Memory is one of the important components of a KEYMACRO so, in order to allow a user to effectively use the KEYMACRO, the KEYMACRO includes a special function of storing input-output data in the internal memory.
Keyboard Basics
Typing in an interface is one of the most complex actions for a user. Therefore, a KEYMACRO should allow a user to manipulate the keyboard effectively and quickly.
In a KEYMACRO application, a user can use the following keyboard functions:
◆ Main Input
◆ Input Button
◆ Select Button
◆ Modify Button
◆ Memory Button
◆ Escape Button
Keyboard Interface Function:
As you type an input into the computer, the KEYMACRO displays a response on the screen. The response will be displayed in the same screen as the input.
Please be advised that the KEYMACRO does not recognize both upper case and lower case letters in a single typing. Therefore, the KEYMACRO allows you to type in upper case letters by making a lower case letter key and a shift key.
The KEYMACRO provides buttons that you can press as you type your input to make it easier for you to use the KEYMACRO.
Keyboard Modification Function:
As you type an input into the computer, the KEYMACRO stores the input in memory and continuously provides you with a response in the same screen as the input.
If you make an input, press a memory button, make another input, and press a select button, the KEYMACRO stores the input and all the responses.
You can repeat this process until you are finished using a keyboard function.
Memory Button Function:
Press a memory button and the KEYMACRO saves the last input and responses, if you use this button for a repeated keyboard function.
If you press the memory button to store a new input and responses, the KEYMACRO remembers this input.
At this time, you can use the keyboard function to store this input.
Escape Button Function:
Press the escape button and the KEYMACRO saves the input and responses if you use this button to exit.
Input Button Function:
Press a input button and the KEYMACRO displays a new input if you use this button to display new input.
Input Button Modification Function:
If you press a select button and make a new input, the KEYMACRO saves this new input and responses.
Select Button Function:
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MINICONTROL 4+ is a powerful 16 channel MIDI piano-style keyboard controller, working as a VST/AU instrument in Apple OS X and Windows.
Here are some key features of “MINICONTROL”:
· Each channel can be assigned to a MIDI channel (1-16)
· You can set the MIDI key-lock or continuous-play and click-to-toggle
· 4 octave keyboard
· Full size of a midi controller (with 4 buttons on each side)
· 64 presets memory
·.au MIDI driver supported in OS X 10.4.8 and later
· 64 key velocity curve (including a zoomable function)
· Pitch bend, modulation and aftertouch
· Additive note information (cc/pp)
· Repeat playback, hold and autorepeat
· 16 preset memory
· MIDI Thru (to mix different MIDI sources. For example, MINICONTROL + Masterkeyboard)
· Binary MIDI controller with assignable min/max (button 2)
· ON/OFF for each MIDI channel
· Additional 16 Velocity and Pressure MIDI Thru information
· Idle Mode (pressing button1 turns off MIDI Data writing)
· 16 channels MIDI Thru (to mix different MIDI sources)
· 2 axis types (cartesian, radial)
· List of standard MIDI controllers included in the software package
· Soundcard, MIDI keyboard (except the piano keys)
· 1 year trial
MIST OF TIME MULTI-INSTRUMENT SYNTHESIZER is a cross-platform virtual instrument and virtual sequencer, with a user interface designed for touch-based use.
Here are some key features of “MIST OF TIME”:
· Virtual synth engine that can generate everything from synth sounds, to digital drums, strings and even woodwinds, to orchestral strings and brass, along with acoustic instruments. In addition, 2 instruments are built-in (violin and guitar).
· 8-step sequencer (there is also a new mode that allows you to enter the event-based arrangement of your music and to record, save and export your composition using the same MIDI events that you enter the sequencer, allowing you to work as an orchestral composer or a DJ)
· User interface (controls) designed for touch devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.)
· Windows V

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