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The Witcher series developed by CD PROJEKT RED, and established by CD PROJEKT RED founder and managing director, and also known as Gonfalt Drut, is a story of a charming young man named Geralt of Rivia, a nobleman and a self-proclaimed monster hunter, who has been a part of the continent of monsters for quite some time.

“Carry out missions for cash or – for an extra fee – for glory, and indulge in quests on the way. Enjoy an experience that is unique in the genre, and play the game that YOU want!”

The New Fantasy Action RPG developed by Warpstone (RPG Maker game platform) provides creators and players the ability to easily create their own RPG games while being able to connect and be part of an exciting adventure.

Take the role of your character and fight for your life in a world of monsters, goblins, sorcerers, and magic. Create your own fantasy hero. Make yourself an adventurer and claim your destiny!

Take the role of a new hero and create your own adventure with the ability to easily create your own Fantasy Action RPG games. Take a step into the fantasy world and claim your destiny!

“With the power of the link function, we invite you to create your own fantasy adventure”


· View the world from a completely new perspective. A fully 3D game that allows you to express your style to create your own story.
· Unlimited Maps and Scenes
· Enhanced Graphics Engine
· True 3D Action Gameplay
· RPG Features
· Various Customization Options
· Intelligent AI-Driven Battles
· Various Monsters, Objects, and Enemies
· Multiple Game Modes
· Stunning Game Art & Visuals
· Multiplayer Play by Up to 12 Players.The New York Times has published a fascinating expose on the elite world of high-end antique collecting.

Here’s the full article and the full map:

The Antique Investing Ring: This May Be Why You Never Saw Antiques As A Kid

Inside the High-End World of Precious Metals

By Saleem Ul-Haq

June 24, 2018

Antique treasure hunting is a classic hobby but the investors behind the vast majority of it are little known outside the trade.

They are mostly well-to-do city dwellers, the idle rich, living in the Midwest and the Northeast


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Features Key:

  • Trance Staff This two-handed weapon allows you to impose immense control over magical energy. By pressing the Ace button, Trance Staff will unleash its spell "Divine Awakening", which attaches a barrier to an enemy. It’s recommended to first play as a ranged weapon class and gradually increase the level of control as you progress.
  • Support Staff This one-handed weapon allows you to release greater magical energy while ensuring that you can quickly correct your movements by using a shield or to easily carry out a number of attacks. All of your basic skills can be learned with Support Staff. For more powerful attacks you can equip the staff with a chain of six magic, or even a single technique, which will increase the amount of magic available for use in battle.
  • Battle Axe This one-handed weapon allows you to easily deal with hordes of enemies. When dealing with multiple enemies, you can force them to break ranks and leave your way open by using it. You can break through the defense of specialized enemies using the Battle Axe. It’s recommended to increase the skill of the attack that the Battle Axe deals as you increase the number of shots, and use the Battle Axe for blasting away at enemies when necessary.
  • Elden Ring is currently available on PC in Japan with English subtitles. An expansion that will add new content to the game is planned to be released later this year and in 2020 for North America and Europe. For more information, please visit .