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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 2232 votes )
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■ General Specifications
◆ System Requirements: Windows OS (XP / Vista / 7), Pentium® III class or later, 2 GB RAM or more, 100 MB free hard disk space or more, DirectX 9-compatible graphic card, 56K modem or later

◆ Game Screenshots
▼ Generate New Memories.
Welcome to the world of the Lands Between, an environment where the story of the past and the present seamlessly merge together.
New memories are continuously generated as you move on in your life and play.
▼ A Path to Your Destiny.
Welcome to the world of the Lands Between, an environment where the story of the past and the present seamlessly merge together.
The path you follow on is set by the blessing of the Elder and the destiny of your character.
■ Contents
◆ Game Specifications
• Story
A verse of the epic story.
• Character Creation
Customize your appearance by modifying the appearance of your character and outfit.
• World Map
A world map displaying the connected areas of the world and the roads you can travel along.
■ Online Features
◆ Multiplayer
Connect with other players in the game and travel together.
◆ Asynchronous Online
Meet other people who are also playing in real life.
• Character Sharing
Share your characters with others.
• Party Play
Battle against other players while traveling in the Lands Between.
• Places & Events
Visit even more areas of the world to experience new emotions.
• Chat & Conveyance
Read texts and send them instantly.
■ BGM (Background music)
A mix of original music and background music.
■ Additional Information
◆ Recommended PC Specifications
◆ License Use
※ The license use of this game is subject to the respective terms set by the producer. Please refer to the manual included with the game for the respective terms.
※ If you do not agree to the license terms, and thus wish to purchase the game at a reduced price, contact the producer.
■ PC Games
Be As One, Be As One,
The gang moves into the beautiful world
available in the underground one-hour train
The gang’s travel starts
Subtitles in (English)
▼ Text
Learn the story of the Lands Between
Elder’s grace protects the entire world
Mysterious and mystical happenings, including
New Memories of the past


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 2232 votes )
Update (7 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world where the open field that expands as far as you can see meets the monsters that are stronger than you.
  • A game that lets you enjoy the game while taking time to recharge and relax.
  • A game with a variety of characters and discussions that provide different satisfaction in the world of fantasy.
  • An online game that lets you fight while others enjoy.
  • A game from the creators of Cygames’ DYANG.
  • Key Features:

    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    • A Game That Lets You Enjoy the Game while Taking Time to Recharge and Relax
    • A Game Where Characters and Discussions Provide Different Satisfaction
    • An Online Game That Lets You Fight While Others Enjoy
    • A Game Made by the Creators of DYANG.

    Online Play Screenshots

    A group battle on a field from different angles!

    Break and ride an attack force on an open field. The enemy gathers for a massive attack!

    You can ride together with others from around the country!

    Ride together with others while playing together in party with friends all around the world!

    Launch date

    1: August 14, 2018

    • *Note

      All services will be available in all markets except East Asian markets. E.g., China, Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, India, and Japan.

    • Downloads



      Elden Ring Crack Latest

      Seemingly out of a manga story, the new fantasy action RPG is in development for PC. Launching in 2015, the game is set in the world of Oratoria, and is developed by Sunflora for Steam, Gaijin for PlayStation 4 and iOS, and APlus for Android.

      The Elden Ring follows the story of the defeated Queen, now a non-willing prisoner in the Queen’s Prison, and her sons, the sons of her guardians, who became the members of the Order of the Elden Ring.

      Are you interested in the dungeons of the Lands Between of Oratoria? Are you interested in connecting with other players and sharing new ideas in this world? Are you interested in the world of Oratoria and its lore? Then I invite you to subscribe to my channel!

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      The new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring: Dawn for the Fallen King” will be released for PC on August 28, 2015 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 19.
      The game is developed by Sunflora.

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      Elden Ring Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

      Game introduction.
      A fantasy action role-playing game (RPG) that takes place in a vast world where two peoples in conflict have been living, known as The Lands Between. Your character rises and controls the power of the Elden Ring and roams the vast lands, battling monsters. Your character’s ultimate task is to become an Elden Lord.
      Overview of the gameplay.
      ▶1) Primary player
      The primary player uses a mouse or keyboard to move and control the primary character.
      ▶2) Controller
      The controller controls the camera at a glance by using the mouse, and makes the changeover of weapons by pressing the controller.
      ▶3) Bonus player
      The bonus player is a guest player, and the player can move your character and fight alongside you.
      ▶1) Bonus player-hosted online game
      The bonus player may join a game hosted by the primary player.
      ▶2) Host-owned online game
      The primary player owns the game server, and the bonus player plays from their PC.
      ▶3) Guest online game
      A player joins a battle, and the primary player enters a battle in the same way as a host player.
      ▶4) Difficulty selectable game
      Whether the game is easy, normal, or hard, you can adjust the difficulty.
      ▶5) Online play
      Online play is unlocked after the internet service is connected.
      First Customization.
      ▶1) The appearance of the character
      Pick and choose the body that suits your character or build your own body as you like.
      ▶2) The weapons and armor of your character
      Pick and choose the weapons and armor that suit your character or combine together to be more powerful.
      ▶3) The magic spells of your character
      The primary character’s spells cannot be chosen at will. However, there are a variety of spells, and you can choose and combine them to create magic that can change your character’s appearances or enhance their abilities.
      ▶4) The weapon attacks of your character
      The player moves his/her character using the mouse, and attacks enemies using the controller. A variety of attacks are available.

