• Create multiple accounts: for the different individuals involved in a preschool
• Save photos, notes and information for each child
• Create and manage accounts for the school staff
• Design school-wide invoices
• Create receipts for class and group accounts
• Record information about the economy of the institution
• Schedule pickups and drop offs
• Read notes for each child
• Create calendars and create classes
• Create and manage accounts for each child
• Register and check-in and check-out each child and family
• Map location and track the children
• Maintain a database of children and their families
• Sync data between devices with The Pre-School Partner
• Email and SMS reminders
• Keep and maintain notes and photos for each child
• Check in and out children with The Pre-School Partner

The Pre-School Partner is a complex tool designed to help you with the administration of a preschool by creating a detailed database about the children and their families.
Lively interface
Being a program designed to be used in preschools, the interface of the application is colorful and easy to use.
The main window of The Pre-School Partner cannot be resized, going from full-screen to an already set size without the possibility to adjust the height or width.
The main features of the program are displayed in an obvious way on the interface, making the application very easy to use.
Because it does not only address to preschools’ staff, but also to parents who have to log in in order to check in or out their children, The Pre-School Partner needed to be intuitive and user-friendly.
Complex database
With The Pre-School Partner you can store various details about a family, like names and addresses of members, their photos, driver’s license numbers, religion, list of children guardians and much more.
To every family, you can add charts for each child, containing information about their schedule for drop off or pickup, religion, ethnicity, immunization, allergies or other medical issues.
Also, you can create and maintain a database about the staff of the preschool.
Group or individual usage
While each family has to log in in order to check in or out its children, read notes or add information, sometimes it is required for more than one family to be logged in at the same time.
The group log in option allows entire groups or classes to be on and benefit from the information offered by the program. at the same time
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• Select the format of the output file (.PDF,.JPG,.TIF)
• Append the specified file or folder to the output file
• Select the name of the output file and the paper size
• Specify a PDF filename
• Specify the document page size
• Output the source documents into a PDF document
• Preview output file
• Prints in multiple output formats simultaneously
• Automatically starts or resumes printing in case of a job failure
• The maximum size of the source file is 5 GB
• Export to multiple destinations: Desktop, FTP, Cloud
• Completely intuitive, user-friendly interface, both in Windows and Mac
• Includes multiple plug-ins that can be used to simplify the printing process
• Multilingual, meaning one can select the target language at the installation phase
• Can be integrated into Microsoft Office or saved to the Windows Desktop
• Includes a 32-bit version of the Adobe Acrobat plug-in
How to download
If you have a digital camera or scanner, you can upload pictures to your computer without problems. Any scanner or digital camera can make documents like a photocopier. The scanning and printing of documents, images and designs is easier than ever with the help of the digital technology. To scan your paper documents, you must first load them into your computer. As a rule, documents that are copied from other people are much better scanned than originals.
If you plan to scan in color, you should either buy a dedicated color scanner or use a different software that can easily scan color images. If you have a scanner that can only scan in black and white, you can colorize a scanned image to restore the colors and remove any flaws in the image.
Before you print, you should see what kind of paper you will use to print your original. Since paper sizes vary, you should either get a good-quality one or try to scan the document as close as possible to the intended output format. The quality of the output printing will depend on the scanner, printer and the original document.
Most scanners are for photos, but there are also commercial scanners that can scan documents and make them into PDFs.
How to scan images
• Use a high-quality scanner (if possible)
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• To scan in color, you can try a different scanner or use a colorization tool, which can transform black-and-white images into color


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