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A virtual player on the pitch, ‘Ricardo Gareca’ is one of the animation and playtesters. This was his experience working on FIFA 22.

I am a senior playtester on FIFA 22, and one of our key goals is to create smoother and more realistic interactions. This is the result of perfecting the technology, in terms of physics and animation of player movements, and ultimately players feeling the ball better.

“HyperMotion” technology allows us to give players the ability to control the ball. For example, defenders have more weight over their feet when chasing the ball, as well as higher top speeds, and thus the best ability to catch up to the faster player. Defenders also have more power in their tackles than in the past, which makes it more difficult for ball carriers to get past them.

On the ball, the new controller gives players a more natural and fluid control over it, and dribblers have more control over their movements. A player’s running style has also been refined, for example, defenders cannot jump as much or get as much height from a tackle than before. Also, the controller now responds faster to player actions to give the ball more of a ‘snap’ when struck.

I am a senior playtester, and one of our key goals is to create smoother and more realistic interactions. The following is my experience working on FIFA 22.

The new player movements in FIFA 22 are based on extensive tests that we have conducted on a number of athletes, including myself. From the perspective of players moving in real life, there is not much difference in how the game behaves versus a real match, as you can see in the game.

Player movements

Our goal was to build a more immersive experience for football players. In some cases, we have improved the physical animations of key players; for example, heading in FIFA 21 was done with too much friction, which made it feel like there was no connection between the player’s head and the ball, it was also not as responsive.

We made head movement less jerky in FIFA 22, and based this on the motion capture data collected from myself and other athletes. The goal was to provide a natural and more fluid experience of movement, as well as to improve running movements, such as changing direction, over distance.

With the new player animations, we improved player movement speed and acceleration


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Stunningly realistic visuals, broadcast-quality animations and crowd scenes – for the very first time, players and stadiums truly come to life. •The first of its kind: for the first time anywhere in video games, the player model has been tweaked to reflect real-life transformations. •The Premier League will be formally inaugurated this year with unprecedented levels of immersion, physics, and authenticity, bringing football into an unprecedented new era. •New Controls: Driven by unprecedented levels of feedback, the changes in this year’s controls include the Unify Pass, a new double pass, and an improved modern dribbling system.


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FIFA is the definitive way to play the beautiful game. Players have the freedom to take control of any player on the field and lead their favourite team to victory in FIFA Ultimate Team™, find fresh new ways to play in Career Mode, score outrageous goals in Match Day Moments and dominate online against players from around the world.

For the first time ever, FIFA Ultimate Team™ will include a full player health bar, making it easier than ever for new and veteran players to combine a long history of gameplay with up-to-date science and medicine. Fans who pick up FIFA Ultimate Team™ early will experience a unique all-access experience, unlocking new kits, free packs and much more.

In Career Mode, new visualisations of player stats, including attributes, passion and pace, give players a new tool to master their game. New additions to player faces, such as scars and moles, give players a more authentic look. Fans can now build a new legacy and take on their favourite clubs in FIFA Ultimate Team™ Online where they can join one of the world’s largest online communities.

For the first time, the community of FIFA will be able to work alongside the development team and get involved in the creation of FIFA Ultimate Team™ content. Fans will vote on the most popular kits, graphic designs and song requests that will then be added to the game.

Finally, the new Game-Changing Shots technology delivers the most advanced artificial intelligence ever seen in a football game. Players now react and adapt during the course of a game, making attacking play more unpredictable, controlling players more dynamic and marking more menacing.

Powered by Football™

Powered by Football™ is EA SPORTS’ benchmark for delivering the most authentic football gameplay. With this release, we are advancing the development of game-changer technology that will deliver the most realistic football gameplay possible.

The FIFA football engine has been rebuilt from the ground up, breaking new ground with animation, physics and gameplay systems. This has been achieved through the use of RefanCam™, which captures players’ movement and predicts their positioning.

The new player modelling system uses a combination of refined zone-based and anatomical weighting systems to give players a more realistic look and feel. With over 500 new animations and facial expressions, we are one step closer to real human movement.

To better simulate players’ speed and acceleration, physics and player manipulation have been improved, with the algorithm for


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Build your ultimate team of the top stars in the game using real-world player values and create the ultimate dream team with this all-new mode. Create your dream team by scouting the game and signing players from around the world and watch your team be shaped through the addition of real footballing innovations.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
Create the ultimate soccer-fan experience with FIFA Ultimate Team, using the world’s most popular soccer simulation franchise, FIFA. With over a decade of innovation and authenticity, play, create and share FUT with more ways to get involved than ever before. By combining the console and handheld elements of the FIFA franchise, soccer fans are able to play, manage and compete from anywhere at anytime with the FIFA Classic Controller.

