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. Get A Free Download for your PC, Mac and Android devices!.Of all the desert mosques that have survived the caliph’s sword, the most striking is the mud-brick Masjid al-Hadir in the city of Shiraz. Built during the Abbasid period in the 9th century, it is richly decorated with carvings of floral motifs and Quranic inscriptions.

But in the 19th century – when much of the existing architecture of the city was being renovated under western influence – a committee was appointed to “restore” the mosque.

According to the report it produced, the architects involved in the renovation – some of whom have spent their entire careers working on the city – aimed “to preserve the original appearance of the structure while removing all the traditional elements of the mosque and providing a new look which is for the benefit of the mosque”.

“Arrangements were made for the elimination of the carvings, inscriptions and trimmings,” the report states. “All that was left were the walls and the minaret.”

At the same time, it notes, “it was also important to provide illumination, particularly at night, as the building was dark in the original form”, thus “a system of electricity was installed, replacing the traditional lighting of the mosque using oil lamps”.

Since 1979, when the revolution that toppled the shah took place, the mosque has been the scene of virulent disputes between Shirazis and their opponents over what has to be “preserved” and what must be “re-created”.

The exhibition organised by the International Council of Iran Heritage Tourism includes pictures and text by the artist Navid Kermani, who has spent years teaching art courses at Shiraz’s Fine Arts University while documenting, with aerial photographs and remote camera surveillance, the progress of the restoration project.

The story begins in 1893, with the appointment of a committee of renovation “to bring the mosque to a state

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Jst Gain Reduction Crack 14

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