Mue Tab is a simple, powerful, yet beautifully designed New Tab page with a motto: “Just Chrome.”
It takes you to a dark background that fills the tab when you open a new tab and when you close it, the background can be saved to a picture or a vector art file.
With Mue Tab you can:
• Search the web with DuckDuckGo.
• Customize the background and colors with a 3-digit number and an optional comma separated hex color code.
• Save your favorite background in the dark or light styles.
• Customize the text size and type using different font faces.
• Set a new system date and time, time zone, or your locale.
• Set the date and time format to 12-hour or 24-hour.
• Set a simple clock that displays the date and time in human-readable format.
• Set an image as your new tab background.
• Customize the greeting you receive when you open a new tab.
• View and open folders.
• View the most used tabs and open a new tab to any URL in those.
• Enable private browsing for a new tab.
• Enable freeform mode for a new tab.
• See your previous search history in the bottom tab bar.
• Close all open tabs.
• Enable/disable mouse wheel scrolling.
• Enable/disable the application switcher.
• Enable/disable the Alt-Tab switcher.
• Enable/disable the Back, Forward, and Reload buttons.
• Enable/disable the resizeable new tab button.
• Enable/disable the new tab button.
• Enable/disable the dynamic URLs bar.
• Enable/disable the Download bar.
• Enable/disable the battery widget.
• Enable/disable the keyboard shortcuts.
• Enable/disable the status bar.
• Enable/disable the “…” button.
• Enable/disable the hamburger menu.
• Enable/disable right clicking on new tabs.
• Enable/disable the URL bar in a new tab.
• Enable/disable extensions.
• Enable/disable top/bottom bar in a new tab.
• Enable/disable the bookmark bar.
• Enable/disable the tabs on top bar.
• Enable/disable the left/right menu.
• Enable/disable auto-fill and auto-complete.
• Disable/enable tabs.
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* Fast, minimal and highly customizable
* Compatible with the popular and stable chat software – Vypress Chat
* Chat Terminal is not limited to the supported protocols
* Support for SSL connection
* CTCP/SLACK support
* Supports several command line parameters
* Support for command line input / output redirection
* Supports several commands
* Supports multiple protocols, including web chat protocol and direct connection to the server
* Protocol can be dynamically configured from the command line
* Can be built in to any administrative scripts or used from command line
* Supports Redis/Mongodb

SockJS is a library that makes WebSocket and Comet connections to the server easy to use. SockJS is well suited for use in the backend of an application. It can even be used to access the server from JavaScript in the frontend.
SockJS makes it easy to connect a single server to a number of different clients. This is possible by maintaining state information on the server and clients and by a server/client negotiated heartbeat feature. You can write code once and run it on any number of servers.
SockJS is a drop-in replacement for the existing WebSocket server/client combinations. It can be used with any server that supports WebSocket and is easy to configure.
SockJS Protocols:
SockJS includes several protocols that are all based on the same SockJS Protocol core. The goal is to provide several protocols to client developers so that they don’t have to implement everything from scratch. The protocols are optimized for various architectures and applications, but are all based on the same core SockJS Protocol.
Each protocol is optional and available when you include the necessary supporting client libraries.
* SockJS is a drop in replacement for WebSocket protocol, but there are no requirements on the server, so you can use SockJS with your existing WebSocket server.
* SockJS is a drop in replacement for the Comet protocol, but has many more features than simply Comet.
* SockJS uses HTTP 1.1 for all communication and adds some features not normally available in HTTP 1.1.
* SockJS includes a client library for JavaScript that is easy to use and supports most of the features of SockJS.
* SockJS is a first class protocol for SockJS
* SockJS supports all the usual WebSocket features such as:
* Multi-user connections
* Server

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