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Hex code for the ‘debug’ string in perl

I am using perl to interpret hexdumps from files produced by a piece of software, but when the software exits an unhandled exception occurs, and I get the following message:

Perl has detected a fatal error
Perl has stopped running.
Press Control-C to terminate

Is there a perl module which will convert this ‘fatal error’ message to its hex representation?


From perldiag:
$ perldiag
Unknown exception X. See perllocale for more information

This is just an error message, unfortunately there is no special meaning in the hex representation of it. You can do it manually:
my $fatal_error = 0x10434343;
print “\x{$fatal_error}

Of course, you can write a program that does a binary search for the various hex codes, and if it finds them it can print the message to STDOUT.
The “control-C” message comes from your command line interpreter, not from Perl. The exception stack trace is in the perldiag output.


A bit late to the party, but one option would be to make the fatal error error into a Perl object, then use Module::Metadata to extract the hex literal for the message.
my $fatal_error = Class->new(name =>

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