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Beware of the Blob is a fast-paced game full of puzzle solving and retro-inspired charm. You’ll take on the role of B.O.B, an adorable blob-like creature with few options other than eating, sleeping, and running away. Each new escape provides B.O.B. with new hiding spots, new weapons to eat, and new Blob friends he can pull off the wall to help him solve the next puzzle.

Beware of the Blob is built upon the Unity3d game engine and has been optimized for Apple devices. Since all of us at Risky Mob Games are gamers, you can expect to see plenty of attention paid to the immersive details of this amazing game.

– Playing as B.O.B, a gelatinous blob on a perilous quest to escape
– Use new ‘Blobtronic’ organs, made from human remains, to escape the lab
– Craft your way to freedom
– Intuitive interface and accessibility options ensure that everyone can enjoy the game the way they want
– Retro Atomic Art Style brings a slice of Americana to the game
– B.O.B. is inspired by the DC BUGS comic
– 13 Challenging Levels
– Adaptive Music

• IndieCade 2016 – Best Game Under 1,500 USD

Received Excellence Honors:
• Apple Design Award

In Development
• Beta

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Category:MacOS sandbox gamesJohn Walton and the ‘electric’ launch of Thunderdome

To an extent, he can’t be blamed for throwing in the towel, after his teams failed to qualify for the NCAA and Rose Bowls in succession. There were rumors of NCAA investigators knocking on his door. There was the pandemic. And, of course, there was the backlash from the community.

He says it was never really his intention to bring Thunderdome back; he was only actively recruiting when his powerhouse team ended


Features Key:

  • Tons of gameplay modes
    • Normal (everywhere)
    • Wine Only (US only)
    • AntiVirus (US only)
    • Hard Drive Graphics (HDG) (US only)
    • Vine and PPSSPP (for those with these add ons;)
    • Screen vs Graphics (excellent for calibration)
    • Toggle System and HDMI Screen LED
    • Customize the number of rounds
    • Change the number of spins in a round
    • Set the maximum spin per round
    • Choose to continue the game on an already played round
    • Toggle game visuals
    • Pause any game to save CPU
    • Skip the fail/win a round
    • Additionally, the vibration and sound emitters can be enabled in menu (sound mute)
    • Note: Wine Only modes are ONLY for those with the Wine Only Visual – this is a very small percentage of all psp play uses, the game itself is native PPSSPP.
    • Game is free (of charge) to all people playing to show their gratitude for those who donated the source code for the game over the last year – all donations go to donate for the original source code credit

      GOG, a subsidiary of the Gameforge Games distribution service, has made yet another indie gaming deal, looking to bring Games for Windows: Live back for PCs. 3D_game_development
      …Developers can back the GOG VFG Robot now. The base development kit will cost $300, while development kits in several versions will cost $400 to $5000 a piece. A series of plans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 are also being offered. The number of kits GOG is sending to Kickstarter backers will be limited.
      You have to wonder why wouldn’t you get the $5,000 kits anyway? Don’t like the originals? Work on your own Robot…
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      Production Line : Car Factory Simulation Full Version

      Trainz Simulator is a highly detailed rail simulation game set in the era of steam and electric trains. Control a wealth of different locomotive models to drive the trains in this detailed and realistic simulation. Inside every locomotive you will find everything you need to be a train driver. From the cab with steering wheel, brake and handbrake controls, window wipers and the list goes on. You can experience the whole range of driving scenarios across the entire railway network in Trainz Simulator!The Steam engine is the most detailed locomotive model in the game and comes fully equipped with all features you would expect from a real locomotive. The sound of the power units is also very realistic with the realistic sound of the steam whistle and the steam drifts.You can of course also drive all electric locomotive models. They are similar in design and driving characteristics as the steam engine models, but they run on electricity instead of steam. The most well-known model is the AC and EPB type, which is also the main focus for the community when it comes to steam locomotive conversion and preservation.This Downloadable Content pack is for use with the 2014 and later versions of Trainz Simulators that are Steam Enhanced.If you are using a release before December 2015 you will need to use the Standalone pack.Q:

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      Over 100 pages of game concept art from the game Satellite Reign, including concept sketches, low resolution wire frames and digital rendering. There’s even some concept images from the original project, Project A.Get the Art Book here!

      Get the Game here!

      Translated by Altrovarr

      1.0 beta version

      The game that was born at last April is now being released for Steam.

      The game is very much ready, and has been taken to testers at last June.

      The release will be in Autumn, after the long wait.

      You can try the game now, with English version available, it can be downloaded from the page:

      Satellite Reign, has been released for last May, and has reached the milestone of 20,000 copies sold.

