In addition to the watermarking feature, aPhoto offers a number of other handy tools.
You can edit the image brightness and contrast, create black and white images, set the original image to grayscale, save JPG files, as well as set picture as wallpaper or embed an image on a picture frame.
aPhoto makes use of the powerful Java Paint API, which makes its tasks very easy and straight forward.
To sum it up, aPhoto has everything you need to watermark your favorite pictures, and is a useful tool for all users.Q:

Java Regex help with a variation of the expression

I have the following code:
import java.util.*;
import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

public class Code {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Scanner sc = new Scanner(new File(“input.txt”));

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(“(\\d{8})([,.])(\\d{1})(\\d{6})”);

Matcher m = p.matcher(“0.001234,5.34534,15.5654,2.00678,0.1254,5.45654”);

while (m.find()) {

Input.txt contains the following:
0.00123,5.34534,15.5654,2.00 384a16bd22

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This application allows you to convert and optimize PDF files in a quick and easy manner.

Keyboard Macro Magician Deluxe
Keyboard Macro Magician Deluxe is an application that lets you create macros for your Microsoft Windows-based computer, either in the Internet Explorer or other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera, or even in other types of applications.
It can be a great help for Internet users who want to learn how to make macros for their browsers and other web-based applications and for the rest of the users it may be a useful tool for many other purposes.
Keyboard Macro Magician Deluxe for Windows comes with a detailed tutorial that helps you to create macros in a straightforward and intuitive manner.
Your macros will run in the background even when you are not using your computer, so they will always be ready to be used whenever you wish.
All the features of the Keyboard Macro Magician Deluxe application are accessible right after the first launch and they are organized into the following categories:
* Macros for IE
* Macros for Firefox
* Macros for Chrome
* Macros for other browsers
* Macros for other applications
* Macros for scripts
* Macros for Windows
* Macros for Windows programs
* Macros for custom events
* Windows
* Windows programs
* Windows scripts
* Autoexec.bat
* Autoexec.reg
* Autoexec.lnk
* Autoexec.wmi
Macro creation with this software is quite easy. You will need to set up a name, a description and a destination path for the generated file that is created automatically when you press the “New” button. After filling in these details, you can choose whether you want to place your macro into the scripts or any other category. There are plenty of pre-made macros available in the included help files, but you can also upload your own macros to the program as well.
Once you have created a macro, you can press the Save button and have it placed on the screen. In this way, you can quickly access it from any other browser or from any other web browser by simply double-clicking on it.
Besides writing macros, you can also use the Keyboard Macro Magician Deluxe application to develop scripts for Internet Explorer and for other web browsers. You can make them either interactive or non-interactive. You can set them to execute automatically when the browser is launched or when aа№ѓаёћаё-аёўа№ња№ђаё-аё§/

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