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Today we’re excited to present you the new version of MouseController. If you’ve ever used an on-screen mouse, you’ll know that it’s next to impossible to use all the functions of your computer while keeping your eyes glued to the screen. MouseController is the best solution for that.
MouseController is a unique application that allows you to navigate your PC, tablet, phone or TV using your head movements instead of the mouse. You can use either your right or your left hand to steer, without sitting in front of your screen.
MouseController’s intuitive interface is divided into four parts:
1.“Main Window” – This is the window where you’ll see the video stream from your webcam. The better your background is, the more realistic your experience will be.
2. “Click Window” – This window is used to make the cursor move.
3. “Task Bar Icon” – This is a hidden icon in the system tray that allows you to restore the main window, minimize it, or pin it to the top of your screen.
4. “Field of View” – This is used to change the angle of view on the camera.
MouseController provides you with a full set of intuitive controls that will make your head movements work for you instead of against you. As you steer and move, the cursor moves with you.
You can configure three different gestures: left/right, up/down, and front/back. Use the “Drag” gesture to move your mouse pointer, “Click” to “click” the mouse, or even the “Right Click” to “right click” the mouse on the screen.
MouseController is an incredibly easy-to-use application that doesn’t require you to have any technical skills. It’s the perfect way to navigate your computer, tablet, phone or TV and do your work while sitting in a comfortable position.
Please enjoy!

V2.5.0.1 WiN v.V2.4.0 WiN
Important News:
– New stock icon
– Compatibility with English and French languages
– Easy installation
– New stock form factor

We’re really excited to present to you the new version of the MouseController. We’ve been working on the new version to include the following:

Enable Viacam 7.0.3 Free Download [32|64bit]



The VIA Technologies APU HD2400X is a new single-chip video processing unit developed for embedded systems that process high definition video.

This new dual-core technology product provides HD video processing features at a competitive price. Integrated 3D features such as HD 1080p Video Processing, HD 1080p MPEG4 AVC Video Processing, DVI, VGA, HDMI Output and Dual-Core are available on the chip.

VIA has introduced a product designed for the ever-growing number of application requirements in the embedded system. A series of products such as the VIA VX800, VX820, VX855, VX855E, VX855D, VX855E/B and others are built based on the new APU technology. It is also commonly used in various applications including IP cameras, in-vehicle systems, PCs and TVs.

VIA APU HD2400X Platform:

The new VIA Technology APU HD2400X adds a powerful multi-media performance to embedded video cameras and DVRs. This dual core chipset not only provides HD 1080p Display and Video Processing, MPEG4 AVC and HDMI Output, but also comes with dual channel Genlock support.

VIA Technologies APU HD2400X Structure:

The VIA HD2400X embeds a powerful dual-core processor with next generation video and display processing and MPEG4 AVC decoding functions. It is fabricated with 0.18μm process technology and boasts a dual core speed up to 1.2GHz with Power-Save and 64-bit FPU.

The chipset can support multi-media capabilities such as MPEG4 AVC Video Capture, H.264 Audio, H.263 Video Encoding, Digital TV Tuner, DVB Video and Dual Channel Genlock

Package Include:

1 x VIA VX800/VX820/VX855/VX855E/VX855D/VX855E/B/VX855E1/B/VX855E2/B/VX855E3/B/VX855E4/B/VX855/B APU HD2400X Embedded System

1 x Audio Codec Adapter

1 x Audio Codec CDMA Module

1 x Audio Codec Line-In Module

Enable Viacam 7.0.3 Crack + With License Code

Project: Enable Viacam is a practical and reliable application designed as a mouse replacement utility that moves the cursor as you move your head via webcam.
Live feedback and intuitive set of controls
The working environment is composed of three components namely Main window, Click window and Task bar icon.
The main window of the application displays the image of the camera and provides access to all commands and configuration options
After you install the program, you are required to connect a standard webcam to your PC then configure it via the wizard that will appear automatically when you launch Enable Viacam.
First of all, in order to make sure that the utility works properly, you need to configure the motion tracking area. The user’s face must appear inside the blue rectangle to move the pointer.
Choose actions and configure hotkeys
The assisted calibration procedure will ask you to move your head left and right, up and down in order to configure the appropriate motion parameters. You can also notice that the red-lined square will move according to your head.
When the calibration settings are configured, the next step allows you to disable or enable the mouse motion in order to test the pointer speed and adjust the parameters manually.
The Click window that is displayed in the upper part of your screen allows you to choose one of the available mouse actions such as ‘Double Click’, ‘Drag’, ‘Right Click’, ‘Middle Click’, ‘Left Click’ or ‘No Click’. It’s also possible to assign hotkey commands to further enhance comfort.
Finally, the Task bar icon allows you to restore or minimize the main window of the application so you won’t get disturbed from your daily work.
A few last words
To wrap it up, Enable Viacam proves to be a practical solution that allows you to control your computer without using your hands. Simply connect the webcam to your PC, calibrate it to track your face motion and move the mouse pointer accordingly.

New version of Viacam Live is available.
This new version of Viacam Live is named Viacam Live 2.4 and it is available for download.
A number of bug fixes and other improvements were added. You can download this updated application from Microsoft Store for free.
About Viacam Live
Viacam Live is a useful application designed to be a mouse replacement utility that mimics a mouse with a webcam.
This utility tracks your

What’s New in the?

Manage your network with ease

What is it about?

Use the built-in Configuration utility to easily locate, edit, and apply rules based on custom conditions such as IP addresses, network interfaces, or protocols. You can even assign keyboard shortcuts and complex search strings to trigger your rules. For instance, you can configure network rules to conditionally block malicious URLs or to send warning emails when your company is attacked by a botnet.

What can it do?

The built-in Rules Editor offers the following functionalities:

Easily create and edit rule-based rules: Trigger rules according to specific IP addresses, network interfaces, network addresses, TCP/UDP/TCP/UDP ports, or port ranges.

Group rules: Group and categorize your rules and keep your rules organization clean. For instance, you can display all blocked or dropped services on the home screen of your browser.

Compile into a script: The built-in Rules Editor is bundled with a script launcher that allows you to export and use the created rules elsewhere on the network. For instance, you can create rules in a web browser and export them as a web application in order to block or redirect unwanted traffic.

Apply custom conditions to every rule: You can configure each rule with one or more custom conditions to trigger the action upon. For instance, you can apply a rule that includes a custom condition to a category, and specify a specific sub-category that will match the custom condition. You can also have multiple conditions under the same rule.

Easily find rules: The built-in Rules Editor offers a search tool that allows you to enter keywords to find the exact rule or rules that you want to apply.

Full functionality:

Greatest flexibility for network administrators

The Rules Editor includes powerful tools for network administrators. For instance, you can assign search strings to trigger your rules, add new conditions, and find the applied rules with ease.

Built-in script launcher

The built-in Rules Editor is bundled with a script launcher, a Java-powered scripting language that is executed on every new connection. This script launcher is able to evaluate script-based rules or export and apply them from one computer to another. A scripting language commonly used in web applications, for instance, allows you to create powerful and flexible web applications.

The Rules Editor can export to the following web formats:




System Requirements:

Graphic Card
Must have an OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card and driver
Hard Disk space – 8 GB or more
Preferably minimum 16 GB
Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Graphics Card: Must have an OpenGL 3.3 compatible video card and driver Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit) Graphics Card:
General Requirements:
CD-ROM or USB Device
Required – We can not install Game unless we provide a CD-ROM or USB device.


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