When it comes to dating, I’ve always been a fan of a good sound bite or saying to make a point. The reason for that is, when someone is about to take a leap of faith and write that first email or meet that first guy or girl, they’re desperate and often times a little scared. A sound bite, in other words, lets them see you, whether in person, on a website, or on a dating app, in a hurry.

Enter: The dating sound bite. Have a look. And no, “C’Monnnnn” does not count.

A dating sound bite is a single phrase that makes a point and is highly relatable. I use them all the time. Some sound bites are very revealing and maybe a little bragging. So, I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t have to think about being corny. I’m very uncomfortable with that side of me, and I try not to be that kind of person. However, I was approached by a dating coach who told me that some do not have this type of thing in their nature. If that’s you, you may just have to bite the bullet, but if that’s not you, then consider this my guide for learning more about yourself and dating in the 21st Century:

The Dating Sound Bite 101

Now for the fun stuff.

A dating sound bite doesn’t have to be a secret.

In fact, if you’re looking to have more fun, sharing something off-color or relatable with someone is a great way to do so. A dating sound bite is a great way to reveal who you really are.

Also, a dating sound bite isn’t flirty or fun. It’s relatable and sincere.

The right kind of dating sound bite will make the other person think, “Wow, that’s the kind of person I want to meet.”

If you’re a confident woman, you’re probably a little more experienced than you think.

If you’ve come to terms with all of the mean-spirited comments men have made about women in the past, then you probably have a sense of humor about it.

Here are some dating sound bites that you may already be using but that were written by me. Enjoy.

And if you haven’t used one of them, here’s a great one I like to use, but have been asked to https://www.russia-bride.org/articles/best-hookup-sites-with-russian-girls-and-why-join-them
A successful date will have three key ingredients: the place, the dates, and the best sex ed classes you can find.

The Place

I was surprised by how many people told me they were nervous about going out on a date. My rationale for this was that I have a great network of people and I enjoy being around people, so it was bound to translate into successful date scenarios. During my cocktail party survey, I found that the majority of people surveyed said that they would feel uncomfortable going out on a first date if a friend or family member wasn’t part of the plan. That goes to show that, even though we love to criticize ourselves for putting so much value in our relationships, we also still hold some expectations about what we should expect on a first date.

The most successful places for a first date are the ones where you feel comfortable, whether it be home, a friend’s apartment, or someone’s country club. I live in New York City and I have always had luck going out on a first date to dinner at a restaurant, but it’s a matter of finding a place where you feel good. When you can walk into a restaurant with confidence and ease, the date goes a lot smoother.

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There are three key elements to making sure you are comfortable with a restaurant: how clean it is, how nice the restaurant is, and how it presents you.


First of all, how clean the restaurant is is important. You want to get a feel for how dirty or clean a restaurant is, and you want to know if it has a good dishwashing policy. As a rule of thumb, if it takes more than two seconds to wipe the tables down, it’s probably cleaner than you would think. Also, if you see a restaurant can be cleaned quickly, it’s probably not that dirty. If it takes ten seconds to wipe the tables down or a table has a thick layer of crud, it’s a good sign that the restaurant might be dirty. You want to know that any germs or bacteria won’t have time to multiply on your date.

Also, you want to know that the restaurant is safe. This is another good way to gauge the cleanliness of a restaurant. If you are going to order from the menu, you want to be sure that it is sanitized. If it’s not, make


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