KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder, that creates macro keys with your desired string.
You can choose to specify a single character, a single word, a paragraph of text or the whole line of the text box.
The most common use case is the replacement of keyboard characters by command. To use this utility, simply set the target string, and then record a macro with a keyboard combination that inserts that string.
As a result, you will have a macro that inserts a given text. You can also choose to use the “run” button to play the macro. This will allow you to try out your macro on the keyboard, and choose the one that feels better.
You can also save your macros.
KeyMacro does not require you to disable the Windows Key Protection.
KeyMacro is a really useful tool for anyone who types often and wants to automate a repetitive task.
An accurate macro recorder that is capable of creating complex macros
KeyMacro is a useful application for anyone who types a lot and needs to automate a repetitive task. It can be used to create complex macros to execute various functions, and save them in a file. These macros are saved as files and can be used as they are or you can record a macro with the target string you would like to replace, and later it can be edited and saved.
KeyMacro is also able to record the timing of the keystrokes. This can be useful for things like music creation, or any other application that relies on the duration of the commands.
KeyMacro does not require you to disable the Windows Key Protection, so it is recommended to use it for this reason alone.
The application also includes a built-in file management system, so you can organize your macros, so they are easier to find. You can use it to make sure your macros are stored properly and they are not lost.
It also includes a library manager, so you can manage your libraries, since you don’t need to install any additional tools to be able to do that.
Additionally, it includes a clipboard manager, which will help you to move your macros between computers and applications.
Another interesting feature is that KeyMacro can save your macros on desktop, so they are easy to find and use whenever you need them.
KeyMacro is an accurate and powerful macro recorder that can save your valuable time and efforts.
The package includes a trial version of the application, which you can use to try it out before 70238732e0

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Export programs to COB format,

Copy program lines,

Add a line of text,

Prints the current section of a program.


Allows for changing the background color, fonts, font size and the text color of the status bar.

Allows for adding comments to the editor line by line.

Allows for adding breakpoints to the editor line by line.

Allows for adding indexes to the editor line by line.

Allows for running a command and optionally saving the output to file.

Allows for printing the current section of the editor line by line.


Works with Windows XP only.

Input: Enter a line of COBOL statements.

Output: Copy the results of the execution of the program.

Constant Values:

100 – Status bar text

200 – Lines position on screen

300 – Line text

400 – Format text

500 – Line color

600 – Font size

700 – Font color

800 – Background color

900 – Breakpoint text

Constant Pointer Variables:

&1 – 0 Current row

&2 – 1 Current column

Constant Array Variables:

“A” – 0 First element of the array

“B” – 1 Second element of the array

“C” – 2 Third element of the array

“D” – 3 Forth element of the array

“E” – 4 Fifth element of the array

&1 – 2 Current variable

&2 – 3 Current variable

&3 – 4 Current variable

&4 – 5 Current variable

&5 – 6 Current variable

&6 – 7 Current variable

Working Data:

Input – Line of commands.

Output – Results of the execution of the program.


Output – Save current editor to file.

Compile – Compiles current editor line by line.

Run – Executes the program line by line.


Syntax – Warns about errors in the program line by line.

Syntax Error – Warns about errors in the program line by line.

Parse Error – Warns about errors in the program line by line.


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