The social network for gamers
Gamers can make instant social discoveries, invitations to connect and organize events with friends, all through the PlayStation Network. The PS Vita system and the wireless Arena network connect with Sony PSP Go, PSP and PSP-3000, bringing social content to the system. The PlayStation Network is also the place to discover the best titles around.


A brand-new club makes its way into FIFA 22. Share the excitement of club ownership with your friends and show them how it’s done. Take over one of the five new clubs in FIFA 22 and make your mark as both a manager and a player with brand-new ways to play.

Brand-new Club Ownership Experience – Become a Club Owner and lead the club that you want. Re-establish your club and make it into the elite of Europe!

Brand-new Player Career Experience – Experience the thrill of a career in Football with more ways to progress, achieve and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey. It’s the new Player Career mode you didn’t know you needed.

Brand-new Competitive Experience – The game is designed to play at the highest level possible, so you’ll find a brand-new competition structure that suits your skill level as a player.

Brand-new MyClub Experience – Show off your managerial skills and be a legend as you take your club into the game’s most demanding competitions, such as Champions League, Europa League, Asian Cup and FIFA Club World Cup.

Brand-new Player Customisation Experience – Create the ultimate in expression with over 1,000 unique player variations with brand-new facial customization.

Brand-new Stadium Experience –


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 adds head-to-head and 3vs3 knockout competitions to FIFA Ultimate Team. Head-to-head matches can be organized on the Community tab to make for interesting and quick cash matches.
  • New inflatable goal nets that can be used on any pitch.
  • Choose your colour and kit for clubs you are managing in FIFA 22.
  • New faces. New debuts.
  • Rocket 32 new animations and 11 new stadium animations.
  • The roster now includes players from 53 countries. 22 additional countries are on course for a bonus pack release.
  • Real Life Team Names are now displayed in FIFA 22.
  • Emoji support is available for every team.
  • New kits are available for England, Spain and Sweden.
  • Added the NAC national teams to the FIFA franchise. Challenge other national teams, and beat their records in the new 3vs3 knockout contests from within FIFA Ultimate Team. Score your best one-offs and games created against the English National Team.
  • New Chechen/Dagestani National Team is available.
    • The final of the European Cup, UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying, 8 August 2016 (CET)
  • This feature update includes fixes for minor game issues, including improving stability on PlayStation 4.


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Madden NFL®, NHL® and FIFA are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. and its affiliates. EA, EA SPORTS and NHL are registered trademarks and FIFA is a trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. and its affiliates.

FIFA and FIFA Women’s World Cup™ are trademarks of FIFA PLC.

For more information on FIFA, visit:

News/Media Contact:

Colleen Ryan

Vice President, Public Relations

Electronic Arts Inc.

(719) 377-2228

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 DEBUTS. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 DEBUTS. FIFA World Cup™-host nation France will play its first match in the new season, with defending UEFA EURO 2016 champions Belgium taking on England. The UEFA EURO 2016 and 2018 tournaments will be the first time that a single nation will be hosting both events in the same year. EA SPORTS FIFA 22 will also feature brand new ways for fans to learn the ins and outs of the game and share their experiences with friends and fans.Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.What is FIFA? For more information on FIFA, visit:. For more information on EA SPORTS FIFA in the cloud, visit:

FEATURE OVERVIEW. FEATURE OVERVIEW. In FIFA Ultimate Team™ you command your squad, connect with friends, trade and compete in all-new offline and online competitions. Goalkeeper duels are now more special and dynamic, while new customisation options allow you to personalise your goalkeeper and team. The UEFA EURO 2016™ tournament will return and there is still time to register your favourite team!Huge improvements in FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM offer new levels of strategy and competition for fans and competitors across offline and online modes. The popular Weekly Challenges feature is back for FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM with new tournaments, rewards and updates to the Community Play tab. In FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM you command your squad, connect with friends,


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Intel® Core™ i5-2500, 2.4 GHz; or
Intel® Core™ i5-3470, 3.2 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 2GB
Version 11
Hard Drive:
20 GB available space
Keyboard and Mouse
Microsoft® Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Microsoft® IntelliMouse Explorer 6
Software requirements:

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