If you’re not using the computer for video games or to earn a living, it’s good to at least make it look good on the inside, and this is easily accomplished thanks to the variety of built-in and third-party options. For instance, Fireworks Free Screensaver can be used as a slideshow of cool fireworks pictures when the PC is idle.
Pay extra attention in the installer
Installation takes little time and effort, but don’t rush to press every “next” button you encounter without reading page content, because you risk getting extra components installed besides the required core files.
In case you’re running the screensaver on older computers, it’s advisable to have at least DirectX 8 installed to ensure smooth performance and functionality. To save some time, the application takes the liberty of becoming your default screensaver as soon as setup is done, but this can easily be changed since the default screen saver settings panel also shows up.
Adjust slideshow time options and resolution
As the name clearly points out, the slideshow contains various pictures depicting fireworks. Unfortunately, these are not animated, and there’s no control over the pictures used inside the slideshow, or order in which they show up.
On the other hand, you can access the custom settings menu to tweak a few things here and there. You can use the desktop resolution settings or a different one, enable vertical sync, or decrease processor load.
Moreover, there are a few sliders with which to define the duration of a slide, set transition speed, or adjust screen brightness during runtime. You also find options to show a FPS counter and a digital clock over in the visuals section.
A few last words
In conclusion, Fireworks Free Screensaver comes with a neat slideshow and contains high-quality pictures. Sadly, these are all static. It’s easy to configure, with intuitive controls over slideshow behavior and screen display settings.


Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download 🔗 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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What’s New In Fireworks Free Screensaver?

Fireworks Free Screensaver is a slideshow of cool fireworks pictures. It has easy to use slideshow features such as an image selector and a slide duration.
Download Fireworks Free ScreensaverThis directory contains all of the.vimrc files that were used to configure each
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The ‘:’ commands are copy-and-pasted from an existing.vimrc for
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1.1 Notes:
Launch and reinstall the game.
If your system is 64-bit, make sure you have at least


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