differentiate between the different versions that were produced after the change in names.
    There were various concept proposals. After the story was finalized, the game was set to be about a boy’s dream. The developer changed it so that there was a new protagonist. Because of the character switching, the original scenario was redrawn in order to accommodate the new character and change in setting.
    FuRyu’s CEO, and chief illustrator, Ikue Yamashita, was the head of the art production team. Together with Yamashita, the game’s scenario was also written by Naoko Mizuno and illustrated by Shiro Amano.
    FuRyu’s director Yoshihiro Ikeg


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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