      It is therefore being translated to Chinese for distribution on Steam in China.

      This release has some new features, and some bug fixes.

      English-China version will be made available.

      Gameplay-wise, it is still the same great game you have known all these months.

      The only difference is the changed graphics language, and the Chinese names of the place in the game.

      We have implemented a new system, to have more downloads.

      Because of this, we want to thank for the support for the game for all these months.

      It has truly helped us, to make a great game.

      We want to thank the beta testers, who helped us to get the game ready for this release.

      Also the news pages of the game are, during this time, well read.

      The new version, on Steam, is:

      New game features:

      – New tutorial system.

      – New way to play the game.

      – Check-point feature, with full replay (like Football Manager).

      New improvements:

      – AI is able to manage now more resources.

      – Sidechannels system (increased economy efficiency).

      – New placing system (altruistic occupation system).

      – Extended view distance.

      – Airports loading screen and flight delay.

      – An alternative winning screen, with colored medals (compared to last version).

      – Improved AI AI.

      – Multiplier system


      What’s new in Production Line : Car Factory Simulation:


      Session is a monthly series about programs of the past that continue to be relevant, and underappreciated in today’s skating world. In this month’s installment, Chris McCoy takes a look at this year’s Skate America team, and ten videos of all that Skate America has to offer. Read it below, or click here for the full version on Vimeo.

      For the last two years, the United States has competed at Skate America, the country’s most important cup of ice dancing. It’s the second to last American event of the year, and traditionally has been a country-wide audition for the U.S. team that may compete at the Olympics. And therein lies the concept of the program: the athletes should have a sense of the country they represent, and the program should attempt to communicate it. Maybe the U.S. team members come from diverse backgrounds and maybe they’re not, but there is a theme; a message that the United States hopes to communicate by taking an ambassador and portraying it.

      Though the theme of Skate America has always been a part of the competition, the effort toward an ambassador has only started in the last couple years as the U.S. team has been led by incredible skaters, like Rostislav Sinitsin and Daniel Brown, who bring energy and excitement that capture the heart and core values of the United States. For 2018, the United States is going for gold again, with Isabella Slade and Phu Tran in the ice dance and Dylan Sanchez in the men’s, and they return to China and Singapore, the countries where they won gold in 2017.

      In 2018, international fans may recognize U.S. ice dance coach Maria Petrova, who recently announced her retirement. To replace her, Artur Dmitriev has named many of the top ice dancers in the world to be his team, including Mirai Nagasu, Madison Chock, and Travis Hales. Dmitriev announced the team on his website December 17, and they made their debut January 19, 2018, at the World Championships in Milan.

      Each year, the U.S. Skate team assembles in order to compete, and to look over the competition, seek opportunities to train together, and make plans for the upcoming season. Every year prior to this goal, coach Maria Petrova and her staff plan another schedule for the next season. As with any team, an entire season is filled with


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      RXE is a graphical 3D programming game that challenges you to build and control robots. In sandbox mode, you can experiment with whatever you want. In challenge mode, you will be challenged to build a robot to complete a series of tasks.
      Our goal is to create a vibrant online community of programmers, and to build tools for people to learn programming and design. With RXE, we are establishing a multiplayer online game that is accessible to beginners and professional developers alike.
      We ask players to use our powerful language, RXLang, and our tools to create and program robots and machines. Our goal is to provide a cross-platform, web-based learning environment for anyone with an internet connection and an interest in programming and robotics.
      Build a robot, program its AI, and then see how the robot responds to the challenges you throw at it.
      Using our programming language and in-game editors, make your robot programs perform complex tasks in real-time.
      Update your robot as you program it. Remotely check the data from your sensors and take action.
      Design sophisticated AI for your robots using a variety of methods including neural networks and algorithms like A* and Back Propagation.
      Use hard-coded logic and Conditionals to design your robots.
      Use the systems editor to build a robot system.
      Use the Interaction editor to design interactions between your robots and other game elements.
      Use the Filters editor to design filters and generators for your data.
      Use the Data editor to build new parts for your robot.
      Use the FX editor to build custom components and visual effects.
      All game resources (libraries, editors, objects, and system parts) are cross-platform and free to use.
      Please visit our community forums for support or for more information about our project.
      Contact Buce Studios for additional information on our project:
      Official Website:


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    System Requirements For Production Line : Car Factory Simulation:

    OS: Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or faster
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
    Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
    DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    Additional Notes: At this time the Mac version is PC only.
    Compatibility: The game requires Windows


    Download ►►►►► DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download ►►►►► DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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