Shubham Balotra

CEO & Founder
Whatsapp: +64 277035448

Mr. Balotra is a Civil Engineer by his profession and working in Construction Industry in New Zealand. Balotra’s  vision is to improve International education platform by providing right guidelines and helping students to choose their career in right direction to meet their future goals, aspirations and desires. He is passionate about helping others and making changes in the way he can bring better results. Therefore, he has decided to engage himself in global education industry to lead students on the right path with maximum opportunities.

Balwinder Singh

Phone: +91 96825 51534

Mr. Singh running a transport business for last 30 years across the India where he has learnt lot about the different culture, opportunities, problems and challenges can come across in the journey of life. He is taking one step up into the global education system and help students to make right decision using his own experiences, knowledge & lessons. He is passionate to teach students, where and how to start, how to handle and manage problems, how to be prepared for hard time. He is down to earth person and he thinks that, every problem/challange is a new opportunity in the life to grow & develop.

Suchita Gupta

Operations Manager
Phone: +91 96468 07434

Dr. Shuchita Gupta is a teacher by profession and she working as Director Academic at Learning Temple English Medium School Kathua and at English Solutions institute for spoken English, IELTS and interview preparation having versatile experience in education field . She is dedicated, motivated and versatile personality having an experience of above 30 years in education sector where she served 9 years as Principal. She stepped up into her career and decided to be part of RS Global where she can get the opportunity to use her all life experience to serve global education system in the right way. She is helpful and talented person.

Our Vision

RS Global Education Consultants- Our vision is to improve International students life and provide ad-hoc support to students to take right step for their future. We are taking up the opportunity to lead International student life in right way, to recognise them right fact and help them to make right decision in their life.

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