Reads the currently selected macro from a file. You can add a new file here.
File name should be either a.macro file (containing the macro to read) or a text file containing the actual macro.
Depending on the file type, file extension may be.mac,.asc,.cpp,.cxx,.d,.h,.hxx,.inl,.mc,.o,.pl,.plu,.q,.sc,.sh,.t,.ts,.vhdl,.x,.xcc,.xpm,.xs, or.y.


This is a console tool that will run multiple scripts in the same terminal window and allow you to send input to them all.
MULTIBOX is designed for multi-tasking – it allows you to run one or more commands in the same terminal window and respond to their prompts and send any input to all the commands, simultaneously. You can also combine commands on a single line to run them all in one go.


A tool that allows you to create and export test questions from your application.
All questions are saved in.q format.
# then there is a question, and it will be solved and resend to the client.
message=”Solved Unsolved ”
$S=shell_exec(“youtube-dl –skip-download –start-point=- ${link}”);

“; 384a16bd22

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Combine IP cameras to be viewed simultaneously in custom and mouse-driven hotspots. Or view each camera as separate hotspot or windows. Create your own collection of cameras from the command line using an IP camera inventory, or define a batch of cameras and an FTP server to import new ones.
KeyMACRO can assign different hotkeys and mouse click actions to each window.
KeyMACRO lets you create a single hotspot or multiple windows for each camera, and also lets you display each camera window in a custom mode.
KeyMACRO includes multiple mouse click features such as: view each camera as a window, insert an image for each camera, select a view mode, switch between cameras and view the current camera in zoom mode, as well as add hotspots.
KeyMACRO is cross platform compatible and is available for windows and MAC OS systems.
KeyMACRO will work with both non-HD and HD cameras.
KeyMACRO includes a command line interface that lets you define hotkeys, mouse click actions and display modes.


● Excellent Video, Audio, and Motion Detection
● Easy to use and learn
● Quick and efficient
● Excellent price and great value
● Has a built-in FTP server
● Offers a command line interface for custom configuration
● Video, audio, and motion detection is recorded at low bit rates
● High frame rates and bit rates
● Advanced features like web streaming, hotkeys and mouse clicks
● Supports thousands of cameras
● Supports HD


● Some notification options would have been useful
● No support for IP cameras

CatSpy Review 2019


Basic functions include:

Home Screen: The starting page of the application. You can access the control panel through this page.

Window: A window that displays each camera feed. It can be accessed through the control panel.

Recording: You can choose to record or not. The settings of the recording are stored.

Motion Detection: The feature that records the video and audio based on the motion of the subject.

Log: A list of all the recordings. You can view the log on the page.

External links


Windows version

macOS version

A review about it is available here

Free KeyMACRO version



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Category: IP Multicast

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