OneNote Math AddIn is a handy One Note addin that allows you to easily input mathematical equations using TeX syntax, and simply convert them into nicely looking images.







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– You can input the TeX formulas easily to the notes.
– Add the math-data files and the list of formula-symbols to the notes easily.
– OneNote Math can also export the formula data to Excel for easy reference.
– Math can be outputted to the notes format as-is.
– Support Unicode characters in the formula
– Math AddIn in OneNote is applicable for OneNote 2016 and later, Office 365 and Cloud-compatible. The add-in is available for all compatible OneNote addin packages.


I created my own custom formula addin. It allows to input TeX/LaTeX on the OneNote form and then convert to image. It’s very simple, just adding a note to OneNote, copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C) the new note content, paste it and convert it to image and save (Ctrl+Shift+X)

OneNote Math AddIn

Input your TeX-syntax equations to OneNote Math AddIn and it’ll convert it into images
with acceptable results.

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OneNote Math AddIn Free


OneNote Math AddIn is a handy One Note addin that allows you to easily input mathematical equations using TeX syntax, and simply convert them into nicely looking images.

OneNote Math Addin Features:
– It is simple to use, and very easy to install.
– It can automatically convert TeX syntax into images and then output them to OneNote.
– There are huge variety of math symbols that you can input, and it will automatically convert them into nice looking images.

How to Install This AddIn:
– Download and install OneNote from the Microsoft store.
– Open the addin and your math expressions will automatically convert into images and be outputted.
– Enjoy!

**NOTE**: This AddIn is to only OneNote 2013/2016/2019, not OneNote for Windows 10 (OneNote).

OneNote Math AddIn is supported languages:
– American English
– Japanese
– Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
– German
– Portuguese
– French
– Spanish

– For OneNote 2013/2016/2019

Addin may work only in OneNote 2016
– You will receive a message once you install this addin.
– It is better to install the latest version of OneNote.

OneNote Math AddIn Author:
– @tomeion.

OneNote Math AddIn License:
– MIT License.

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What’s New in the?

* This is an Add-in for the Microsoft® OneNote®
* The add-in allows users to type inline TeX formulas and convert them to images.
* Since OneNote no longer supports MathML embedded in
PDF, the formulas will still be embedded in the
document. Thus, we have a workaround to display them
in an alternate format.
* OneNote Math AddIn includes:
* Option to edit formulas or save them to a file
* Option to search for formulas
* A calculator bar on the ribbon to help you type the
equations quickly
* Math and Image Export functions to support easy
charting, shape recognition, or converting to PDF
* Option to convert to Word file
* Option to specify the font size
Installation notes:
* The installation package comes with two files
“OneNoteMathAddIn.exe” and “oneNoteMathAddIn.vst.
Double click “oneNoteMathAddIn.vst” to launch the
* When you install the addin, after the installation is
complete, close OneNote and launch it again.
* OneNote Math AddIn is an Add-in, the installation will
require a restart of OneNote. If the addin successfully
installed, you will see the “Math” menu on the
OneNote ribbon.
* For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you do not need to
restart the PC after installing the addin.

System Requirements For OneNote Math AddIn:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom II or AMD FX
Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD Phenom II or AMD FX RAM: 8 GB
8 GB GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560, Nvidia Geforce GTX 570, Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 or Nvidia Geforce GTX 680
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