Voices from the Sea is a slice of life supernatural visual novel. The game is available in two main versions, Free and Plus. The Plus version has an extensive gallery of artwork and contents that will take you on a 2.5 hours journey with the main character of Cantus, as well as, Maris, the mysterious girl by the sea.
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Get engaged in the charming story of Cantus. By day a playful young boy he is fascinated by his seaside home and by the sea. By night he is mysteriously drawn to a girl’s room on the top floor. Strange occurrences start happening. Cantus’ reality starts to spin out of control. There are questions he cannot answer, but he answers them by fulfilling his deepest desires and burying his fears.
Voices from the Sea is a slice of life supernatural visual novel. Explore a world of wonders by playing as Cantus, a young boy by day and a mysterious Mermaid by night.

About This Content
Follow the story of a young boy, Cantus as he meets Maris, the mysterious girl by the sea – an experience that will change his life forever. Collect seashells, unlock hidden Wallpapers, Theaters, and Side Stories as you sit back and enjoy this cute relaxing story. The Free Version was funded by Kickstarter.
Voices from the Sea is a slice-of-life, supernatural visual novel. The game is available in Free and Plus version.FEATURES
Free Version


Features Key:

  • *1200+ levels to play!
  • 4 Different planets!
  • Giant Spaceship instead of the Ship from the other game!
  • Visual Appearance of The Tyria Universe!
  • Move to a planet, and then Launch a spaceship, and all game levels you want!
  • Easy Game!
  • Discover Crafts, Weapons and other items!
  • Plenty of “Easter Eggs” and Hidden Secrets!


Keyboard: WASD = Move
Arrow Keys = Rocket

Spacebar = Death
Enter = Launch spaceship
Mouse: Mouse Scroll = Change camera angle

Special Notes:

  • Game is harder if you play the Game with the mouse!
  • You can get hints, and Power-Ups in every level!
  • You can play in Full Screen Mode!


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Crusader Kings II is the latest strategy game from Paradox Development Studio and uses the genre-defining Paradox Core™ Engine. Combining deep historical strategy gameplay with breathtaking 3D visuals, a massive component and plot-driven experience awaits every player in Crusader Kings II.
Key Features:
Beautiful 3D Graphics: The game’s detailed graphics and sharp animations are enhanced by the latest generation of the Paradox core engine, allowing a rich and engaging experience.
Great Historical Battles: Crusader Kings II offers an almost unparalleled level of tactics and strategy, where the fate of Europe and the world itself is decided through conflicts between Princes and rulers like you’ve never seen before.
An Ambitious and Easy-to-Understand Interface: Crusader Kings II will be as approachable as its real-life counterpart, as the user interface and controls are designed to be easy to learn and enjoy.
The end of the Middle Ages.
The dawn of a new era.
Your Rise to Power:
In Crusader Kings II you can take the role of a ruler and lead your people to dominance of the medieval world.
Media features:

Crusader Kings II continues the epic grand strategy series’ tradition of gorgeous graphics, deep gameplay, and rich historical depth. When released, it will include more than 120 unique rulers and their advisors to the history of medieval Europe, the first 200 years of the Middle Ages, from 753 to 1005.

Born in the streets of South Park, Cartman is a regular kid, but with a dark past he wants revenge on the adults who hurt him, and as part of his plan, he plots to destroy the world. Full of all your favorite characters from the show, you’ll never have to walk alone.

Set after the events of Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI follows a pair of mercenary adventurers in a distant world. Players can travel to and explore over 100 towns, battle monsters in turn-based encounters and partake in a story that spans across multiple play-throughs.

Gamers from around the world will be able to witness the birth of Metaverse, a new virtual world made by the community. Now players can experience the metaverse by creating their own avatars, riding their own ships, hanging out in the World Town, and meeting new heroes.

An open-world role-playing game, this game revives the action-RPG genre with a unique sandbox environment set in a medieval


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Support for touchscreen controls and game controller (Android / iOS)
Dimension of Game world, changeable number of game cells (max 20)*
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish

For best results, run the game on a mobile device with Android OS 5.0 or above.

Minecraft as a Game or a Platform? – Tech Dragons (13/09/2015)

I’m going to start this review by saying that this is not a review of Minecraft itself, which in itself is a great resource for anyone interested in the history of a game. What I’m trying to do is to view it as a game for an audience outside of the technical realm. This could be construed to mean that the game is a piece of software that I’m interested in, or it could mean that I just like the show. If your interested in what an engine can do, look no further, I’ll give a brief summary, but if you’re not looking for this then there’s nothing wrong with going to YouTube and getting a better grasp of what’s possible in games like this. However, most of this post will be about the show itself, and how it might appeal to a mainstream audience outside of the tech geeky crowd.

I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a show that was more in-depth than Tech Dragons. They are able to build a case on any given topic in a way that is accessible, but not just spoon-fed, as it were. I’ll give a summary of two episodes that will be of particular interest to gamers. The first one is “Minecraft the Game”, which is the most basic of the two. This episode is arguably the most popular of the two, and covers the basics of what Minecraft is as a game. The other episode is “Minecraft the Platform”, which goes into the various things that came before Minecraft and how it was built. It’s this episode that I’m covering, and in it we get a much more technological in-depth look at how Minecraft was built, which was unprecedented up until the release of this episode of Tech Dragons.

A Brief History

It’s important to give a brief history. Basically, Minecraft was originally created by Notch as a way to get work done in the after-hours. In 2011, Minecraft became commercially successful with


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