It’s always a good idea to have a dictionary installed to the computer since you never know when you are going to encounter an unknown word. Mobysaurus Thesaurus is a nice program that was created to help you figure out all the words that are foreign to you.
The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, which means it should be easy to figure out by all users.
You may look for various words through a field that is placed in the upper area of the frame. Then, you can select the type of search you want to perform. For instance, it can look for synonyms or headwords.
The utility also supports wildcard word search, which means it can look for a certain word root instead of an entire word.
The program comes with an extensive database that holds over 30,000 different words and 2.5 million synonyms, making it easy for you to locate an appropriate replacement for a certain word or a phrase that should help you figure out its meaning.
All in all, Mobysaurus Thesaurus is a nice tool that is sure to come in handy quite often. Less experienced individuals should find the app easy to handle, thanks to its intuitive layout and the overall simplicity of the task.









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Mobysaurus Thesaurus is a program that is used to quickly find the correct alternative for any word in any text. It scans the entire database and provides you with the most appropriate word to replace a word in any text. Search For Similar Words
• One click search for related words with our advanced algorithm.
• Word Similarity Search
• Smart Search for Maps, YouTube, Image & Instant Answers.
• Download multiple dictionaries for a single search.
• Search for anagrams and anagrams.
• History of the last search.
• Apply any category of words in any order.
• Multiple languages support: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and more.
• More features to be released soon.
• No ads!
• Free.
• Support.
• Multi-core.
• Mobile version is currently in development.
• Keyboard shortcut.
• Large database of synonyms and antonyms.
• Context sensitive help (light & dark theme).
• Explore multiple dictionaries in a single query.
• Digitize words in any text.
• Digitize phrases in any text.
• Backup of synonyms to internal or external storage.
• Export synonyms to APK archive.
• Export words & phrases to APK archive.
• Export words & phrases to PDF archive.
• Transfer words & phrases to Dropbox.
• Search & backup your own words.
• A huge database of words and phrases in all languages.
• Preserves the spelling of words.
• Colorful layout.
• List of dictionaries.
• Configurable privacy settings.
• Multiple shortcuts.
• Very optimized for tablets.
• Very optimized for phones.
• Settings to change colors, fonts & font size.
• Built-in access to our online dictionary for free.
• Speedup!
• App locked by Android Market.
• Tons of updates, improvements, and new features are coming soon!
Mobysaurus Wiki:
To improve Mobysaurus, please don’t forget to contribute to our project by creating a wiki!
You can find our wiki at:

Planned Features
1. Search by All Languages
2. Search by Word and Replace All
3. Open dictionary
4. Export to word processor

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Mobysaurus Thesaurus Crack Mac is a dictionary, thesaurus and translator app that makes the process of getting smarter with words simple to use and understand.

Mobysaurus Thesaurus Thesaurus

Mobysaurus Thesaurus


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Mobysaurus Thesaurus Activator

Mobile Saurus is a dictionary application for the iPhone/iPod touch that is packed with several interesting tools and features. The application consists of a simple user interface, a field in which you can type a word and/or a phrase, a search bar, and a toolbar with 10 buttons, each of which corresponds to a particular function.
One of these functions is a word search that allows you to look for certain keywords.
As for the “dictionary,” you can look up a word and see its meaning or synonyms, but also antonyms, headwords, and similar words.
You can even use the “exact phrase” search to look for words that begin with a particular one or contain a certain word.
If the word is selected, then you can look up its etymology (meaning of the word) and its pronunciation.
You can also look up a word or a phrase, and then the application will look for synonyms and similar words. Finally, there is an option to look up related words based on common letters.
The list of word suggestions is easy to sort out. Each one is accompanied by its meaning, pronunciation, antonyms, and related words.
Lastly, the application features a toolbar with several options, such as “Substitute” or “Search”.
The Mobile Saurus will not help you find the correct spelling of a certain word or phrase, but it will be really useful for new and seasoned users alike.
The voice control function allows you to look up a word with the touch of a button, making it even more convenient for anyone who uses a touch screen.
Mobile Saurus is a tool that is sure to come in handy quite often, since it provides a user-friendly interface and plenty of features. The program is quite intuitive and easy to handle.
Several helpful tools are at your disposal, with a simple-to-understand menu. However, if you are not familiar with the iPhone or iPod touch, then you might need a little help.
The dictionary has a browser, with which you can look up the word you are interested in and get useful information.
You can also look up the word via the voice command and check its pronunciation. All in all, Mobile Saurus is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use and often-used dictionary application.

A more serious problem is the act of losing the password, so

What’s New in the Mobysaurus Thesaurus?

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There are many different programs that will help you with this. If you want to know exactly what the best program is that can help you out, here are the reasons why you should use Mobysaurus thesaurus.

This program is easy to access. There is no registration process. You do not have to pay money to use the program. The program is completely free. You will not have trouble using the program because the search engine will be easy to use for everyone.

This is the perfect program for you to use if you want to do your own research. The program has many different words that can help you out. If you are looking for something specific, you can use the built-in search feature and it will find the exact word that you are looking for.

You can download this program for your laptop and use it anywhere in the world. You do not need to worry about the size of the program. No matter what you use, the program will be of use to you. This is a great program because you do not have to register and there are no fees involved.

This program has been tried and tested. You do not have to worry about the program being a scam. You will

System Requirements For Mobysaurus Thesaurus:

Units: 1.0.0 Game Requirements: CPU Intel P4 3.2 GHz or better RAM 4 GB or more DirectX 9 or better System Requirements:
Units: 1.0.0 Game Requirements: CPU AMD K8 2.4 GHz or better RAM 4 GB or more DirectX 9 or better System Requirements:
Units: 1.0.0 Game Requirements: CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or better RAM 4 GB or more DirectX 9 or better

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