MB Free Nakshatra is a fun software that uses vedic astrology or Hindu astrology has been derived from the Vedas – the prime Hindu text of philosophy. It is the study of the positions of different planets with respect to the zodiac and the effect of these planets on an individual. 12 Nakshatras rule the 12 lunar months in the Vedic calendar.
According to Vedic astrology the zodiac is divided into 27 parts of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each. Each division is known as a nakshatra. Naksha means to approach and Tra means to guard. Nakshatras are also known as lunar mansions or birth star or lunar asterisms.
MB Free Nakshatra describes the mental attitude and the planetary periods (dashas) of a person born in a particular constellation. It also describes your thought process, intuition, and sub conscious behavior as well as destiny. The birth star is also known as the Janma Nakshatra.
The moon stays in one particular nakshatra for one day. The nakshatra or birth star of a person is essential for match making calculations and election astrology. It is said that the Nakshatra system is much older than the Rashi or sign system. All in all, nakshatras are very significant and they will show us our karmic path.
Here The different Nakshatras / Lunar Mansions / Birth Star are as listed below:
■ Ashwini
■ Bharani
■ Krittika
■ Rohini
■ Mrigasira
■ Ardra
■ Punarvasu
■ Pushya
■ Ashlesha
■ Magha
■ Poorva Phalguni
■ Uttara Phalguni
■ Hasta
■ Chitra
■ Swati
■ Vishakha
■ Anuradha
■ Jyeshtha
■ Moola
■ Purva Ashadha
■ Uttara Ashadha
■ Shravana
■ Dhanistha
■ Poorva Bhadrapada
■ Uttara Bhadrapada
■ Revati
■ Shatabhisha


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Nakshatras are based on the Vedic Astrology. It is a very ancient system of astronomy developed in India about 6500 years ago. It is very popular and widely used in India as well as other parts of the world. The nakshatra system is based on the zodiac and the dates of the phases of the moon. The seven nakshatras are known as birth stars and are related to the seven notes of the human voice.
■ Ashwini Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Vishakha, Kanya, Vishakha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Bharani Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Krittika Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Mrigasira Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Rohini Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Ardra Nakshatra
Kanya, Kanya, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Ashlesha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha, Kanya, Shatabhisha.
■ Pun

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■ Introduction to Nakshatra
■ Nakshatra as a study of the positions of planets on the zodiac
■ Nakshatras rules the phase of each lunar month in Vedic astrology.
■ Nakshatras:
The nakshatras are easily identifiable as they are composed of 13 Nakshatras. Nakshatras are also known as planetary alignments. They provide the planetary periods of each sign. There are 13 nakshatras in all. These nakshatras are further divided into 20 divisions known as Dashas. Dashas rule the dashas or the lunar month.
■ Characteristics of a Nakshatra:
■ Each nakshatra starts with a powerful ray of light from the planet Jupiter.
■ Mars rules only 2 nakshatras. It is a blue and red planet, but most of the time it is associated with red. In Bhavapaksha (month of Mars), the hare moon is attatched with Mars.
■ Mercury rules 5 nakshatras.
■ The Moon rules 13 nakshatras.
■ Moon’s other five bodies Venus, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are part of the nakshatra system too.
■ They also rule different dashas. But they may not rule one and the same nakshatra.
■ No other planet can rule the same nakshatra, if it has already ruled that nakshatra.
■ Some planets have no association with any nakshatra. Some of them may rule more than one nakshatra.
■ All the dasa-s (divisions of the year) will be ruled by the nakshatras in turn.
■ Even with that, the nakshatras and dashas can appear together or separately.
■ In the nakshatras, the moon will dominate
■ The moon remains in one of these nakshatras for one day. So the nakshatra or the lunar mansion will rule a particular lunar phase for one day.
■ It is an essential component of match making as well as election astrology.
■ It is also widely used for prediction and dhyan.
■ The

