Ibm 4840 Xx3 Pci Serial Ports


Ibm 4840 Xx3 Pci Serial Ports

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3 Bedroom House in Babina

R1 370 000

3 Beds

2 Baths

2 Garages

Land Area 35 m²

Rates R 360

Levy R 3360


Property Description

A lovely 3 bedroom house in Babina, perfect for the family and lovers of nature. Spacious living/dining area, separate kitchen area with sink and fridge and dining area, together with 2 spacious double bedrooms, a double bedroom in the attic. Both bathrooms are luxuriously appointed. House with lounge garden and pool.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a bi-directional exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, and more particularly to a bi-directional EGR system in which a device for sensing recirculated exhaust gas is provided at the downstream end of the EGR passage, such that a di-electrical signal is outputted by the device for sensing recirculated exhaust gas to adjust the amount of recirculated exhaust gas and the temperature of EGR gas.
2. Description of Related Art
It is well known that the use of nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the exhaust gas generated by an internal combustion engine in vehicles or ships not only pollutes the environment, but also causes harm to the human health. To reduce the level of NOx in the exhaust gas, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology has been developed and applied to improve the combustion quality of the

ibm 4840-xx3
ibm 4840-xx3
ibm 4840 serial port
ibm surepos 4840 serial port

Elo devices are designed to be plug and play with a Windows operating system. The system requirements for installing the Elo driver include using the latest version of the Windows operating system. The Elo serial to RS-232 adaptor uses a proprietary interface to provide a serial port interface to a computer (keyboard and mouse).

A link cable or serial cable with a RS-232C port is used to connect the Elo Serial to RS-232 adaptor to a computer or other RS-232 port-attached device. Elo’s adaptor can be used with a wide variety of PC and POS applications.

The Elo serial to RS-232 adaptor uses a 5V standard power supply. For a power supply that produces 5V when connected to a PC plug and play device, consider using the Elo power supply. For a power supply that produces 1.5 V when connected to a PC plug and play device, try using the Elo RS-232 power supply.

The Elo serial to RS-232 adaptor is compatible with PC serial port devices using a RS-232C standard. For example, a software application that supports RS-232C can be designed to talk directly to the Elo Serial to RS-232 adaptor.

Elo serial to RS-232 adaptors are available with different pin-out configurations. If the pin-out configuration is not compatible with the pin-out of an existing serial port, contact Elo’s technical support for assistance.

The Elo serial to RS-232 adaptor is a PCI device. For the following application notes, be sure that your BIOS and operating system are designed for PCI devices.

IBM offers two internal PCI bus devices, the 4912-XX3 PCI to PCI card and the 4912-XX3 PCI to ISA card, to serve as a RS-232 PCI to PC PCI interface for a host PC.

If your IBM PCC card is not PCI to PCI interface, it may still be compatible with an external PCI to PCI interface. For external PCI to PCI interface, Elo offers a PCI to PCI adapter card (as shown in the figure) that connects to a card slot. The key to using an external PCI to PCI interface is a compatible PCI to PC bus.

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