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Ummm no.
Silverlight is definitely not cross-platform, and the only reason you might use it for that is because of the.NET Compact Framework.
The only way Silverlight works is if you are on a Windows system.
There are also several Silverlight based applications out there. I heard about one that lets you play Second Life for example. But I think they are just using Silverlight as a front-end to their client/server application.
If you want to build a web application for other platforms, there are several (working) alternatives like Flash or Java, but as a Java developer myself, I don’t have any experience with Flash.


how to change master page?

How to change masterpage programmatically, i’m working on inherited application and there is no master page in the layout file, so i need to programmatically change the masterpage.


Try this.
var master = Master as Master;
var page = master.ActivePage as Master;
master.ActivePage = master.Pages[“NewPageName”];

to change Master Page
var master = Master as Master;
var page = master.ActivePage as Master;
var customMasterPage = PageMaster.CustomMaster as Master;
customMasterPage.ActivePage = customMasterPage.Pages[“NewPageName”];

to change Custom Master Page


#include “boost/scoped_ptr.hpp”
#include “gflags/gflags.h”
#include “glog/logging.h”

#include “caffe/proto/caffe.pb.h”
#include “caffe/util/db.hpp”
#include “caffe/util/io.hpp”
#include “caffe/util/math_functions.hpp”
#include “caffe/layers/dict_layer.hpp”

using namespace caffe;

DEFINE_bool(gray, false,
“When writing a gray picture, whether to output the ”
“image as if it were grayscale.”);
DEFINE_bool(shuffle, false,
“Randomly shuffle the order of images in a batch.”);

Microsoft Silverlight 4.2.1 Crack+ Free Latest

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful, open-standard, cross-platform multimedia development technology introduced by Microsoft that includes Adobe Flash Lite 2.0. Silverlight is designed to help web authors create content-rich web applications or experiences. You can use Silverlight to create rich, interactive, animated experiences or use it to create applications that run on top of any Windows browser and other browsers and platforms that support Flash. Unlike Flash, Silverlight can be used to build applications that can communicate with web sites, local services, and desktop applications. Learn how to develop, deploy, and monetize rich Silverlight applications.




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Microsoft Silverlight 4.2.1 Crack+ Activation PC/Windows

Microsoft Silverlight is a tool that can offer application developers and users a broad range of improvements with regards to the media players.
The innovative technology is based on DLR, which is an implementation of the Common Language Runtime. The cross-platform tool can work together with Windows Forms and other.NET platforms.
The popular tool has become increasingly popular in recent years and it represents one of the several competitive solutions that are available for application development.

Microsoft Silverlight Download
Microsoft Silverlight Review
Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful set of components, that besides all its admirable features, delivers strong and impressive support for a wide range of users and applications.
High-quality and great support for all types of applications
Microsoft Silverlight has a variety of impressive and innovative features for developers and users. Among them, the ability to use the tool in.NET applications is one of its major strengths.
The key concept of this technology is called “DLR,” which stands for the “Dynamic Language Runtime.” This is a language that runs in parallel with the execution of the.NET Framework applications.

Image Source:
Microsoft Silverlight Development Download
Microsoft Silverlight can be used with.NET 2.0 and 3.0 and it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Moreover, DLR is based on the Common Language Runtime, which is an important component of the.NET Framework.
What is DLR?
DLR is an implementation of the Common Language Runtime. In addition, the.NET Framework is an important and popular development platform, but it is not limited to this particular type of application development.

Image Source:
What are the benefits of DLR?
Compared to the.NET Core, the DLR has several attractive features for developers and for users.
DLR is cross-platform and can deliver strong performance.
The.NET Core will not allow us to use two different languages, while DLR could work with a variety of programming languages.
In addition, unlike the.NET Core, DLR presents a great number of advantages.
The DLR includes support for many programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Image Source:
What are the special features of DLR?
With the DLR, you can create applications without compiling them and

What’s New in the Microsoft Silverlight?

Silverlight is a rich, dynamic client runtime that will deliver multimedia experiences across all current and future platforms on the Microsoft platform. The Silverlight runtime enables rich Internet application (RIA) developers to create solutions based on the Microsoft.NET framework that may be delivered on a variety of devices including desktop computers, notebooks, handhelds and TVs.
Silverlight will feature a variety of multimedia functionality including drawing, animation and sound.
Silverlight enables developers to leverage the large library of.NET classes and components and provides the ability to build business-oriented and consumer solutions based on standard technologies such as HTML, AJAX, JavaScript and XML.

To install these applications you need to use the operating system that does not support Java.
If you are dealing with Microsoft Windows operating system then you can get the following advance software that supports the Java plug-in

-> run Download

-> check the file size.

-> accept the license agreement.

After installing you can unzip the file.

Open that unzipped file.

Next open and install the jar file.

After installation, open the Java plug-in page where you will see the following screen.
If there is any error then you need to re-install the Java plug-in.
Then you can create a new Java plug-in.

After installing your Java plug-in page will appear like this.
To open Java plug-in, you have to open your browser and click the link below.

On opening the browser page, you will see the page like this.
You will see the button as the following image.

You need to click the button to get the Java plug-in.

Now you have to change the settings as the following screen.
Next, you need to launch the page on your browser which is given as the following link.

If you do not click any link then you will get the following error message.
You need to click the setting button
Click settings
Click the button to open Java Control Panel

Next in Java Control Panel, you will see the Java plug-in on the left of the window.
You need to select the entry which says Java Plug-In.
Next, you have to restart the device.
By default on each device, the system is set to disable Java so you have to reboot the device.
After rebooting, you will see the window as the following image.
Now click Ok

System Requirements:

This game requires the following specs to be running in order to work at a stable 60FPS.
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Intel Core i3 or greater. AMD equivalent will work but may not run at 60FPS.
Memory: 4GB RAM
Video: Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent. AMD equivalent will work but may not run at 60FPS.
Sound: No sound issues should be present with your system.
Input: Mouse and Keyboard only
Additional Notes: If your monitor is out of sync

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