Name Fate EXTELLA – Rose Vacances
Publisher giffelm
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This is what it’s like when the world catches up with you. A difficult decision lies before you, and a future full of violence and chaos if you decide to do nothing. Will you join the attacks and attempt to reclaim your homeland, a nation split between a corrupt government and a couple of warring factions? Or will you aid the currents of civil war for the chance at a life of relative safety and leisure? The choice is yours.
Use sneak to avoid detection, or shoot to kill.
ESC: Quick Save
SPACE: Quick Load
Up: Reload/change ammo
Left/Right: Change weapons
WASD: Walk
Page up/down: Look up/down
A/X: Toggle weapons
Tab: Target
Mouse: Fire
In game options:
Easy game mode
Best resolution
Ammo clip size in 1/2 and 1/3
Clock speed
High, Medium, and Low
Lowers/Gaurdians only
4 Difficulty levels
Map zoom option
Night and day
Customizable player skin
Customizable weapon loadout and load limits
Customizable character loadout and load limits
Character customization
Selectable character gender
Audio/visual options
Four difficulty levels
Navigable water
HD textures with custom resolutions
Custom character and item models
Tile/map markers
Kills/Death counts
Status Bar
Character Counter
Animation Counter
Friendly and Threaten HUD’s
Customizable HUD settings
Customizable controls
New enemies.
And much more.
*Personal Opinion:
Brigand will be one of the most difficult games I’ve ever made, and I’m still super happy with it! I’ll tell you what – I’ve only made 4 games, and Brigand is my biggest personal achievement, and I’m so proud of what we accomplished. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with this one, and I hope you all enjoy playing it, maybe for the first time.
*Please make sure you’ve gotten permission from me first, I don’t want my name used unless I’m providing input or am listed as a producer.
*I’ve done a ton of updates that I haven’t showed anyone, so please keep an eye out for more stuff in the weeks to come.
We’ve added a whole lot of new code and made some pretty big changes, I’d be really happy to sit


Fate EXTELLA – Rose Vacances Features Key:

  • A unique storyline with interactive events.
  • A vast open world to explore.
  • Multiple interactions to experience.
  • An original rogue-lite experience.
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    Enjoy the adventure.

    Don’t miss out on the detective game.

    Step up now and grab the game.

    Enjoy & supporting

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    Fate EXTELLA – Rose Vacances Download

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    Watch the video and read the in-game description to learn more about this game!
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    The original Paradox grand strategy engine
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    Fate EXTELLA – Rose Vacances Free Download

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    System Requirements For Fate EXTELLA – Rose Vacances:

    4.1: Windows XP (32 or 64 bit)
    4.2: Vista (32 or 64 bit)
    4.3: Windows 7
    4.4: Windows 8
    4.5: Windows 10
    Intel® 64 or AMD Opteron™
    AMD Athalon™
    AMD Athlon™
    AMD Duron™
    AMD Sempron™
    AMD PII™


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