MB Free Nakshatra Crack X64

MB Free Nakshatra is an Indian software. MB Free Nakshatra as the name suggests is a free nakshatra software which is the best astrology software to calculate free nakshatras. MB Free Nakshatra calculates the nakshatra of your birth date based on your date of birth. If you were born on 23rd Jan, then the nakshatra you get will be calculated from 23rd Jan.
MB Free Nakshatra Software has been developed by the team of Brighu Computing Services. This astrology software has a large library of data, helping you to calculate many nakshatras faster and easier than ever.
Free Nakshatra report consists of 7 tabbed sections namely:
– Your Birth Details:
– Nakshatra report:
– Rasi (RAshJi) details:
– Nakshatra Details:
– Match making Details:
– Your health report:
– Your House Details:
– Nakshatra Details:
Free Nakshatra also shows the name of the planet and the star that is ruling your nakshatra.
To calculate your nakshatra and then also calculate your related nakshatra details, select the calculation method with which you want to do it with:
– Choice Method
– The Sun-Moon Method
– Yantra Method
– Automation
– Manual
– Customized Method
– Customized with Birth Day, Time, Moon Phase, Astrologer, Location
– Customized with Birth Chart
– Customized with Date and Time
– Customized with your birth sign
– Customized with Horoscope
– Customized with Nakshatra
– Customized with Lagna
– Customized with Nakshatras
– Customized with Nakshatra Dates
– Customized with Nakshatra Location
– Customized with Nakshatras Location
– Customized with Rahu Location
– Customized with Rahu Nakshatras
– Customized with Rahu Nakshatras Location
– Customized with Sun Location
– Customized with Sun Nakshatras Location
– Customized with Sun Rakshak Location
– Customized with Sun Rakshak Nakshatras
– Customized with Time of Birth Location
– Customized with Time of Birth Nakshatras
The program uses and displays data provided in the Vedic system of astrology for nakshatras, planets and

What’s New in the?

■ Ashwini is the symbol of strength
■ Bharani is the symbol of merit and material prosperity
■ Krittika is the symbol of wealth
■ Rohini is the symbol of beauty
■ Mrigasira is the symbol of endurance
■ Ardra is the symbol of sorrow and emergency
■ Pushya is the symbol of happiness, prosperity, and beauty
■ Ashlesha is the symbol of energy and fortune
■ Magha is the symbol of intelligence, education, knowledge, and illumination
■ Poorva Phalguni is the symbol of mercy, generosity, and power
■ Uttara Phalguni is the symbol of compassion, friendship, and love
■ Hasta is the symbol of friendship, patronage, and fertility
■ Chitra is the symbol of friendship, social acceptance, and power
■ Swati is the symbol of harmony and purification
■ Vishakha is the symbol of protection and prosperity
■ Anuradha is the symbol of protection, wealth, and happiness
■ Jyeshtha is the symbol of guardianship, spiritual learning, health, and wisdom
■ Moola is the symbol of protection and love
■ Purva Ashadha is the symbol of creation and creativity
■ Uttara Ashadha is the symbol of the opposite of creation
■ Shravana is the symbol of the intellect, learning, and teaching
■ Dhanistha is the symbol of proper and right judgment
■ Poorva Bhadrapada is the symbol of peace and hospitality
■ Uttara Bhadrapada is the symbol of acceptance, worship, and protection
■ Revati is the symbol of communication, fame, and learning
■ Shatabhisha is the symbol of progress and achievement
MB Free Nakshatra Guidebook:
■ Ashwini allows you to achieve personal success.
■ Bharani allows you to have a harmonious family life.
■ Krittika allows you to get rich easily.
■ Rohini allows you to have happy days with your family.
■ Mrigasira allows you to earn more.
■ Ardra allows you to have good health.

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit only).
1 GHz processor or equivalent
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
3 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 9 graphics card with 128 MB of VRAM
Microsoft Silverlight
How To Install?
1. First of all, you need to download the game and install it onto your PC.
2. Run the game as an administrator.
3. Click on the Origin button at the bottom left corner of the screen.


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