More people get engaged with the game in general.
There are almost 100,000 players and counting, but the game is still in the early development.
The cool game about stickers, stickers in stickers, combination and more.
The game started in August 2016 on few people forums with the number less than 50.
The idea came up from some Russian cosplayer and if I remember correctly was her top suggestion on the forum 🙂
First version is complete. We have almost 210+ stickers(maybe it’s more).
The current state is fully playable.
Some new features are planned but I’m very busy with other projects right now. I hope to release full version soon.

When you see “End” in numbers of hours, you can buy Premium version. Buy now until May 30th.

Share your thoughts on Twitter and other social media.
If you have trouble with the game, you can check FAQ and support section for answers.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you will like the game.


Completing the game and sharing the progress
I hope you will like my game. Let’s play together.
The rules
The basics:

The stickers can be placed only in the frames by another sticker.
If you placed a sticker in an empty frame, you can collect all stickers
in that frame.
You can customize your sticker book with frames and stickers.
Each sticker has a different numbers of frames where you can place it.

Getting all stickers on the board by using frames
Currently you can use all frames on the board.

You only need to make one move in the game.
You can use a frame as a power.
You can only use one frame at a time.
When you start the game you don’t know what exactly frames will be
available. You can only place frames in the board by placing another
sticker. Then the sticker will appear in all frames in the board where
it can be placed.
Frames are represented by a combination of colors that don’t matter, just to clearly distinguish them. Each color represents a frame.
However, when the game start, all the frames are gray until you have placed the required stickers in the board, that is – when all stickers are placed in the board the frames turn to red.
Each frame has a unique number that appears on the frames. In addition to the frames with numbers,


HOPE VR: Progressive Meditation Features Key:

  • Play 4 race types in a single game
  • Customize your car
  • Full game control scheme
  • Online leaderboard support

Action & Adventure Cars Video for Android

A slow car driving near passanger car and an overtaking the traffic cars.

Download game from Google Play and Fun Apps -…

Be sure to rate and review us as we’re constantly improving the app
Have some great ideas for improvements? Leave us a review!
Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!

Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! Game Key features:

  • Play 4 race types in a single game
  • Customize your car
  • Full game control scheme
  • Online leaderboard support


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Space Farm is a farming RPG in space, the year is 2277 and Earth has collapsed. Nothing is growing, and everything is degenerating. We have lost our heavy gravity of 2,995 G, and are now floating in a world of vacuum and space.
You must find that misplaced farmer who belongs in your tractor beam. Meet your friends. Go fishing. Travel planets. Race your friends. To survive this place we know you must farm. We know you’ll still love your old “Upper Body Workout” when you were in high school….
We hope you enjoy the game!
See you in our world of space!
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Evernote is committed to helping people remember. So the more we know about how people want to remember things, the better we can help. We have been studying Evernote readers’ activities in hundreds of books to learn what works and what doesn’t. And that’s how we built Evernote for Mac.
Learn more about Evernote for Mac on the web at:
Subscribe to Evernote for Mac at

This is a description of a light weight, powerful and a fast Java based client for Evernote. It replaces the existing link plugin.
Please take a look at the [English version]
– Configurable via an XML-like file
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– Notes are real notes, you can manage them as you would with Evernote in your browser
– Supports multiple accounts
– Allows to see deleted notes and notes on other account
– Will now start when the computer starts
– Automatically maximizes on startup
– Many minor bug fixes
– Several other small improvements
A list of [English features] is available at

Bug reports and requests can be sent to the [English forum]

In this video, we’ll learn how to use a scanning tool which can help you generate a QR code. We will be able to


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– A set of puzzles to solve and characters that need your help;
– A narrative that evolves during gameplay;

Do you remember that girl?I remember her from the window but I didn’t understandwhat’s she was doing there. I wonder why she wantedto confess so suddenly. It was a young girl and whenI took a closer look at her she seemed troubled bysomething or was she just simply curious?

The pressure of school, wasn’t it?Would you have imagined that the girl would die andleave you a weird experiment on a lab? It happened.Somebody was testing something on her and it allhappened that morning and the girl was found deadwith a face carved on her body by us.

But that wasn’t it. They tried torepress us memories to be forgotten but it is alwaysthere waiting to appear. After the accident I wascured from the experiment and I had a mental breakdownwith hallucinations.

You see, the little girl wasn’t dead.It was a test. She wasn’t dead. It was just a rehearsalof what was to come.

But I don’t want to think about it anymore.I don’t want to remember anything. Soon theywon’t be able to control me anymore.

I don’t know why but I can’t go on without those memories.I miss them. I don’t want to forget them.

