KeyMacro can help you create macros for your Windows applications and programs. It can easily perform the function of applications like TextPad, Word, Notepad, or any other editors, as well as popular programs like Internet Explorer and other browsers, and WordPad. KeyMacro can make your work easy by creating customized keyboard shortcuts for some specific tasks. When you create a macro, it works just like any other program shortcut and takes only a few seconds to complete.
KeyMacro is available in the Classic Theme (the default theme) and Modern Theme for Windows 10. The Modern Theme is optimized for Windows 10, and enables you to customize it according to your taste.
KeyMacro Quick Tips:
KeyMacro comes with a ready-to-use library for creating macros for popular programs, like Internet Explorer and Notepad.
If you have a new PC, you might need to download and install the latest version of the program.
KeyMacro has a one-key clean up feature for text files. It can be configured to enable or disable the feature.
KeyMacro has a one-key paste feature for clipboard data. It can be configured to enable or disable the feature.
KeyMacro supports enhanced printing through the printer setup utility included in the software package.
KeyMacro can keep track of all your keystrokes and macro sequences, and show your data in a customizable manner.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to disable the notification area or notification area icon for ease of use.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to turn off the option to save open documents.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to save the current open document as a template.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to open the Recent Documents library.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to open the current document as a template.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to create a new document.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to view the navigation pane for easy navigation.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to edit the printer options.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to add or edit a registry key.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to execute an external program.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to switch between minimized and maximized states.
KeyMacro has a one-key option to open or close an existing document. 70238732e0

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Image2Code is a tool for programmers who want to convert graphic files to arrays of values which can be integrated into their own applications’ source code. It gives you the possibility to set the byte orientation and scan direction.

No installation necessary

The entire tool’s wrapped in a single.exe file that can be saved in a custom location on the disk or a USB flash drive, in order to seamlessly launch it on any computer, without needing to set up anything beforehand.

It doesn’t make any changes in the Windows registry. However, it automatically creates.tmp files through two of the three conversion methods available, saving them in the temporary folder of the currently logged on user.

Simple GUI for image conversion

When it comes to the interface, Image2Code sticks to one window that shows all options provided. The supported graphic file types include JPEG, BMP and PNG, and they can be opened via the file browser or by dropping files into the main app window while navigating disk directories.

Unfortunately, batch processing is unsupported, which means you can work with only one file at a time. It’s possible to preview the image’s thumbnail in the main window, as well as to check out the file path and size, along with the output bits.

Set the byte orientation, scan mode, and conversion type

As previously mentioned, you can specify the preferred byte orientation and scan mode. Furthermore, you can invert the image and pick the output type of compatible source code between C Array Writer, ASM Array Writer and CF KS0107/0108 Demo Board Format.

In the case of C Array Writer and ASM Array Writer, the program automatically creates.tmp files on the disk and opens your default text editor to display the output code. However, for the last conversion mode it’s possible to pick a preferred output directory and file name.


All in all, Image2Code provides a quick and simple method for generating programming code with arrays of values from common graphic files.The current Trump administration’s hardline approach toward China in recent months has caused a lot of outrage among the US government’s China friends, but the reality is that there is a long history of US government officials and leaders taking a tough line on China.

After all, in the early 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt, the most prominent US president before Wilson, was a strong advocate of using economic pressure to deal

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