1) Marker Manager:
Insert the markers you created or edit, and easily manage them in a hierarchical structure, which is the best way to locate them.
• New Markers Menu
Create the new markers, and store them in a folder.
– Folder Map: you can navigate to folders
– Search folders: you can search a folder
– Manage Markers: you can view, edit, or delete markers
• Undo Change: you can change the original files
• Marker Option Menu: you can configure markers as default ones.
• Markers List: you can browse markers in a folder.
• Add Items: you can add the new markers to a folder.
• Delete Items: you can delete the markers you have selected.
• Marker Folder Map: you can navigate to marker folders
• New Marker: you can create the new markers.
• Rename: you can rename the markers you have selected.
• Save: you can save the edited markers.
• Import: you can import the markers that you have selected.
2) Marker Manager :
You can create or edit the markers you have selected, and the marker types are divided into the following 3 types :
1) Line Marker: you can insert line markers on the lines.
– Line Numbers: you can insert the line numbers for the lines
– Line Items: you can insert the line items for the lines
2) Block Marker: you can insert block markers for the blocks.
– Code Marker: you can insert block markers into the source codes.
– Title Marker: you can insert title markers into the source codes.
– Hint Marker: you can insert hint markers into the source codes.
3) Example Marker: you can insert the example markers in the source codes.
– Insert before: you can insert before the markers you have selected.
– Insert after: you can insert after the markers you have selected.
– Inner Example: you can insert inner example markers into the source codes.
– Label Marker: you can insert the label markers into the source codes.
– Target: you can insert the target markers into the source codes.
3) Syntax Highlighting Editor: you can edit the source codes in the syntax highlighting editor.
You can highlight all the comments, strings, keywords, numbers, operators, and other parts in the source codes.
You can add the syntax highlighting for 384a16bd22

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KeyMACRO Description:
The application has a name you would have to admit will get the attention of users who are aware of the existence of the App Store. KeyMACRO does not do anything extraordinary and its only aim is to make the Android application loading process easier and more enjoyable than having to deal with iAds or browser-like apps that often can not be used for certain applications. The app also gives the user the option to install applications on supported Android devices for the purpose of testing. KeyMACRO does not give any suggestions as to what to install or not, so users will need to be careful when installing.
SideTracks Description:
SideTracks Description:
The app does exactly what it promises to: it is a plugin for Safari that makes it easier to install apps without requiring a jailbreak or using ad-hoc connections. SideTracks has a couple of features that make it more versatile than the app we already mentioned earlier. The first one is a progress bar, which allows you to see the status of the installation of the application. A second one is that it allows you to select more than one application at a time, instead of just one per browser.
XPack APK Downloader Description:
XPack APK Downloader Description:
The app will prompt you to allow access to your phone’s battery and storage. Before you can install the application, you will have to give XPack permission to access your device. The main purpose of this app is to make the installation process a little less tedious, to the point where it almost feels like a game. After selecting one of your apps, users can simply hit “Install” and their device will be prepared.

Here are a couple of useful notes for those who are just starting out with Root Apps. As of Android 2.1 and above, the android.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD permission should be set to ON for the app to work. For older versions, you will need to include the following lines in the manifest:



That is quite a useful article. Indeed, I have been using this app for quite some time and I found it to be more useful than the apps you mention. More so than installing apps


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