So I erased them from my mind.It seems to be working but I’m not sure. I always have these urges to make new memories.I’m the main character of a story I can’t stop telling.It’s time for that girl to continue being the last piece of my puzzle.

Prologue:A morning in the past.

It was the day she died.

An innocent girl.A future disturbed by so many horrors.A story that wanted to be told.

A girl, 24 years old,Luca wanted to readThe Pareidolia edition.A double page murder thriller.A thesis at the end.Nightmare.

Luca has been in the hospital for the last month.Her brain is reshaping. It’s been a long and hard therapy.The mental change has been brutal, Luca has been depressedand often seemed on the edge of madness.

Sometimes, when the therapy doesn’t work, Luca would end up in a placethat she had been denied for so long.The memories of Luca


What’s new:

VS?????? VS?????? VS??????
– Interface count must be 1, 2 or 3
0x00000057: CACHE_NON_ZERO_COUNT – Number of non-zero cache variables that do not belong to the given cache set. Must be 1, 2 or 3
0x0000005A: ENUM_INSTRUCTION_DEPENDENT_COUNT – Number of Enumerations that can begin with different instructions
0x0000005B: GEN_MODE – Generational mode is enabled
0x0000005C: FAST_CONTEXT – Fast context opcode is enabled
0x0000005D: THREAD_SWITCH – Thread switch opcode is enabled
0x0000005E: ACCESSED_PC – Accessed PC is the trap address
0x0000005F: ACCESSED_MM – Accessed MM is the trap address
0x00000060: TRI_INSTRUCTION – Instruction contains both branches and traps
0x00000061: TRAP_X86_INSTRUCTION – Instruction contains a 5-byte Instruction Trap
0x00000062: REPLICATED_NON_TRAP_CONTEXT – Context contains replicated non-trap instructions
0x00000063: REPLICATED_TRAP_CONTEXT – Context contains replicated trap instructions
0x00000064: FIXED_LR_MODE – Fixed layout mode is enabled
0x00000065: LOOKUP_BY_BASIC_BLOCK – Lookup by Basic Block is enabled
0x00000066: BASIC_BLOCK_RANGE – Range of basic blocks that need to be generated
0x00000067: STACK_MAP – Stack map is enabled
0x00000068: STRESS_TEST – Trapped instruction starts a stress test
0x00000069: OPTIMIZED – Optimization type is enabled
0x0000006A: ADDRESS_SPACE_WATCH – Address space watchpoint is enabled
0x0000006B: PREFETCH_LIST – Prefetches are enabled


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BORIS and EZ4u is a hardcore platformer, where the man named Boris was absorbed by the strange green artifact. He have to complete 23 levels, which will surprise you with incredible difficulty. Will Boris be able to get out from this trap? Let’s try.
-23 levels
-6 chapters consist of 23 levels
-23 most difficult levels of your life
Tablet Mini:
TABLET MINI is an action-adventure game that can be enjoyed by both hardcore players, as well as casual players. This is because it combines elements from Super Mario Bros., as well as from the popular ARK: Survival Evolved. The tablet allows you to play EZ4u in a 2D or 3D environment, and it can be easily carried around.
TABLET MINI includes:
-Two maps:
* Puzzle
* Survival
-Two playable characters:
* Boris
* George
-6 levels:
* Gateway
* Reach
* Rise
* Lost
* Rescue
-3 playable minis:
* Wing
* Bomb
* Bird
* Endless mode
* Survival mode
-Customize items:
* Carry your items with you
* Add abilities to your hero
* Many items
-Save your progress to cloud
Tablet Mini is a platform game, where you are trying to escape from the strange artifact. You must fight or hide from the enemy creatures. If you are killed, you will lose your collected items and fall. You can only re-spawn at the end of the current level or at the beginning of the next chapter. When you die, you will lose your ability to carry items and you will start a new chapter with the same configuration as the previous one. The game includes six chapters consisting of 23 levels, which include a total of 36 different maps.
Tablet Mini includes:
-Two maps:
* Puzzle
* Survival
-Two playable characters:
* Boris
* George
-6 levels:
* Gateway
* Reach
* Rise
* Lost
* Rescue
-3 playable minis:
* Wing
* Bomb
* Bird
* Endless mode
* Survival mode
-Customize items:
* Carry your items with you
* Add abilities to your hero
* Many items
Tablet Mini is a hardcore puzzle game, where you are trying to escape from the


How To Crack:

  • i recommend to download game from their official site after you just need to download “setup.exe” file
  • next you just need to do a few easy steps
  • and thats all

System Requirements For HOPE VR: Progressive Meditation:

Windows 7

Windows 8.1
Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or equivalent
2 GB available space
The following minimum requirements must be met before buying this product:
2 GB available


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