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Checking all bytes of an array are equal?

In my program, I take a snapshot of an array and store it into another array (so I can compare the two side by side to see any errors).
Once I have compared them, I finally attempt to erase the “old” array from memory and replace it with the new array. I have done this successfully. However, I am now running into an issue


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MIRROR : EDAutocad.org



What is AutoCAD?
Autodesk AutoCAD is the software with pre-installed in your computer that
automatically adjusts the size and proportion of parts in your drawing.

What is CAD?
The acronym stands for Computer Aided Drafting

How do I start?
To start drawing, click on the “Start” (…) button on the
AutoCAD toolbar (see figure below), which
displays a dialogue box (see figure
below) that provides all the drawing
capabilities in a user-friendly manner.

I started a drawing but it is not drawing.
Double click anywhere in the drawing area to return to editing

Do I need any skills to start?
Absolutely not! Even though it is a complex software, it is very easy to
use. Most people are able to use it in less than a day. In many ways, the
interface is similar to other user interfaces such as Microsoft Windows,
which most people use in daily life.

I am facing problems.
Before you ask how to fix your problem, please read the FAQ below. It
detailedly explains all the functions of the software. Then try to solve
your problem on your own. See the contact section below for a suggestion
on how to connect.

Is there a demo version?
Yes there is, but it does not have all the options available. Just
click on the Start (…) button and the software will start
up with the standard interface.

Is this free?
Yes. This software is free to use. It can be used by everyone.

What kind of license is this?
Like all the software that is developed by Autodesk, it is a
registered user license. It means that
it is protected by copyright laws. You are
only allowed to use this software in the
computer that you own. If you share it with
a friend, his/her computer will be also
subject to the same license conditions.

If I share this software with someone and I am not there when they
start using it, what will happen?
You would no longer be able to use it. The software is licensed per
user and per computer. The most important thing to remember is to register
the licenses that you have already bought with


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