      ▶5) The enemy attacks of your character
      The player moves enemies using the mouse, and attacks the enemy using the controller. A variety of attacks are available.
      ▶6) The system of the potion effect of your character
      During the battle, a potion


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      As you progress through the story, you will receive quests, and as you complete these quests, you will receive something called Stamina Points. As Stamina Points multiply, you will be able to enhance your character, such as by increasing attack power and defense.

      Your character will grow by consuming mana that appears on the left side of the screen and distributing a number of Stamina Points. To restore your Stamina Points, all you have to do is consume mana, but the mana that is consumed remains until the Stamina Points are fully restored.

      When you eat Mana, your health and defense will be temporarily increased. Stamina Points are also used to enhance the appearance of your character, such as increasing the size of your weapon. They can also be used to restore items during battle.

      Mana can be obtained in many ways, including receiving it as rewards from quests, increasing your attack power, and taking items from opponents that are defeated.

      Mana can only be received in waves, so you can choose to not receive any or receive Mana in a lump sum, and for these Mana, you will receive items at a lower rate for permanent use.


      In the future, we will introduce the update that adds the expansion feature.


      Where do dreams begin?
      This year’s game will also include the Final Fantasy Cross Animation, a feature that has been in development for quite some time. A variety of 3DCG animation techniques will come to life for the characters that appear in the game, and the results will be an entirely new and breathtaking aspect of the game. Final Fantasy X’s director, the late Yoshinori Kitase, was also directly involved in the development, so we are extremely fortunate that he has gone down in history as a key figure in the development of Final Fantasy as a series. In addition, the inclusion of this feature is one of the factors that has lead to the publishing delay.

      There has been a great buzz over the development of this feature, which is why we have been supporting it from the start. There are a number of examples in other games where 3DCG models have been created, and we decided that the time was right to introduce Final Fantasy XIII to


      Free Elden Ring Crack + Registration Code For Windows

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      System Requirement:

      Elden Ring Game Overview:

      Greetings to the adventure-hungry game-players from our most mighty champion, a.k.a ELDEN RING. The game is an upcoming fantasy action RPG (Role-playing Game) that is designed in the style of the best games of all time. The development of the game is undertaken by two teams of gaming gurus with several year experience in the gaming development business.

      The Elden Ring is more of a spiritual successor to the King of RPGs, a.k.a “World of Warcraft”. The heavy inspiration for the game is taken from the World of Warcraft and the total number of classes in the game are taken from that popular MMORPG. The Elden Ring follows the main story line that is similar to “World of Warcraft” and is all about the creation of the kingdom of “The Elden” as well as the adventure of the hero.

      You will be given a chance to play as a new character in the game named “Tarnished” and have a lot of chances to explore the lands of Elden as well as meet the characters that inhabit them. The game consist of three main modes, which are “Story Mode”, “Co-Op Mode” as well as “Mapping Mode”.

      You can reach the Story Mode easily by tapping on the “Story” button located in the bottom-left hand side corner of the screen. In order to reach the Co-Op mode, you need to tap on the “Co-Op” button located in the top-left hand side corner of the screen.

      The Mapping Mode is the last one and is not available to


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Click here to download the setup file. Install the software by following the on-screen instructions.
    • Run the game and use TAR-GENERATOR.exe to create the TAR file.
    • Move the TAR file to the main directory of the game and close all programs and windows that you have running.
    • Run the game and it will automatically extract all crack contents.
    • Wait for the crack process to complete and then click Play to activate it in-game.
    • Enjoy!

    About CyberBuff "Elden Ring 2 TAR Crack"

    Electronic Arts and Ubisoft today announced four team-based multiplayer online games that are being released together as part of the Elden Ring series, forming a single online universe built in the new Unreal Engine 3 technology, called the Lands Between.

    In the online universe, players can interact with one another with dynamic real-time communications like chatting and playing games with one another. The game can be played wherever there is an internet connection and, with that online connectivity, the Lands Between will also grow in a way that the work of studios across the globe, which has always been in virtual space up to now, including that of Ubisoft, can be brought together and combined in order to deliver those works to the players.


    • Requires Windows XP/Vista/7 ( 64 bits version required ).
    • 1GB of RAM required.
    • Latest CPU architecture with an enabled compatible video card.

    <div class="


    System Requirements:

    Windows OS: XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    Mac OS: 10.6 or later
    Processor: 2GHz or faster Intel/AMD processor
    Memory: 1GB or more
    Hard Disk: 5GB or more
    Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or higher
    DirectX 9.0c compatible with Shader Model 3.0 or higher Video Card: 256MB or more
    Hard Drive: 30MB or more of available space
    Additional Notes:


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